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I was still a leftist by the time Trump became POTUS, so I have a lot of insight into the mindset. The answer is pretty simple and consists of a couple of things:

  1. Leftists tend to hang out in echochambers where the only news that ever come through about Trump are him having done something wrong, spun in the worst way possible by the activists who have taken over journalism. Even if he does something good or neutral, activists in media will find a way to spin it as bad (see: portraying the low number of deaths from corona virus in the U.S. as "Trump murdering people")
  2. The above along with the kind of impulsive, exaggerated, loaded and emotional language common in left-wing communities leads Trump to become a symbol more than a president or person. For leftists, it is not so much about what Trump has done as a president than about the associations one has formed with him: bigotry, fascism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, rapist, murderer, dictator, tyrant, liar, manchild, the list goes on. He represents the enemy (the political right) in their highest position of power (president of the United States.) As such, he becomes a target for any insecurity, every fear and all mindless anger a leftist feels. He's a concept, something abstract that stands in for everything one hates. It's why when leftists are asked what exactly he did that's so evil, all they can point at are small decisions which they then blow up into gigantic decisions through a number of assumptions, guesses and predictions. Every innocent decision of his becomes a slippery slope toward some incredible tragedy, in the mind of a leftist. Every innocuous statement becomes a dogwhistle, something that seems okay on its surface until you decode it using magical thinking only the right is supposed to know about, but the left believes it has attained as well and can now use to point out the evil that lurks beneath every surface. You can see why some people have likened the current political left to a religion.

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Good answer but is this also the mindset of the elites? Of people like Soros and Steyer who organize these riots?

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I think the elites and Jews in particular are very paranoid about white populism, and Trump represents that. It's really the only force, if actually mobilized, that could overthrow them. And reifying white racial consciousness would expose their genocidal policies of the last 60 years for what they are, and they would all be branded ineffectual or evil traitors (which they are), with obvious consequnces.

But theres also a contingent of Zionist Jews who really like Trump and more or less control him. So there isn't a consensus

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I think it's an experiment in mass psychology. See what they can make people believe and do with the tools they have. Pretty scary tbh.

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So have your positions actually moved right or have you noticed that Trump is actually a basic leftist?

him: bigotry, fascism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, rapist, murderer, dictator, tyrant, liar, manchild, the list goes on.

What’s weird is that he could be all these things, but if he had a D next to his name, all Ds would vote for him in a general election.

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So have your positions actually moved right or have you noticed that Trump is actually a basic leftist?

First I got pushback from my own side for saying things I knew were perfectly reasonable ("trans people need to be dysphoric," "misandry is bad," "the concept of cultural appropriation discourages the mixing of cultures"), which soured my opinion of the left.

Then I began to see more and more such insanity bubbling up from the surface, some that I was simply too blind to see before and some of which was a new addition to left-wing politics, which turned me anti-left.

No longer aligned with the left, I started trying out right-wing spaces, enjoying their criticisms of the left but also often finding fault in their own ideas. Overall, I didn't become right-wing, but I did find myself becoming more sympathetic toward some right-wing ideas and adopting some myself while rejecting others - one that I adopted being that Trump is, when you actually look at what he has accomplished (and what he hasn't,) in no way the far-right fascist the left wants him to be.

What’s weird is that he could be all these things, but if he had a D next to his name, all Ds would vote for him in a general election.

As proven by how they could not have cared less about the sexual assault allegations toward Biden, or even unashamedly blurted out their support of him in the face of them. "No matter how many women he rapes" I saw many of them write on Twitter.

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Trump is not far right

This is to the dismay of many of his voters. So what far-right ideas do you disagree with?

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So what far-right ideas do you disagree with?

  • There being a jewish conspiracy. (Though I do agree that it's noteworthy how much money and power is in the hands of a group of only 14 million people.)

  • Pro-life. (Though I do think there clearly needs to be a reasonable cutoff after which abortions are illegal.)

  • Gun rights. (I'm for stricter ones and some weapons legal right now to be made illegal. That said, the recent riots have proven that some amount of protection is reasonable. Pistols should be okay.)

  • Partial disagreement: Reverting back to a religious society. (Though I do think that some amount of religion is good for a society and that christianity was of incredible importance for the development of western society.)

  • Being against gay rights and acceptance. (Though I am also against stuff like highly sexualized pride parades and children being force-fed stuff about it in school.)

