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Um, the weapons used were legal, an AK, or AR have many variants. An assault weapon is usually has selective automatic fire; hence 'assault', as used by any military. ARs, and AKs, or anything else is sporterized semi automatic only. You can buy full auto, but you must pay the ATF for a tax stamp through the NFA.

Having that said, I'm a gun owner, and disabled. I look big, and like I can throw down, but what people don't realize with my muscular dystrophy is that I'm skin, and bone for the most part. My gun has saved my life; literally when someone thought they could go hitting on me, and hitting on me, with their 2 buddies.

You've never seen bullies clear out, until you say, "stop, I'm armed, do not take one more step closer, or I'll defend myself".

If the government infringes on a Right, then all is lost collectively for any freedom.

From there, I liked Cooper, a lot of folks liked calling him a drunk though.