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I have posted this video and summary once before, on Reddit - but I still feel it is an important video.

In it, I am certain - the "elite" reveal some of their deeply held beliefs (such as calling themselves "Atlantean Lords of the Flame") and discuss the nature, timing and state of the world for "their return".

This is the closest thing I have found to them actually telling you what it is they believe... I clicked on the movie initially hoping for some ancient civilization stuff - but it took less than 5 minutes for me to notice racist and dark themes and tones emerging.

As Sun Tzu once said "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles."

Below I have posted the time-stamps and my personal notes for the first half of the film (I literally couldn't make it through the whole thing just noting everything fucked up they say in the video... there is just so much).

I hope you enjoy the notes and the exposition of some of the mind set behind what drives "the conspiracy".

Edit: Will post notes after the posting timer cools down, should be done in a few minutes.

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"Racial Memory"

(1:58) - A term theosophy uses to describe different "root races" - in essence, promoting some races above others (as it always is with these people. They ARE racists.) This is when I began to be on high alert for bullshit... and I was NOT let down.

"A broader, more inclusive vision"

(3:23) - (I think to myself) Oh shit, here we go...

"We stand before a doorway leading to planetary illumination upon the greatest mysteries of life"

(3:38) - Please, do go on...

(Image of the "root races" of Blavatsky and Theosophy)

(6:16) "Look at muh DNA, it is superior to yours!!!!" (This is why the Annunaki/Ancient Aliens/Bloodlines/Merovigian/RH- stuff exists. They want "scientific" superiority and are likely planting artifacts to rewrite history, to give it to themselves. Be wary of authors like Sitchin (CIA) or William Bramley (real name Tor Dalen (sp?)) (Scientology).

ADDITIONALLY AND THIS IS IMPORTANT: remember how "everyone will look Brazilian?" - look at the beginning of their "6th root race" (which is "superior" to Homo Sapiens (so say they)) - what does it say?

"Unless we understand our history we are condemned to repeat the mistakes of the past"

(6:37) What? Not giving the priests of Mystery Babylon their "great work" (cough communism *cough)

"Modern science insists upon a doctrine evolution, so does human reason and the secret doctrine"

(7:56) Oh do go on Ms Blavatsky, you're SO trustworthy and wise! /s

"We see a bud slowly developing from a seed and a flower from the bud. But what of the seed? With its predetermined program of physical transformation"

(8:15) Are you calling me a seed to be "acted upon" "in my best interest"?! (Sorry but that's how I heard that line...)

"The word evolution speaks for itself"

(8:45) More root race bullshit... yes, these people REALLY believe they are the Aryans. No the Aryans are not Hebrews.

"There are several keys to the mysteries, past present and future. Of the seven great root races and the seven great cycles. Every symbol and allegory is said to have seven keys. The seven keys to the entrance of the mysteries and that each key must be turned 7 times."

(9:19) Sounds like delusional grade autism to me...

"Amanuensis who have been transmitters of the teachings from the hierarchy of the masters of wisdom"

(10:05) This guy is LITERALLY high on being part of (((them)))... dude stop using a tanning bed and think for your fucking self...

"Purpose of the human soul and its existence"

(10:51) So you have all the answers? Great, show me.

"Such is the state of "Maya" or "Illusion" in which we all live. Conditioned by thousands of years of wrong thinking, religious propaganda, ignorance and lack of spiritual education"

(11:21) Oy vey, put down the wrong think and religion goy!

"We live in a time of the approaching astronomical sign of Aquarius"

(12:16) Oh fuck, here we go again...

(Proceeds to cite and show all major religious texts while talking about the "mysteries of higher conciousness" while simultaneously shitting all over all religion in favor of science)

(12:30) This is where I begin to get suspicious. Blatant hypocrisy is the realm of only one mindset I know of... the illumined mindset. We've all seen it: "religion is shit and bad for you, btw here is my religion"

"The Manu sets the tone and type of any given race in terms of its evolutionary goal. The book of Manu gives a complete narrative of creation with a chronology of the divine ages of the heroes through to the appearance of man on Earth."

(13:38) Oh so we can just leave it all to one dude who is called Manu? Sweet, I don't have to do anything!!!! Relax slave, someone else will fix it.

"Atlantean and Lemurian History"

(14:16) Proceed to show artist renditions I have NEVER come across, that seem FAR more suitable and realistic than those drawn by "casual" people. Insider paintings, is what I'm saying.

"The Book of Revelation Chapter 17 Verse 10 has preserved a tradition that speaks of the seven races. Where there are seven kings, five of whom have fallen, one is and the other is not yet come"

(15:44) Please, keep trying to twist words to fit your narrative..

"The Secret sciences"

(16:34) So you know this sekrit scyence? Why not share? Oh, right...