  • Complete rejection of welfare, free education, etc. (Though too much of it leads to a lazy, unproductive society. A balanced approach would be necessary.)

  • The crazier conspiracies: pizzagate, Qanon, school shootings being faked.

  • Blind faith in a free market. There is no reason capitalism would be the one and only concept humanity ever came up with that is somehow flawless and perfect. A free market regulating itself still means that there will be periods of misery, tragedy and horror. (That said, capitalism is still the best economic system we have and works well when regulated in a smart and sparse way. Only as much regulation as necessary, no more.)

If we went into detail, I could come up with a million things I disagree with regarding the right. Mentalities about topics like art, for example. But the ones I listed should be most of the big ones.

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You're unfortunately conflating right wing ideas with conservatism. We don't support free market capitalism, no welfare state, weak government, crazy christian conspiracies and Christian talibanism.

You'll find that most of the people here are socialist, pro big government and welfare and secular

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You're unfortunately conflating right wing ideas with conservatism

For sure. In our current, polarized culture many disparate ideologies are consumed by the concepts of "left" and "right," so I figured I would just name all the views I object to that are generally considered under the "right" umbrella.

You'll find that most of the people here are socialist, pro big government and welfare and secular

That's interesting! I assume by "we" you mean the alt-right? I was aware already that there was a big ideological gap when it comes to religion (most people who self-identified as alt-right have been atheists in my experience, though with some varying respect for religion.)

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Yes, the ideology espoused here is third positionism.

That is a belief in spirituality over materialism, left wing economics, nationalism, social conservatism and self determination for peoples.

Its vastly different than conservatism which is just one big excuse to shovel money into the coffers of the rich

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I agree with a lot of these.

As far as your first one, what do you think of this 1 min video? What do you see that all the commenters don’t?

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I've been shown this video before and it's one of the cases where I 100% agree without a single objection. This woman is evil scum and she deserves the worst fate the universe can throw at her. I guess my position would be that she's an extremist who doesn't represent the entirety of the jewish population on earth, same way that a neo-nazi murderer doesn't represent all caucasian people or Shiro Ishii doesn't represent all asian people.

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I hear you. Have you seen this little clip of Douglass Rushkoff? He was named one of the “world's ten most influential intellectuals” by MIT.

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That's certainly anger-inducing, arrogant and I can't dispute that it fits the idea of a jewish conspiracy well. I wanna comment on this video in two ways: First, I think that with one notable exception, while anger-inducing, this kind of talk can be heard from adherents of any religion. There are plenty of caucasian christians who will tell you that christians are dangerous to others because everyone knows they're right, they are the ones who have the ultimate truth on their side, etc. So while I think what this guy is saying is insane, I think it's more a case of a religious nutjob than of someone accidentally exposing a jewish conspiracy.

Like I said, there's one exception. He mentions that "we don't believe in the boundaries of nation-state." I would have a couple of comments on this. First, that I agree this is unique to them, or at least a statement that I can't imagine being said by a christian. So there's something to this. Second, if I had to guess, I would guess it could be linked to the fact that unlike christians, jews have a history of not having one proper home and as such, it wouldn't be surprising to me if they had a view on nation-states that differs from that of christians. I can see someone who does believe in a jewish conspiracy taking it a different way (seeing it as them admitting to their plans) but I would think it might be better explained through their specific history. Then again - and I'll argue against myself here for a second - would it really matter? This certainly shows that an anti-nation sentiment is at least somewhat common among jewish people, which would certainly provide motive if there was a jewish conspiracy for why they would want to destabilize other countries. Which brings me to my last comment, which is... how fucking retarded do you have to be to cling to that sentiment as part of an ethnicity that has one of the most clear-cut and obvious ethnostates in the world? You want to "smash things that aren't true" and "don't believe in the boundaries of nation-state[s]"? Then smash your own country first. What a loser.

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How fucking retarded do you have to be

That’s called Chutzpah. Kinda like how the Judeo-ADL works tirelessly to flood white countries with endless third worlders while simultaneously saying this...

It is unrealistic and unacceptable to expect the State of Israel to voluntarily subvert its own sovereign existence and nationalist identity and become a vulnerable minority within what was once its own territory.

