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Because being off-script for hours and knowing literally millions of people are going to listen to it, is extremely exciting and super scary at the same time. Have you ever spoken in front of a crowd of a million people before? I have done some long-form interview podcasts where only 20k people listened and it was a crazy adrenaline rush in the hours and minutes beforehand. It's like people's one chance to really be heard in depth by a huge audience, which is something most of these people have been waiting and preparing their entire life for. So it naturally releases chemicals in the brain that mimic amphetamine behavior. That's my theory.

And yes, I agree Rogan is basically controlled opposition at this point. Same with Alex Jones. They control the edges of the overton window, what the public feels "allowed" to discuss by social convention

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When you spoke with Greg I was very impressed with how you handled yourself and what you had to say. So much so that I've been following you from antiexttemes (where we shared vaporwave tracks) to here. Never pondered how speaking in front of a faceless crowd would be so intense but it makes perfect sense. Thanks for the insight.

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Thanks! Glad I could offer some insight. I'm happy to hear you're such a long-time part of this community, that's awesome. Your account is 11 months old, that's a very old account in the world of saidit, haha

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(Edit) Many of his guests are used to public speaking in academia, or otherwise. Many of them won't likely experience the same rush of anxiety.

It could also be the fact that they take bathroom breaks to go do more blowcaine.

If you need proof that this goes on then check out the second JRE w/ Alex Jones. The one where Eddie Bravo shows up late.

It is somewhat unusual for men to go to the bathroom together; and return all jacked up. If they were sweaty and tired, then there would be cause for an alternative theory (off topic).

There can be little doubt about what's going on. This doesn't apply to 100% if cases, but more than most would expect

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Alex Jones definitely was on something, but I didn’t think it was coke because it lasted forever

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It was definitely blow. High quality, and plenty of it. ;-).

Joe, Alex, and Eddie were all blasted. Listen to Alex and Eddie get confrontational and it's obvious.

Alex likely does it on every one of his shows. That's how he gets so amped up.

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Blow and probably him being a cointelpro shill. He plays the part of a crazy paranoid person to discredit anyone else who questions the government and official narratives.

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He has on so many guests now that are either trying to sell something or propagandize you with some sort of agenda. And Joe either agrees with them, or pretends to play stupid.

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Agreed. Performance is a rush of absolute abandonment. It's great.

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Joe Rogan is a shill who has been exposed as a sell out for quite sometime. He promotes drugs and degeneracy.

Mathew North has exposed Joe Rogan as has the YouTubeer named Apocalypse. Joe even stated on live television that he would 100% sell out, if they gave him the money.

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If Rogan was on cocaine or amphetamines he'd be able to come up with some decent interview questions.

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he mentioned that where he lives like half of the people that live in the area are prescribed it.

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Because, they are homosexual sodomite junkies

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nearly every "ivy league" student is on adderrall or its cousin, just to stay "competitive".... meanwhile every "graduate", especially creative types like attorneys and doctors and stockbrokers and politicians, are on adderrall just to be competitive.... perhaps the human mind is made for narcotic enhancements, any ideas?!.