(Zeus gets 7 daughters, 7 progenitors of the 7 sub-races. Mothers of heroes, founders of nations etc)

(17:10) Muh DNA better than yours and "I can "prove" it". rolls eyes

(Zeus 7 daughters are the 7 Pleides)

(17:27) I can count to seven. Seven stars, seven root races. See? I so smrt. /s

"The three cyclops of the greek mythos are the three surviving subraces of the Lemurian subrace"

(18:00) Trying to throw some bullshit logic in there while I'm distracted by fancy graphics?

"The same or similar stories are told in all cultures. Indicating the consistency and veracity of these ancient stories within the collective consciousness of humanity"

(18:22) Uh... I think you're jumping the gun on your pretty presumptuous claims. Yes there are correlations BUT I HIGHLY doubt we can ever truly know what the ancient peoples were saying... unless they write the actual words out. A statue that looks like another statue is not "correlation". Seems like GRASPING to me...

"The ancient wisdom teachings are encoded in all mythologies, east and west."

(19:22) Calm down slugger, you haven't won the super series of footbaseball yet....

"In not knowing its divine source, the nature of the human soul and the very lengthy evolution of human consciousness"

(19:56) Promises, promises, again and yet I bet I'll get no REAL answers from you...

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"Who today really reflects about our ancient history and past? Preoccupied as we are in a busy world trying to survive. most people accept the culturally conditioned views of the western bible and or modern science, both of which do not on the average offer more than five to ten thousand years for the origin of human civilization."

(20:08) "You suck and your shit is wrong. I know more than you." Anyone else hear the same thing?

"In our current fifth root race, resonant with 5 the number of mind. There has been achieved a perfection, refinement and quintessential expression of the concrete mind. Although this has brought many benefits in science and technology, its shadow expression via the critical mind tends to be separative at the expense of the love principle"

(20:46) ... Religion bad, science good, science bad religion good. Take your double think and shove it where bullshit belongs.

"The lower mind only functions through the five tangible senses, in the coming Aquarian Cycle, the secret sciences will blend more fully with mainstream science, the sixth sense or intuition is in its early stage of development in this imminent sixth root race, hence perception of the more subtle aspects of human evolution: such as the aura, chakras and the invisible forces behind nature."

(21:16) Omg, this is getting exhausting...

"This hidden history of humanity project series is part of this incoming wave, expanding our world view, pushing us ever forward in our evolution"

(22:37) "I is illuminati!!! Belieb me!" /s

"There is one boundless, immutable principle. One absolute reality which antecedents all manifested conditioned being. It is beyond the range and reach of any human thought or expression"

(23:20) Except me, I can show you! Buy my books 'n' shit! /s

"Speculation on the intelligence and hierarchical orders of worlds is evident in many tradition.s One can only ponder on the rich diversity of life"

(24:31) "One can only ponder" but YOU fucking know it? Give me a break.

"We are currently in the fourth of seven rounds of our Earth. This has brought about an approximate number of 1.93 billion years, we are half way through this "globe period"

(26:54) Tanning bed has given him some form of delusion based autism, I can't fucking explain his statements any other way...

"We live in the fourth chain, the central chain of 7 chains. The third chain is also called the Moon Chain, a previous incarnation of the Earth for which our moon today is a remnant and a reminder."

(29:20) Uh... what? Ebidence plz?

"The rounds and globes and chains refer to the bigger picture of evolution. So if we consider the whole solar system as an incarnation of the great life that emanates from Sirius"

(29:48) huh? (Yes I know about Sirius and the "360 degrees of Masonry", but as a casual viewer, you would be like: wtf?)

"A globe period lasts for 4.32 billion years."

(30:50) 25th of 49 globes and each is 4.32 billion years? I suck at math but apparently not as badly as you do...

"Every 25,920 years"

(32:15) What a very specific answer from something even Graham Hancock has trouble nailing down...

(The black sun gazes into you)


"The large lizards may well have existed 65 million years ago yet the esoteric doctrine states that the reptile extinction was closer to 20 million years ago"

(40:25) No sauce, nothing but shitty history channel graphic of dinosnores and the guys scratchy throat cancer voice. Thanks for being cool about this and respecting the viewer, narrator/film maker...

"The lifewave of human spirits incarnate through a planetary scheme and its chains and globes. This human lifewave experiences life in all kingdoms. Starting with the mineral, vegetable, animal, human and finally the kingdom of souls"

(44:10) Cool so I just have to keep playing to level up?

"What is our purpose as spiritual monads to embark on such a long journey through all the kingdoms? Part of the answer to this mystery is to evolve and grow and bring evolution on Earth to perfection, eventually to the status of a "Sacred Planet""

(44:32) All I heard was "shut up and die slave, shit I can't prove exists is waiting for you. Get out of my way..."

"As above, so below"

(46:45) Uh huh...

"Something something white people bad"

(47:30 to 48:05) NOWWWW I understand why he is in the tanning bed so much, he doesn't want to be white! Ahaha, it's all falling into place now.

