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I've noticed a ton of these. I think agents from the former r/DebateAltRight like Salos invited them. If we aren't going to purge these cuckservative gatekeepers that keep flooding in then this saidit sub isn't going to have a long lifespan. Someone should mention a mod and see what they have to say about it.

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How am I an agent or a cuckservative?I want largely the same thing as you do, just with different methods.

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    The Nazi caricatures are more likely to be feds or AHS losers than people like Salos. Ive never seen salos advocate for colorblind civnatism- our aim should be on the civnats, not optical white advocate.

    We need to wake up normie Whites, not have autistic circlejerks about being Nazis. That is why Voat is so garbage.

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    Actually for what it's worth most of his old posts on Reddit used to be anger about racism towards Blacks and how White people absolutely did not belong on the African continent and defending seizing of White farms. Not technically 'civnat' but anti-White. Then he did a big U turn at one stage. He's either just a weirdo or suspicious.

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    Fair enough. I don't know his history, but I do think purity spirals can destroy a movement and make us far more unappealing if we push away people who are curious, checking out what we have to say, but aren't yet fully on board. We should go after the real civnats who are trying to hijack and neuter the right (like Charlie Kirk) rather than infighting.

    The genocide of Whites in SA is totally indefensible. It's a major redpill, and something we should publicize to our fullest ability.

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    I think our people need to leave Africa all together, I stand by that view.

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    exchange European Blacks and African Whites? maybe we could make it work nicely for everyone

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    *european blacks and north american blacks

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    yeah Australia/NZ too. "European" not just Europe here, though imo Europe is first priority.

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    Why? South Africa is Boer land, they have lived there for centuries, and built a great country before Black supremacists took it over.

    Zimbabwe still runs on highways built by White Rhodesians- the infrastructure that ZANU didnt blow up, that is.

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    It isn't anymore. Right of conquest. The Blacks won the land and they have right to do what they want with it. The situation is unwinnable for us there so lets get them back home to Europe.

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    So by using your logic if we lose europe then we just have to give up, they won it and have the right to do whatever they want with it?

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    No, we have a right and duty to fight back and keep what we have, the situation in SA is unwinnable though.

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    1.How? 2.Example? 3.I'm not an agent 4.Optics are important for our movement to grow. The average voter is not attracted by extremist rhetoric period. 5.Example? 6.Not really, most are to challenge or provide new info for us. 7.When?What Example?I had been active on the old reddit page since 2019.

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    The point is to stay optical, not to be civnat cucks.

    In order to wake up more White people, they have to understand that we are not wacko nutjobs. That you can love your own people without hating anyone.

    If you want to wake people up on JQ, point out inconsistencies. Early life, Jews pretending to be White while not identifying as such, Israel being an ethnostate, Nick Cannon can hate Whites but not Jews, and so on.

    If you sperg out and talk like the caricature of a Nazi everyone has been taught to hate since birth, you'll only confirm their false assumptions about us.

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    Correct. He's not talking about my post, he's referring to some of the comments misconstruing what I said as license to promote the Republican platform and he attacked that comment.

    You all need to stop thinking in absolutes and binaries- saying that we should not peddle conspiracies about Jews controlling the weather is not license to promote unfettered capitalism and other Republican "battles" that are usually just distractions. We don't care about twitter battles between Marco Rubio and AOC. We should be up in arms over China destroying the ecosystem and hyper-consumerism facilitating it.

    Our banner is thus: we side with reality. We are rational thinkers trying to find what is reality. And if reality goes against the partisan sides, then so be it. Siding with republicans/right wing is fine if they prevent clear and present collapse but always be cautious of the fact that they usually facilitate collapse in the not too distant future. Many of you are smart gifted individuals who have curious minds that are trying to make sense of the world- use this.

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      I agree. I wasn't responding to the OP of the thread, I was responding to the user who argues we need to end anti semitism. This just means "stop talking about Jewish power and influence".

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      Remember this is still a debate sub. Just argue them down with superior logic. Which isn't very difficult. If they take on shill like behavior and clearly break rule 2 we will ban them.

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      I mean this is a debate sub, so people with opposing views should be allowed on here and express their opinion. If he is genuine and actually believes this, it is better to refute him. Pre-quarantine DAR and its former sister sub DebateFascism had a very diverse range of views which I thought was one of best aspects about the two subs, because alt-right ideas were challenged but they obviously could not do so in bad faith manner so discussions were at least at an intellectual bare minimum.

      But there does seem to be a trend of faux "alt righters" who come to gaslight about certain issues in a clearly unacademic/shill-like manner.

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      It's not a debate if they're cuckservatives or leftists posing as members of the dissident right and gatekeeping the discussion we can have here. I've seen many posts like this.

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      Agreed. One of the old rules on reddit DAR was that you can't spoof you position in order to steer debate. I will re-add that to the sidebar and we will keep an eye out on this behavior. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. However, you should assume good faith until the evidence is overwhelming that the person is changing their position/belief just to shill and derail legit debate. Please keep an eye out if you see these behavior patterns and use the report button so mods can make a determination.

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      But there does seem to be a trend of faux "alt righters" who come to gaslight about certain issues in a clearly unacademic/shill-like manner.

      I'm not one of them.

      I'm more concerned with a trend related to members of the dissident right being completely gas-lit and losing their grasp of reality. We have been told that we live in a meritocracy and that neoliberal democracy is the best way forward and that the old ways were evil. For many of us, we start reading and discovering that we have been lied to and suddenly we don't know who to trust and what to believe. It's a side effect of institutions being corrupt to the core and at that point, we become open to rumors of Illuminati using mind control and contaminating our drinking water.

      A lot of it stems from a toxic negativity that I think can be fixed with some community building. Daily workouts, reading entries, gardening, and in general just cultivating (a word which is a cognate of "culture") better people.

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      Describe this trend

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      I don't mean you, if that was what you were thinking. I know I said you're a troll a while back but I honestly think people here are a bit harsh on you now, you have your own views and you get unfairly criticised for them.

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      He gets criticized these days for doing weird things like posting an hour long video of Dave Rubin that he hasn't bloody watched and then demanding others sit through it and argue against the points. That's just odd behaviour troll or not.

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      I don’t think that’s the best way to say it because it looks kooky to people with little context.

      But I also hate exactly what you’re reacting to. It makes everything that I’ve tried to do IRL suck. I want to scream at these people sometimes, I’ve met a bunch of them. No, I don’t care more about the damn mask thing than immigration. You say you care about both, then grow a pair and stand up for both. And you better be concerned about both legal and illegal immigration or you’re a cuck and you know it. No, I don’t want “freedom” that kills Western countries. No, the Proud Boys aren’t anything, screw them. No, I don’t support Ben Shapiro because he made a funny about AOC. Enough about AOC, you should be putting pressure on your local Republican congressperson to not be crap. If we were serious, they’d be facing insurgent third party runs from us when they mess around for local seats.

      I could go on... I think if we ever have power, we need to take a note from this system, trademark the word nationalist and sue everyone over it. I left libertarianism over much of the bullshit numbskulls are trying to bring into our thing. They see libertarianism is failing them and are trying to make this cuckservative 3.0.

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      Radical kinorities who keel p using gain power

      transmission error

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      "Stop discussing the JQ"

      How can we stop discussing the JQ when jews are actively trying to destroy us?