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Because both parties hate Trump, and the media is controlled by the Dems. No big mystery.

Most people have to be told what to think.

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Nice answer thanks and now for another one = since we know a small Cabal devised a plan to send FJB many millions of fake ghost votes that were counted as real then what makes anyone think they won't do it again in 2024? Proven repeatedly that every single "vote counting machine" of this entire nation can easily be hacked and votes changed off-site within minutes then why bother to vote at all? Many months before voting day the fix is in is what I think. The Sting already done. Dimmo's in power forever is the deal.

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Of course the will. They did it in the mid terms.

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And the plan is already in place. They will do it again for why not? No penalties at all applied to the high and mighty who sleep soundly protected by men with guns. They need fear no servants to their goal.

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because it's a globalist uniparty