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SO, are we going to research what this means? No, we are not, and nobody should. This whole thing has become theatre. It’s become like a bad soap opera. There is no focus on what actually happened just more of this tabloid crap. And unsurprisingly everyone is lapping it up.

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Yep. He's not dead. This is a smokescreen.

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"Lone Gunman" refers to Lee Harvey Oswald? In the Marine Corps, he barely passed his marksmanship test, yet crack military sharpshooters could not beat his time in firing three accurate shots, operating a bolt-action rifle, and then resighting on his target. Another small point not followed-up on.

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Oswald was a CIA agent. If your interested in some background history of the years before JFK's death then check out these podcasts.

Partial-Spoiler: He knew he was being set up as a Patsy...

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I do know that when a Marine, Oswald worked in Japan on the U2 spy plane operation that overflew Russia. Thanks Tom.

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That why to the man. ;-)

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No, I was referring to Rupurt Mudoch's Lone Gunman pilot episode in thr late 90's produced by the Israeli spy producer. The pilot episode basically simulated 9/11.

So, Murdoch, obviously knows what is going on. Probably, in on it, and likely this whole Epstein narrative is meant to be a distraction. The distraction is NOT who Epstein was and his many connections, those aren't distractions but rather the medias narrative. This story plays their hand and makes it obvious they are messing with the masses.

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All right, my work is cut out for me.