"All the races and subraces that evolve are seeds for the next level of evolution. All races and subraces have a long overlap..."

(49:24) Everyone exists to be seeds for Brazilians? I don't even think Brazilians want THAT to be true.

"Although this is a two dimensional diagram, we can think of time and evolution as spirolic"

(49:48) Interesting concept, hidden within the bullshit...

"Human bodies were enormous in those times, but through development of the mental principle became smaller and more refined"

(50:28) Giants. I fucking told you so. I NEVER said it wasn't FAKED to be a part of their agenda to legitimize themselves over the rest of us, I just said it wasn't bullshit!

"A magnificent preordained spiritual event occurred on Earth. It was the coming of the LORDS OF FLAME WHO IMPARTED THE SPARK OF MIND TO HUMANITY."

(52:13) If you don't fucking believe me before this, you do now. Literally unless you are a shill.

"This period is known as individualization and it is where Earths greatest mysteries are hidden. The lords of flame are also known as kumaras and emanated from an evolution from within the Earth scheme, called the Venus Chain. It was an evolution associated with Venus but not from the planet Venus per-say."

(51:35) What... the fuck?

"The planets sing together creating the music of the spheres."

(52:10) Never heard of this before...

"The advent of the lords of flame, the electrical storm which ushered in the period of man was distinguished by disaster, chaos and the destruction of much of the animal kingdom. The spark of mind was implanted in humanity."

(52:35) Interesting how they "dip" the pinecones in the "manbags" that Graham Hancock is tormented by, perhaps he would like to see this?

"This individualist ion period occurred in the third branch race of the third sub race of the third root race of Lemuria, expressed as 333. The number 3 relaters to the universal mother who births all forms"

(53:20) I hope 666 makes more sense to you all now... this line, though born of falsity is not a lie. The Christian origins of the fear of 666 is born in these people's religion, and their religion is stupid ass bullshit. It's a fucking number made up by a dumb 19th century witch...

"Gradually all the lords of flame, their work complete returned to the venutian evolution (me: awesome rhyme!) within the earth scheme, yet seven kumara stayed. The chief of which is called sanat-kumara (satan?) or melchizedek also known as the watcher or the ancient of days.* (Proceeds to show a picture of Jesus)

(57:45) I may not be a christian but calling Jesus melchizedek seems like a bit of an... insult and a stretch?

"The humanity of that ancient time was enormous in stature"

(59:18) Muh giants! True or not, here's your fucking proof. They believe in them... its either all bullshit or it's true. Either way it doesn't get discussed enough here and I want to plug the ONLY fucking host I have EVER heard who pursued this subject until he got palsy from the stress: Josh. Fucking. Reeves. Subscribe, get his movies, listen to his podcast for free like a leech, I don't give a fuck, but he deserves more than 10k followers.

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(1:04:48) Motherfucking levitation building, yes.

(1:09:52) Map of motherfucking Lemuria and Mu... and by know we know these people aren't fucking kidding.

(1:10:49) NO Ancient Aliens!!!

"It was decided about 17 million years ago to build an organization and a headquarters for the mysteries" (Shows pyramids)


"Can we expect more visits from the mighty ones OR ARE THEY ALREADY HERE?"

(1:12:13) Uh... lemme guess. The "MIGHTY ONES" names are "rothschild" "pedobear" and "murderface"? Fuck off with this shit.

"The masters of the wisdom and the adepts of Shambala have possession of the secret knowledge that lays behind the ancient lost technologies such as pyramid building, lasers and anti gravity flying craft"

(1:13:10) Why do I just feel threatened?

"Externalization of the hierarchy"

(1:14:39) Hello Alice Bailey, didn't know you were so... manly.

"Who are walking among humanity"

(1:14:50) I see

"Re institution of the mystery schools, participate in group mediation and prepare themselves as candidates"

(1:15:00) This isn't sounding so good...

"Secret adepts who can manipulate matter and bend it to their will"

(1:15:30) So like, lying to people and making them do shit for you? I mean, it's not untrue.. magic exists: you all still go to work. Or maybe there is more, who knows....

(1:19:00) Get hype, mystery music and gifs!!! I gots da truth!!

"We will explore the importance of Britain the United States and Brazil as a triangle of nations preparing us for the sixth root race ... and in 2025 the reappearance of the masters of wisdom for the first time since those ancient atlantean days ... and the expansion of human consciousness will go steadily forwards"

(1:22:13) Uh... yay?

"Something something dead alien souls"

(1:32:00) Scientology?

"The profane"

(Literally can't remember where I heard it, I'm not watching this whole thing a second time, sorry guys) - **That's you, listen to how the narrator says it, almost with venom.

Sorry guys, I can't do it anymore. Watch the rest of this on your own, I did.

As far as I am concerned, anyone involved in this film must be suspect, as this is basically a LIFTING/promotion of Blavatsky/Bailey/Leadbeater et al