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Thanks for sharing. I encourage everyone to take a mental note and blast it out in response to demoralization/tactical nihilism shills all over the internet. White Americans are not deracinated mutts obsessed with BBC. All is not lost.

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Does this mean ~10% of the white race is being destroyed every generation (every 25 years)? Thus ~80% of the current white race will be destroyed in 200 years (not including population decrease from low birthrate). Not very whitepilling to me.

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Marriage statistics also don’t account for the single moms with mystery children, whether they stay unmarried or eventually marry “within their race”.

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Yes, the problem with marriage stats is very few of the white women who fuck blacks show up because they rarely get married, they get pregnant and then the dad dashes, they never marry. There's also the issue that women will fuck blacks for a while then marry a white guy for money and stability.

These women are a minority but it's definitely greater than the % that shows up in marriage stats.

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Thats retarded, don't spread black pills for no reason. 10% (with most of that being White Hispanic) is a giant failure of the miscegenation propaganda that is being pushed on us all the time. Especially, the low rates of White men/Asian women and White women/Black men are proof that we are stronger than the propaganda.

What really matters is the White birthrate. We all need to have 3 or more White children, and teach them to love their own people. That is perfectly achievable for each and every one of us.

Furthermore, if we are the ones driving the White birthrate, we will literally outbreed White guilt. This is the ultimate long game to wake our people up.

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Maybe the real destruction isn't that bad, but when you include mixed births from unwed white mothers and the low white birthrate, it is probably still grim.

Number of white births every year is going down:

2014: 2,149,302

2015: 2,130,279

2016: 2,056,332

2017: 1,992,461

2018: 1,956,413


The total fertility rate (not birth rate) is 1.64 for non-Hispanic whites.

Breeding is helpful but waking whites up is the only possible solution. Waking three normie whites up is equivalent to breeding three whites who become pro-white adults, yet it doesn't require all the time and money of raising offspring, or the risk of the offspring becoming anti-white. You can potentially wake up thousands or millions.

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If we all have many children, we will survive. Thats it, we just have to do our part.

Yes, waking people up is very good too.

Things may look bleak, but they are not hopeless. There is always hope as long as there are people like us.

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The Amish will save the White Race.

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You cannot really extrapolate the present situation that far ahead, though.

With the way things are going now, who knows what attitudes will be like in 25-50 years? It could be even worse, of course, but it might be better.

I don't believe America or the West writ large is going to stay in a racially bluepilled bubble for that much longer, between the social changes that are slowly destroying the "colourblind" fantasy right before the eyes of many whites and the scientific evidence on racial differences mounting to the point they're undeniable.

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This video always helps me zoom out and gain some perspective. So many nations rise and fall over thousands of years. We're just a tiny blip in world history and things ebb and flow constantly.

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You can't extrapolate stats like that.

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Obviously I don't want 10% either but the race mixing propaganda attempts to make it look like every white women craves black men and every white man is hiding in his basement or dating an Asian. It doesn't even close to hold up to reality.

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Good, instinctively our people still prefer their own, now they only need regain their tribalism.

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These statistics are misleading and we shouldn't get complacent. I live in a liberal city and have seen a ton of white women living alone with their mixed children.

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Yeah, marriage stats are a lot less meaningful when marriages are less common than they've ever been.

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Why are you so surprised?

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The propaganda and brainwashing is so pervasive and full spectrum that its kind of hard to believe at this point. Every insitution and facet of society pushes blacked culture, every single one at all times. Plus there's the insidious guilt tripping and brainwashing at colleges, which are little more than Marxist synagogues at this point

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You can't fight nature.

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Exactly. Most people date and marry within their own race. Even if you include non-married couples and the odd white trash who sleeps around/becomes single mothers, most of them are going with whites.

I've never been convinced that jungle or yellow fever is that common. Yes, it's everywhere...... on adverts and TV shows/films. Not in the real world. Some people would have you convinced that at least half of all white people have a black man or Oriental woman in their arms these days. I've never seen that, including in big cities like London, NYC, San Francisco, etc.

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I'm sure that most white/black babies are born out of wedlock. I've never seen a white woman with a mixed child that was married or otherwise involved with the child's black father.

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Imagine being a Japanese man. Jesus Christ.

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Why do you say that?

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What was the original source for this?