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Bernay's Propaganda is in my stack-o-reading, need to move it to the top. Curious about the fluoride content in wine, cursory search turned up this from a holistic dental office in Florida. Linked sources on the bottom of the page and it's from 2012. Per article, the US can't export some California wine due to high fluoride content. Down the rabbit hole.... great post and thank you!

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i used an air still to distill my drinking and cooking water. it worked well for years, i recommend it. thanks god i live a fluoride-free area now.

i think there is a difference in how it interacts with our bodies between fluoride from black tea and additives to the water system which are usually byproducts of industrial production (toxic industrial waste they dont know what to do with).

even without the use of fluoridated water and toothpaste, detox is always a good idea - i heard homemade hard cider (no added sugar, just apples, water and yeast) is a good pineal gland treatment, but there are additional methods..

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Well....I'm thinking I should have remained blue pilled on the fluoride in wine. I really like wine....and I have been what I would have thought as quite conscientious to modes of ingestion....but wine slipped past my radar. So here I am, drinking my California cab...full of fluoride...damn it.

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While the wine in California is rather high in fluoride ions, I want to point out that the post is using the upper end possibilities in calculations. But on the other hand understand that this is all the publicly available information that the governments provide, no additional digging was done to find acts of conspiracy. I personally believe that we don't need as many fluoride sources anymore as compared to when the legislation allowing this practice to occur was passed, and it's continuation is a conspiracy.

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One time, I did some research into the origin of the word "boob" and how it got its sexual connotation, just out of curiosity after learning that the origin of the word is "buffoonish", like "oh jeez what a boob", yet somewhere started to mean breast. I found out that it was this group effort between Edward Bernays and Henry Miller in an attempt to save the TV industry from being weighed down with the term "boob tube". Henry Miller is the first man to write of the word in a sexual way. He was a Jew, and was known for being the most raunchy, filthy author that had ever lived. Being gross and overtly sexual, pandering to man's nasty side, hadn't been done at that point, as class, dignity, taste, etc, were still shared values in society, but he was the first, and wouldn't you know it, he worked closely with Bernays, and after sexualizing the word "boob" (meaning that when people hear "boob tube", they think "oooh raunchy naughty things tube"), was employed with some then-big-named TV studio as a house writer, can't remember the exact one.

But yeah, just for you,, this is some OC you won't find in any histories or any articles online. Try as I might to find a publisher, no one wants the story, at least no one that will pay what I think it's worth, so here you go, saidit.