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30th April, 1945.

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28 July 1914

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Lol! Good one.

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I would say 2015, after Obergefell v. Hodges made homersexual marriage the law of the land, and they lit up the White House in the gay rainbow. Honk honk.

You have to remember that Obama ran for president in 2008 on a platform that marriage was between a man and woman, something that almost seems like reverse-clown-world these days. The iPhone first debuted in 2007, and clown world intimately depended upon it and upon Twitter, which launched in 2006. Both took time to change the previous online culture from one which valued intellectual meritocracy, free speech, debate, and words to today's "mean girl" cancel culture which values emotions, conformity, tantrums, and pictures.

Gay marriage was for most of the 20th century considered the ne plus ultra of liberalism, the impossible dream of the left, and when it came true, you could literally feel the crazy seeping into the breach it had created. "What now?!" seemed to be the words on every liberal's lips. The trans movement inserted themselves as the next impossible dream: destroy gender itself. And it's pretty much been clown world ever since.

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great post. I suppose we should let two regular gay people get married if they keep their shit out of our faces, let them have the economic advantages of marriage, but unfortunately it had to be kept illegal because it acted as a buffer against all the weird shit like trannies in bathrooms and playing sports. Because yeah they were like what's next, they needed something to ree about and it will never be enough.

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Honestly, I think Russia handles it best. Homosexuality is allowed, but it's illegal to promote it in children's media, and they can't marry neither IIRC

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Middle East do the right thing with gays.

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Ya know. I thought you were being anti-gay at first. But you're actually right.

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Two part. Proto clown world started during the Nuremberg trials when the seeds of holohoax were planted.

Main clown world started the evening that Walter Cronkite came on the evening news and said there was nothing really suspicious about the Kennedy assassination.

We've been in a steady state of degeneracy since those events. Modern accelerated clown world started in 2012 after Occupy. Oligarchs decided that to keep the goys away from the '1%' they needed to ramp up the race baiting. It's not coincidence that Trayvon case was also 2012. 2 years later you get Ferguson and the acceleration continued up until now.

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We've been in a steady state of degeneracy since those events. Modern accelerated clown world started in 2012 after Occupy. Oligarchs decided that to keep the goys away from the '1%' they needed to ramp up the race baiting. It's not coincidence that Trayvon case was also 2012.

Exactly. SJW identity politics burst onto the stage in 2012, seemingly from out of nowhere.

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Can you explain the Walter Cronkite one?

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Cronkite was basically the most trusted man in america at the time and people were scared and gearing up for a protest movement on the heels of the warren commission findings. CBS backed the findings and the rest is history. No further investigation needed goys.

In the mid-1960s, amid growing skepticism about the Warren Commission’s lone-gunman findings on John F. Kennedy’s assassination, there was a struggle inside CBS News about whether to allow the critics a fair public hearing at the then-dominant news network. Some CBS producers pushed for a debate between believers and doubters and one even submitted a proposal to put the Warren Report “on trial,” according to internal CBS documents.

But CBS executives, who were staunch supporters of the Warren findings and had personal ties to some commission members, spiked those plans and instead insisted on presenting a defense of the lone-gunman theory while dismissing doubts as baseless conspiracy theories, the documents show.

Though it may be hard to remember – amid today’s proliferation of cable channels and Internet sites – CBS, along with NBC and ABC, wielded powerful control over what the American people got to see, hear and take seriously in the 1960s. By slapping down any criticism of the Warren Commission, CBS executives effectively prevented the case surrounding the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy from ever receiving the full airing that it deserved.

Beyond that historical significance, the internal documents – compiled by onetime CBS News assistant producer Roger Feinman – show how a major mainstream news organization green-lights one approach to presenting sensitive national security news while blocking another. The documents also shed light on how senior news executives, who have bought into one interpretation of the facts, are highly resistant to revisit the evidence.

CBS News jumped onboard the blue-ribbon Warren Commission’s findings as soon as they were released on Sept. 27, 1964, just over 10 months after President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on Nov. 22, 1963. In a special report, CBS and its anchor Walter Cronkite preempted regular programming and, with the assistance of reporter Dan Rather, devoted two commercial-free hours to endorsing the main tenets of that report.

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So if he was like 'Oh the President's death is a bit dodgy' the world would be alright?

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The truth might have had a fighting chance.

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Nah the American normie would have overlooked it. That imo was one of the big reasons our people never got our shit together the complacency and massive increase in quality of life after WW2. That combined with the Social climate and Cold War made our people passive.

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Nah the American normie would have overlooked it.

Not at that time. Remember this is the 'start' of clown world.

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Why was Hart Cellar allowed to pass despite most American's opposing increased immigration?

