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Intergenerational wealth is something if a myth. If you have rich parents and inherit wealth, the odds are pretty low your kids will see any of it.

Only 30% of the grandchildren of the rich inherit any meaningful amount if money.

The reverse of this is that about 2/3 of millionaires and billionaires come from middle class lower backgrounds and made their wealth from scratch.

The short version be: most people are shit with money. People who can make themselves rich can come from all backgrounds. It's a rare talent even among those born rich.

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Blacks will always blame whites no matter what, they're a failed race incapable of achieving nothing, if whites were to disappear tomorrow the blame would simply shif towards asians and is asians were to disappear they'll blame hispanics and if hispanics were to disappear they'll blame the past actions of whites that disappeared. They'll always be failures and they'll always blame somebody else.

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Blacks as in American blacks or African people?

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African americans in particular but african people too embrace the blame whitey quickly.

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Have you ever been to Africa?

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No, I'm referring about africans living in europe.

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UK ones especially.

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Its always a new theory for why they fail. Given the same environment they typically under-perform and "intellectuals" go back to the drawing board to concoct another explanation for why they fail.

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It does help to have a house or money handed down to you, no question about it. But most people aren't getting millions handed down to them or mansions handed down to them. Even $100,000-$200,000 is really not that much in the long run.

The core of the problem is that blacks don't save their money. Blacks spend. When have you ever seen a black person with beat up shoes or a beat up car? Never.

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neat take, but pointing out hypocrisy is pointless. they know their beliefs are incongruent, but it's all encompassed under anti-whiteism so they just look past it.

Sorry if this is dismissive, I'm just so fucking done trying to apply logic to the anti-white religion.

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Yeah, I'm on the fence about the whole issue. Point out hypocrisy can be a useful tool in changing people's minds. But if they're already brainwashed, it's no use.

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Accumulating generational wealth is pretty hard to do when your culture glorifies crime, has persistent broken homes, and a high time preference.

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"shouldn't these same people be willing to consider that the problems blacks have today have little to do with present-day whites being racist?"

Even with this argument they will still say both past and present whiteness is to blame.

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Sean Last made an article on this. The inter-generation wealth is not sufficient explanation for black failure.

This may seem surprising, but it is consistent with other data on the inter-generational effects of wealth in 19th century America and in the South. For instance, Bleakley and Ferrie (2013) found that the decedents of those who won Georgia’s land-lottery in the 1830s fared no better for it in terms of their income, wealth, and literacy rates. Analyzing the opposite sort of event, Ager et al. (2016) looked at data on those whose wealth was destroyed during the civil war due to slave emancipation and war related property destruction. Based on this analysis, they estimate that a person’s wealth being decimated by 10% predicted a 0.4% decrease in their children’s income. By the next generation, this effect probably wouldn’t significantly differ from zero. It certainly would not differ from zero for those born 100 years later.