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Feel like this fits here for my fellow fog-niggas, Patriotic Alternative is organizing something for Indigenous Peoples Day (August 9th).

The plan is we go around placing posters up on the night of the 8th, so the UK wakes up to "WHITE LIVES MATTER" posters all over the UK. The media does the rest.

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Thats good.

I feel like we should (with some slick graphic design) have stats and facts on some flyers too. So the flyers themselves will redpill people, not just the blatant anti White response from the media.

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WTF, I love masks now!

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Haha, yeah. Masks being a social norm really is great if we learn to use it to our advantage. A lot of face recognition software doesnt even work if youre wearing a mask.

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Check out Hundred Handers that the other guy mentioned.

Rob Rundo gave some tips on this kind of thing too

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    Thanks. And I agree, that is another good aspect.

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    Good post.

    Hundred Handers is an anonymous group that produces well designed, normie-friendly, pro-white, stickers and flyers. Anyone doing this should of course obey the relevant laws and practice good op-sec. People have been arrested in the UK for posting stickers for stating things as innocuous as "White Lives Matter." I also imagine it would be pretty easy, if found out, to have one's career completely trashed.

    As Greg Johnson pointed out even one or two stickers can make a difference especially if the media picks up on it. Anything that conceivably might be seen as advocating for "white rights" sends them into a frenzy.

    I also feel anyone using this sub should be on a VPN. Everything here is bound to be tracked.

    Edit: You can find a practical guide to producing stickers, and a discussion on op-sec, in the comments section here.

    Edit II:

    You an find a comprehensive guide to the Hundred Handers here.

    Wentworth Report:

    Naturally they have been called “far-right” and “white supremacist” by the globalists. What did you expect? A mere “racist” label is not powerful enough anymore, worn out through overuse — and diluted to meaningless now that the left says that “all whites are racist” and “non-whites cannot be racist”.

    On the first of each month, ‘the hands,’ as members are known, receive a sticker pack from ‘the head’ and are expected to stick the stickers in public places. On the stickers are inflammatory slogans such as, “we’re under attack,” “it’s okay to be white,” “reject white guilt,” “witness the reality of mass immigration,” “tired of anti-white propaganda?,” “multi-culturalism kills,” “feminism is cancer,” and “import the third world, become the third world.”


    Many of the stickers contain QR codes for people to scan. Some of these QR codes direct scanners to white-supremacist news and TV networks like Red Ice, while others direct them to an anti-immigration YouTube video entitled, “With Open Gates: the Forced Collective Suicide of European Nations." [Cont...]

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    I also feel anyone using this sub should be on a VPN. Everything here is bound to be tracked.

    Can you point me to a normie-friendly guide to opsec?

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    Someone also tell me why Tor isn't good enough, and I mean that seriously.

    Opsec is a major concern because once they dox you they'll find any minor infraction to nail you on like that dude in California that legally owned a gun but the cops took them anyway because of his "racist" posts. So if I say "I'm scared of Blacks so I bought a gun", that's enough to get you disarmed and soon charged with a felony hate crime which precludes you from ever owning a gun to defend yourself. They'll point to Tarrant and say "you can never be too careful with White Nationalists". Unlike Muslim rape gangs and Black criminals who you can never be too understanding of.

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    Dymo Labeler.


    Cheap stickers.


    Good, simple graphics/slogans/mantras.


    Any surface that has some traffic and isn't near security cameras.

    Be sure to wear your mask, sunglasses, hat, and inconspicuous clothing.

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    This is a good idea. Most people are not rational but emotional. Their minds will brush off facts and data but if you show the pic of a little white girl next to pick of her ugly, somalian murderer, it will shock them out of their apathy.

    No justice for white children- a tagline that would go nicely with it. Posters like this will redpill more people than facts and data

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    "White Lives Matter / Black Lives Matter"

    This will force them to tear down both or you'll see only "White lives matter" crossed out.

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    "Victim's Lives Matter"