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I'm not joining a militia. If I was I sure as hell wouldn't be talking about it online. The Feds that are allowing BLM to get away with murder are the same ones that will burn down your fucking house after shooting your wife your child and your dog.

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No need to join a militia. Most of them are feds anyways. Just organize with your community

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Just organize with your community

Isn't that kind of what a militia is?

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Yes and no. The point is to organize with your neighbors who you know and not with randos who live in the same state.

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FBI New neighbor: "Well hello fellow neighbors, how is the militia coming along, I know where we can purchase [redacted], I'll just be a good neighbor and go ahead and buy it for you"

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Imagine being so poisoned by liberalism that you think any and all kind of community building is for 'feds'. You clowns have really internalised your atomisation haven't you? Jeez.

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I was implying that if the neighborhood watch idea was put to work how the FBI would respond.

I mean this in a kind way, but maybe you should take a break from your keyboard for a bit. From where I'm sitting it's your perception that seems to be somewhat poisoned if this is how you hypercritically respond to what was supposed to be a joke. Perhaps I hadn't written it out to make that obvious enough, if so, apologies.

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not for armed conflict or anything official. Somewhat unofficial and covert to prevent Glows from coming in droves

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    Don't know about that...guns are good for defending yourself in the immediate. Imagine a pack of blacks invading your home. I'd rather kill them all and go to jail then get killed by them and watch them rape and kill my family as well.

    I mean if Paki grooming gangs are abusing your daughter or sister, you by yourself can't stop them. They'll probably beat you up and kill you. But, if you have a gun, you can just go out and ambush them one day and kill them. Then you can try to escape or just accept prison, but you can at least fight back.

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    I mean if Paki grooming gangs are abusing your daughter or sister, you by yourself can't stop them.

    This isn't the problem, the problem is the police and state in general protect them and will punish you hard for retaliating. In a Purge scenario these Paki rape gangs would be dispatched within half an hour believe me. People are just too scared of facing repercussions, they don't want to spend the rest of their life in prison.

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    That's kind of my point. If it was my sister, I wouldn't be able to do anything because of the police state. However if I had guns, I could at least take vengeance. Yeah i'd go to prison or take a hit, but i'd be fine with that. Better to die fighting than live with such shame

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    It may be a good rhetorical argument but no one in their right mind would give up 2A preemptively to "see what happens".

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    From Europe here. You don't want to be in our position. You say that the "civil war" will never come but all it takes is for you to say no and then having weapons is preferable to not having any.

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    As they say, I'd rather have a gun and not one than need one and not have it.

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    In Europe we have hordes of illegal immigrants entering houses where elderly live to rob them and murder them. It has become trivial to hear such stories everyday.

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      We need some deus vult action

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      Yup, I'd never give up my gun if I was in such a position. Always be armed if you find yourself forced to be around blacks. Even small kitchen knife is better than no weapons. It could just save your life

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      Steel pen, tactical pens they'll even let you take on a plane (at least I was able even after it was flagged by x-ray). It's just a hard metal pointy pen that can be used to disable a perp in a pinch. Walking stick, long umbrella, anything is better than nothing. I god damn hate being on subways when joggers et al come slithering through. God I miss White America where no one was afraid of anyone, the stress is grating, on purpose I'm sure from our Jewish friends forcing integration.

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      Good idea, an even better solution would be slender cutters made from polymer or some other hard, non metallic substance. Those can't come up on metal detectors.

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      Apparently they never heard the phrase "from my cold, dead hands."

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      Yeah, get gunned down by Feds. What will that achieve?

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      It will achieve one drop in a bucket that needs to be filled proving to the government that gun owners will not lay down their guns, will not stand for confiscation. Everybody only gets one drop to contribute.

      With good enough marksmanship and some luck it can also achieve several fewer police willing to confiscate guns.

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      I think its more likely to scare gun owners into compliance. The message is that you either comply or your house will be firebombed

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      Yeah these tough-talking lolberts are always just that, talk. One rent-a-cop with a sidearm is enough to disarm an entire lolbert rally. There was one a few weeks back of armed guys outside some diner or something protesting corona virus and they didn't fire a shot, they were just performing. It's all just a LARP for insecure faggots.

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      Guns are only a serious threat if you organize with like minded people. Organization by itself is far stronger than an individual with guns. These fags always slink away because they know that if they figh back they'll all be thrown in prison. But if a thousand people even without guns came out and resisted, then the cops and BLM would have no choice but to slink away.

      The cops can't arrest a thousand people

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      And most of all, white communities together will have to spend money for their own interests. Don't give to Christian charities, churches, scouts or homeless people funds or any of that bullshit. Instead, spend money on your local government.

      Such "charities" usually direct their funds towards "refugees". If you want to help the homeless, give one a few dollars directly instead of having middle men.

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      DA has charged them with terrorism.