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It’s all allegory.

It’s spiritual.

So what about the story where David Buys a Wife with 200 Penis Parts...

Is that spiritual allegory, as well?

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Ha, never heard that one in Sunday school. Interesting and useful blog, thanks for the link.

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Sure, David was the hero who killed Goliath, and was later made into a king.

But before he was the king, he we was a corpse-defiling cock-snippering scoundrel...

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That's the Jewish Old Testement. Yeah, many parts of the old testement should be taken at face value. The new testement in many cases is at odds with the Old.

At least the new testement said circumcision did not need to be done and that all the complicated oral laws and codes are a mockery of god. Many Jews, the pharisees, the Hillel sect didn't like what Jesus had to say, he fulfilled the law and they ordered him to be killed in place of a murderer.

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Regarding your second jpeg link above, everyone should note that IHS is a symbol still used by Jesuits today. It means Isis, Horus, Seth. How and why are Egyptian gods used in Jesuit symbology? It's a funny old world. Thanks.

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You guys ever seen the perverts guide to ideology? I kinda of think it fails to understand its own point but it’s totally worth while:

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