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I'll explain the content of the video a bit. Tracy was a guest on The Higherside Chats podcast a few times. This video was released on the 10th, but she made it two months ago and gave it to a friend. She is now dead, and her friend posted this dead-man switch video she made. This is the message she wanted to get out, but didn't post because she feared for her life.

She apparently discovered on youtube a vast trove of pedo videos where they were selling the videos or perhaps even the children themselves via the videos. She gathered binders of evidence, and took it to the FBI to report it. She was completely boxed out and they refused to take her report basically, even in the initial contact.

She had located a specific school in England near Yorkshire where it appeared many of the children there were being prostituted out via Youtube. Some of the videos were also specifically designed as threats to the children.

After reporting it to the FBI, her internet connection starting frequently malfunctioning, and her phone was acting very strangely. Then she was receiving many death threats with fears seemingly personally tailored to her, they apparently knew everything about her.

Kyle is a friend of her and the host of the higherside chats, who had a mental breakdown after beginning to investigate this information.

The cause of Tracy's death is currently unknown. (Edit: It was hanging. I did a higherside chat show about people outing the pedophile networks getting hanged, and this fits that pattern...

Please pay attention this. I think this might be very important. And it will certainly be overlooked in the mainstream media. I couldn't even find a single legitimate news article about it.

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Thanks for sharing Mag.

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I had posted something on this subject a while ago - either it didn't get much exposure or it's too long winded and confusing.

Check it out

Edit: PS Does anyone have the clip from Greg, talking about Kyle from a while ago? I'm still playing catch up here... also, haven't finished video yet, so ignore me if it's just in the vid I'll find it soon.

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Interesting, thanks for the post. The Kappy guy does seem like a strange fellow tbh. There's a lot of weirdness about this whole thing, from all sides.

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Greg Carlwood is the host of The Higherside Chats

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(Edit: It was hanging.

How do you know?

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There's also the possibility this is all a psy-op designed to freak people out but not get them any closer to truth. I am unsure. The fact I can't find an actual news article about her death is strange. But Kappy did actually die I guess, it's public record. And The Higherside Chats just posted a 20 minute thing about Tracy, so it seems legit:

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Interesting. I read the YouTube comments and people were asking where her other videos were. If she's so good, why is no one subbed to her?

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I guess she worked on a podcast called Ground Zero podcast, and was on The Higherside Chats a few times

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she also supposedly wrote a whole bunch of cool-sounding books. But I've never come across her either before now.

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In this video and/or the one with Lift The Veil, they say she got scared and deleted all her social media content.

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I listened to THC earlier today and there is something all a bit weird here

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Possibly just Hollywood branching out into social media, contriving stories to keep everyone mesmerized & distracted from the real world.

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yes, i agree.

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Totally over shadowed by Epstein I missed this angle this summer somehow. I knew about Kappy, but not Twyaman.

Most notable to me is Crypto Beast, aka Steve Outtrim. I watched the first of his series on Burning Man and found it good, accurate, but not at all on target. The first episode was all about San Francisco and Silicon Valley - and yes, lots of them go to Burning Man, good bad and ugly, but that's not what BM is about. I really need to watch the rest of the series to know if he's full of it or has something. He also has a decent sized Wikipedia article about him that I haven't read. Wikipedia is very fickle about who is allowed pages, or length. Especially "fringe" conspirophiles.

Steve O also associates with Jan Irvin who is clever but has several problems, including introducing Joe Rogan to drugs, almost dying from veganism, and then becoming staunchly anti-drug, and recently trying to scam Holly Seeliger aka Zoon Politikon for her work on Salem Puritan (Jewish) Witches. (Holly also happens to be Jewish and from Maine.)

Steve O also associates with Joe Atwill, author of Caesar's Messiah and another take on Shakespeare's identity, and is co-host of Powers & Principalities which is a great show if you can get past some of their hyper judgemental comments.

As far as frightening people as a strategy goes - I think the age of the internet has foiled that. Scare 100 curious people and all it takes is just 1 to say "it was nothing actually" or "really you should check this out" and you'd have the Streisand effect in no time.

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Here is some information about Issac Kappy, who she mentions in the video as someone who was murdered for investigating the same thing she was investigating.

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There is a lot of weirdness about the Kappy death. Some say he went into witness protection. Watch this interview:

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that story was really weird as well. I watched most of his video, it was kind of disturbing.

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Another fallen hero. :-(

The pedogate sub should have a wall of suicided heros.

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Nice Robin. You're way ahead of me. You and JC each deserve medals for your under-recognized dedication.

Maybe /u/Orangutan could add a Fallen Heros link to this page in the Pedogate sub.

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RIP. Hope you in a better place now.