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Hart Cellar is actually a red hearing. HC largely closed not opened Americas borders.

Check out this article. This is something the alt right needs to rejigger it's talking points on.

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This article cites barely any sources. Even wikipedia admits 1965 is what opened the flood gates to nonwhite immigration.

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What does immigration polling have to do with JFK, the warren commission, and the start of clown world?

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The rise of twitter. The roots of the philosophy and rhetoric comes from academia but it didn't have the same mainstream influence in progressive politics. It started to become trendy with young women on tumblr and then twitter. Twitter is what made it mainstream because twitter has become the home base for our political and cultural discourse. It began around 2013-2014.

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Social Justice really came into force by about 2012. It was an artificial movement that was promoted by Megacorporations.

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No, it became trendy on social media and when it was "cool" corporations got in on it.

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Certainly the trans movement was mostly astroturf. Pro open borders stuff too, most people on the left and right want some controls. But much social justice stuff was grassroots because many people here were sjw back then and didn't need any encouragement.

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i thought it was quite visible right after Obama won his second term in 2012. That was the year reddit started to tank hard. That was the last time it was really good or relevant.

Remember when the simpsons was the best satire anywhere? And then family guy became more funny? and then it all just turned into trump bashing? 2012 is 'family guy became funny' in this comparison.

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I don't know, when did the deep state decide to start popularizing that term through 4chan and social media?

Apr 2019

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  1. What makes you think the "deep state" was responsible for popularizing the term?
  2. Why would they do this?

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Demoralize people to bring the nation in to civil war, so the military-industrial complex has full control. If they lose control over the hundreds of millions of Americans, civil war is a way for them to regain it.

The military-industrial complex wants war, and the intelligence agencies use 4chan to promote their flavors of propaganda. These things are fairly well known.

They want people feeling like either the world is hopeless want to give up, or that they should go to war. The "clown world" meme accomplishes both, which is why they promote it so much.

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But there is no proof that they're promoting it.

If anything the elites want to populace to NOT wake up, to NOT acknowledge things are crazy.

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There is recognizing things are crazy, and waking up.

And then there is "This is clown world, everything is broken, I give up or want to go to war" which is an attitude that makes a person very easy to manipulate.

It's very important to distinguish between the two attitudes.

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But is there any proof at all?

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The fact the motive matches, and the messaging system they've used in the past matches? Seems like a reasonable assumption.

Just like they smeared the word "conspiracy theory" since JFK, and then they call anyone who questions anything important a "conspiracy theorist" which the public equates with "total idiot" because of theories like "flat earth" which they also use 4chan to push. Read about Tavistock and Operation Mockingbird. This is how modern disinformation works

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The foundations of clownworld were a long time in the making. The end of ww2 is when it began. The martyrdom of Saint Trayvon is when I first noticed we were entering a new phase of media propaganda. The Michael Brown circus confirmed that it was part of a new long term strategy. But the election of Trump is when Jews ushered in the modern era of clownworld in full. That's when the censorship and deplatforming started along with an escalating promotion and protection of the most extreme elements of left wing identity politics. The George Floyd riots is when they finally went full masks off and kicked off a low level race war on whites. What the next phase will be one can only imagine, but rest assured there will be more escalation. Their attempts to defund, delegitimize and demoralize police are an ominous sign of what they have planned.

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1965: Hart-Celler, forced desegregation, affirmative action, sexual revolution, drugs, LSD, ginned up Black riots, Holocaust© mythology, ... Jews gone wild.

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LSD is more than two decades older than that, though

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yeah, I know, I'm just rattling off all the things that were pushed on society openly, not some lab experiment from Sandoz/CIA.

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1956-1957. America betrays Britain and France in favor of Egypt and the USSR. This put "decolonization" into full swing, and ultimately led to the West itself being colonized by the 3rd world.

Yes, Israel were the good guys then. If we hadn't betrayed the West during the Suez Crisis, we would have avoided the genocide of Whites all across Africa. And America wouldnt have to pander to the 3rd world, which would be much more prosperous as well. (Pandering to third world countries was partially the point of Hart-Cellar)

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what happened at this time?

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Suez Crisis. Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal, Britain and France supported an Israeli invasion (with Israel promising to return the canal to its rightful owners) and then the USSR and America took Egypt's side. Europe/Isreal won militarily, but the threat of sanctions from Eisenhower forced a withdrawl. This was the last time Western Europe supported its own interests. America's betrayal during Suez directly led to the genocide of Whites all across Africa, starting with the Congo Crisis just a couple years later.

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Why did the USSR and US support Egypt?

How did it lead to the genocide of Whites in Africa?

