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If you see through his game, and understand it is not entirely his own, then what's from stopping us from relegating his importance to something secondary and take on the primary interests which are the true controllers and ourselves. If life stopped being a psy-op maybe we could get to something real again. Maybe we could start introducing the kind of material that makes people look inside themselves.

I think the way to do that is to simply break the propaganda machine. Smash that apparatus into a million pieces, scatter it to the wind. Make it never work again. As for Trump and the NWO, if they are following the most known script of all time (a very interpretive one too) then it should be easy to figure out where they go with it and why. Subversion should be easy, as far as these things go.

You know how engaging this stuff is. It'll get support. You know how real it is, so let's make a project out of it. Can the script be flipped, or are we just commenting on the inevitable?

By the way, the thing with Trump and the media has little to do with shifting allegiances back to center politics as it does with creating a non-linear narrative where its impossible to draw conclusions about basic realities, right or left. He aims to stupefy and enrage, then he makes a swift exit. This is meant to take the air out of the room, not to encourage factional reporting. At least that's how I perceive it. I certainly know that carefully guided dialog is kryptonite to this tactic and both sides are susceptible. Working people that are generally unaware of this become elated when its made evident. Successful comedians make short work of this song and dance regularly.

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By the way, the thing with Trump and the media has little to do with shifting allegiances back to center politics as it does with creating a non-linear narrative where its impossible to draw conclusions about basic realities, right or left.

That is exactly, what I was trying to say. Thanks for a clear explaination.

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With all the propaganda and predictive programming being laid out today, if one has the eyes to see, and I'm certainly not as learned as others, one can predict the manufactured discourse of the future. I recently read teh book The 2001 Anthrax Deception and although it was just an overview of the attacks, it was a persuasive book that was very simple and clear in its argument.

What I found intriguing in the book was clear instances of predictive programming by the same sorts of people: Zionist, and neoconservative political, think tank and media pundits. They simply weaved together how the world would look like to tens of thousands of people before that moment had occured. They predicted 9/11, they predicted the Anthrax aattacks, they tried to skillfully weave together the simulated hijacker narratives in of all places, Hollywood, Florida. The entire media apparatus pushed completely bogus stories for years, connecting the hijackers to Anthrax and crop dusters, to airliners, etc. The only evidence, in favor of the offical story concerning the hijacker narrative and their ability to fly commercial airliners is in a footnote in the commission report. It reads that a few hjackers indeed aquired commerical airliner licenses, however, the person who issued these licenses of which will never be shown publically was an Israeli linked to Mossad and Israeli intelligence. The company is now defunct and has no internet presence. How thourough.

The predictive programmers agenda is either to boast about future events, as if they are Gods ; to desensitize the public to a reality that will come in which they must accept ; and the Revelation of method, in which they must show us what they will do, so that they do not have to take the burden of bad karma. There are lmany more agendas to the predictive programming agenda that I can't think off the top of my head.

I do not think unipolarism and the left-wing new economic order is the real nwo. I think it is the scapegoat. In my research and many others, it seems that multilateralism will be the new economic order. Though, I cannot say for sure. Clearly, however, something is planned.

The 50 minute predictive programming video I told you to look up features many comic books, musicians and disney channel shows. The latter Disney channel shows, and former, comic books are all linked in some way to Zionism and Israel, as many of the writers were hardcore Zionists.

So, I took some time to watch these same shows, that still exist, and new ones. looking closely at the people involved and their connections and it is cear that they are boasting about something to come. There are so many instances of Nuclear Bombs, with no real context, some even depicting them being launched in what appears to be the heart of the U.S, outside Chicago as well as a civil war of some kind in the U.S.

Though it really isnt't too specific in the time, date or location, there are clearly hints and predictions of transformative events which are to occur.

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All the evidence is there to make a compelling story and expose the Mockingbird media using its own material. In the case of 9-11, there isn't a single video that adequately underscores the links between the pop-culture references and the event itself, not in a way that could cross ideological boundaries at least - but a Hannah Arendt of our time could do the trick in bridging that gap. Properly displaying and making of sense of these instances concisely would take a little effort but I think it would be a fascinating project that could be explored from a multitude of angles. Hearing trained psychologists speak to these similarities and follow their implications through might be interesting. Historians of propaganda could weigh in with a global perspective and draw that information out over decades with examples that are not so sensitive to domestic viewers. Former intelligence agents, or even foreign intelligence agents, could offer their unique perspectives and elevated levels of assurity... just think of what Yuri Besmenov could have said and how his expertise is immediately undeniable. And why not theologians, anthropologists, and conspiracy theorists too? Maybe a whole society can be drawn into this conversation. Maybe we can find the cream of the crop in the process if we just start.

We still live in a world of rules and law and relative stability. Maybe if we stand back and approach this like curious budding academics we can turn conspiracy into modern research where it rightfully belongs. Eventually we should be releasing charts and diagrams, and providing historical accounts of psy-ops with an heir of authority on the subject. We should have classifications of propaganda and sub groups within them to break these tactics down to the most principle components. We should start arranging the data and classifying it so that its understandable and easier to detect to the lay man. We should be providing very good drafts of new research to readers and asking for their advice, assistance, and general acceptance. We should be providing the kind of information that is revered eons from now because it was the first to break the veil to the masses; because if you think propaganda is a thing decades in the future, you're mistaken. Eventually the curtain falls and its up to us to guide that transition so we can adequately prepare ourselves for a new kind of society that's required for the time. Making sense of the world as it is right now needs to be the foundation for the road ahead otherwise people will go in blind and at the behest of the state. It will not be pretty either. Letting this moment slip into the hands of the propagandists could spoil humanity in ways never before witnessed and we're seeing it become blatantly obvious in places like country and rap music, pornography, academia, and the news. After that garbage runs its course on a generation or two, the next is weakened in a way that's possibly irreparably to levels we would currently consider normal. Taking on algorithms and the civil establishment is a walk in the park compared to what future generations will endure if this is left unabated.

So if there are more researched fellows out there who are earnest about what they do, we should definitely be joining forces. A person or group needs to be attributed to this game of hard-ball. It needs a few supporting spokespeople and assistants that are passionate and curious and they should be somewhat public. With savoy technical assistance it could be the story for the age. That, or we stay complacent with business as usual.

I'm serious about this. We could be writing the most interesting story of our time, if nothing else, the most imaginative and compelling. It could start a chain reaction of cascading events that get people thinking again. Its certainly bold and with proper tutelage it can be principled too. If you're speaking the truth as you see and believe it, I would certainly like to have you on board and maybe we can do what has never been done - educate the masses.

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Hey, back in late December and early January there was a guy steadily releasing nuclear scenarios for a few cities in California. It could have been a moderately well-crafted hoax for all I know, but the timing of it was interesting and the material was relatively robust compared to the kinds of prognostications that are typically offered. If I'm not mistaken, it was primarily focused on San Jose in the 2030s. What made it interesting was the cited choice for that location - it had something to do with it having limited liability in manufacturing capabilities compared to other cities, or something along those lines. Very interesting material. Its logic behind it was the most interesting part to be learned from.

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There’s these caves I think in Northern Italy? Kinda like Sedona. Do you know what I’m talking about?

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Can you stop with the anti semetic dog whistle? your making the redpill hostile to the normies

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Says the guy who says Jews need another holocausting.

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As a Jew I say let him speak.

As a fag I say suck my dick.

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We should all be playing multi-life 25-D chess.

Ever read William Sleator’s Interstellar Pig?