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WINEP is the Washington Institute for Near-East Policy, which is one of like 50 offshoots of AIPAC, which is one of the largest lobbying groups in the US and also the main pro-Israeli lobby in the US.

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I'm not advocating that, I'm just suggesting...

Would be fun if only Bond villains really thought that way... Or if someone stood up and asked if Hitler was right by invading Poland?

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Invading Iran won't be an easy sell for the Trump Administration.
When Hillary and McCain suggested invading Syria there was a bipartisan convulsion.
Legislators phones of both parties were virtually ringing off the hook. There was panic in Washington that hasn't been seen in decades (early 80's Reagan).

The Obama administration backpedaled instantly.

Also, large portions of the public are aware of the 9/11 fraud, and subsequent Iraq fraud. Plus the ISIS and Syria disasters. IMO this is all too fresh in the public mind.

It would have to be quite the false flag event. Like a nuke, which Iran doesn't have. Israel on the other hand...

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Yup exactly. Imagine if a small nuke went off in an empty field in Israel, and they blamed it on Iran. Even though it might be Israel's nuke they could said Russia gave it to Iran. I could see that happening.