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USSR supported Egypt because they were doing all they could to weaken Western Europe.

America supported Egypt because Eisenhower thought he could get Nasser (and the rest of subsequently decolonized Africa) on America's side. The concern was that Britain and France's actions could strengthen Soviet links with liberation movements, which were already fully aligned with the Soviets. It was the first of the typical American cuckery we know today- betraying our own people in the hope our enemies will take our side. I really can't give a coherent explanation for why we did this pants-on-head retarded move.

This caused the collapse of the British Empire, and a pretty immediate end to colonies in general. The first major casualty was the Belgian Congo, which was actually prospering during the 1950s and creating a Black middle class, and opportunities for the native Blacks while still protecting Whites as well. As soon as Belgium pulled out, the Whites were killed, and the country fell into civil war. Whites were killed across all of "decolonized" Africa, as "decolonization" means Whites who can afford to leave do so, and those who cannot afford to leave get killed.

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As soon as Belgium pulled out

They just abandoned the colony? They didn't try to offer people passage back to Belgium or something? They pulled out because the fastest way to get there was the Suez Canal?

They didn't try to do a transfer of power to a local government? Or they did, but it didn't stick and civil war happened?

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Look up the Congo Crisis. Yes, they pretty much just abandoned the colony.

Not because they needed Suez specifically. Suez Crisis was the historical turning point that put "decolonization" into full gear.

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April 26 1992

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I agree with 2014. Gamergate was really the first time people got to see behind the curtain. Don't forget to visit s/gamergateydoo

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I have seen a lot of people say this.

Is there any good video/article to check out what gamer gate really is?

I am not a gamer and have never really paid attention to it.

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I don't keep track of anything going over the past, I mostly just archive the modern day pedophilia in what is left of the movement. You might wanna ask s/kotakuinaction

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Different things:
2020 Corona False Alarm.
2016 was a clear event of political manipulation by the corrupt democrats.
2001 was a global take-over of media and failure of basic science.
1967 was the public execution of the US democracy.
1914 The world wars were started with propaganda beyond comprehension.
19?? The Rothchilds started to take over banking
17?? The UK started banking with paper money, which made wars possible with huge debts.

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I would say that clown world officially began in 2015 leading up to the primaries, but what the other comments were suggesting were true also. I say 1918 is when the "seeds" were first set. That's when the Frankfurt School was established and started enacting their plan to fuck society over after the wreckage that the Jewish bankers caused during WW1. From that point, the schools and media kept brainwashing each generation worse than the prior. After Operation Mockingbird, the propaganda increased exponentially. The propaganda increased again after 9/11 and then went into overdrive after 2015. There were arguably 2 "points of no return." The first was after 1965 when the Hart Cellar Act was passed that permanently screwed over the demographics. The second was after Barack Hussein Obama was elected in 2008. He and his Jew pals added gasoline to the fire that was already there as far as racial tensions were concerned. 2015 was the end of his second term. Real Americans resisted for the 7 years of his "leadership," but the damage was already done and the forces of evil were too powerful. America, and the rest of the west, were dead. All that remained was Clown World.

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2011/Occupy Wall Street.

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The latest movement started in 2012 in response to the hostility that was directed at the top 1% during the occupy movement. The intiative to turn class warfare into a racewar was executed by ABC/disney corporation and ordered by the elites.

I was on the ground in 2012 watching black people chant "we are the 99%" referring to the lowest 1% income. Shortly after, they rolled out the Treyvon and george zimmerman media blitz and it has only gotten worse.

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2010 was the year that the "No women on the Internet" meme died.

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Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection.First celebrated in 1970.

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Clown world started when people starting taking Twitter so seriously. Twitter allowed all the freaks and psychos to have a voice way stronger than they would in real life. I blame social media and Twitter particularly for the rise of clown world.

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It depends on the location, imo. In America, Clown World (or at least the components of it) have been a thing for a long time. I'd argue all the way back in the 70s or 80s we started slipping into Clown World shit, and LONG before that the stage for it was set. In many other places though it's been a far mroe recent affair, especially Europe.

The thing about liberalism and Clown World is that it sneaks up slowly. It starts as normal or slightly objectionable things, and gets worse and worse as time goes on, exponentially. This is why for a while it was manageable or even unnoticeable and then "suddenly" large jumps happen.

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Read Slouching Towards Gomorrah by Judge Bork. A lot of this stuff started happening in the 20s. Many of us here already know that....

A lot of other key factors have already been mentioned. Gay marriage, twitter frying people's minds in NPCs reguritating the less than 250 character talking points over and over.

Add whenever Britain decided not to make peace with Nazi Germany.