If termites are eating away at the pillars holding up your home, it really doesn’t matter if it’s a conspiracy to harm you and your family or if they’re just hungry. You have a problem. It’s called a termite problem. White people have a problem. That problem has a name. The word conspiracy doesn’t really matter.

will tell you that christians are dangerous to others

When non Jews are in full control of all the levers of power in Israel and harming the majority population with it, we can talk about that. I don’t think you’d say the Jews should take that lying down though.

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Did I lose you :-(

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Yes but I think the question is why the media is spamming this.

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Because the media is extremely far-left and also very Jewish ?

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And why are they so desperate to get Trump out of office?

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Because Biden is their wet dream; an empty suit with a bold Black former slave person with a cervix as their shadow president and 100% Jewish puppet masters.

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Kamala will be President within months. Biden will retire for senility. He just wants to go down in history as a US President

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Susan Rice.

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    I think you replied to the wrong message.

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    Haha you're right sorry

    This was the intended context

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    He's a symbol of white people pushing back against globalism and multi culturalism. Symbols of hope for whites must be crushed. The only way Jews control us is if we are degenerated, atomized, demoralized and lacking any religious or political leadership. Hope is dangerous to our Satan worshiping masters. Even if Trump does nothing legislatively for whites he signals to other potential candidates that you can run and win on a non globalist pro america platform. The elites fear this will lead to more boldly pro white and/or nationalist candidates. They've been marching the overtone window left for 70 years and any push back against that movement is a threat to them. You have to understand the Jews don't fight political fights directly. They fight meta politically. Which means in the cultural, social and religious arena. In other words if you're not rapidly in support of their platform they consider you an enemy regardless of your stance. Their are no neutral political players in the Jewish geo political stratagem.

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    Der Jude is hitting the gas. It's no longer enough to let do-nothing conservatives quietly and slowly initiate their plans, they have decided to kick into overdrive and accelerate clown world until whites are destroyed. They know people are getting sick of it so they are panicking and trying their damnedest to get rid of us ("us" meaning both the alt-right and third position as well as whites as a whole) so their plan isn't endangered any further.

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    gonna repost what I posted once before

    Well first of all, the media is really one big bread-and-circus, and while I'm not gonna deny the obvious fact that it has huge influence and power that is used on the populace, their opposition towards him does not disprove him being controlled. I say this because even within the establishment, the idea that they all work in full co-operation without conflict of interest is deluded. Those in power at the end of the day are capitalists, a lot of them have ulterior motives (especially those from a certain tribe who are the dominant ones) but many are just there for capital accumulation and hoarding. I'll explain why I think he was mostly publicly opposed later in this post, but it is not true that elements of establishment didn't support him. One of his most high-profile supporters was tech billionaire Peter Thiel, a Bilderberg regular, and he was received his largest donation from billionaire magnate and Zionist neocon super-lobbyist Sheldon Adelson. Not to mention the ties of his son-in-law and husband of his little princess Jared Kusher to higher ranking figures within the Israeli government, who was leading a foundation helping bankroll Israel's settlements in the West Bank region of Palestine. There are plenty of others. By the way, these were from Trump's earliest days and many of us (me included) were too distracted with the idealism and hope of Trump's populism to notice or wave off these connections with unsourced hypotheses by anonymous posters on anime image boards claiming "He's actually tricking them!".

    I'd also like to note, this isn't just Trump and it isn't just a cause of intra-elite factionalism. It can be used to push narratives and ward off "dangerous ideas" as well. It's well-documented the amount of "alt-lite" and right-wing populist figures, who may get hated on in the mainstream media, but are actually funded or well-connected to (especially Jewish) elites and establishment think thanks. For example, the "counter-jihad movement" is attacked a lot in media but its also well-funded by people tied to those running these media. Why? Because there is invested interest to do so for so many reasons, it helps prop up support for the State of Israel as an "crusader against Islam" and gives support for interventions in Middle Eastern countries while also funnelling away potential supporters of more "dangerous ideas" or "dangerous figures". It's not just the right this happens to, but also the Left.

    So, I made my point establishing why I think Trump is controlled opposition, now why did the media attack him? Because he moved the overton window on so many issues so far that obviously it would cause concern. Trump's campaign basically created the alt-right and rejuvenated ideas that were long considered too extreme for anyone to take seriously outside of skinheads and people on fringe websites. He talked about building a giant border wall (a proposal that always existed but was never advocated seriously), saying certain groups of Mexicans rapists, banning Muslims from entering America, criticising and undermining NATO, not wanting to be enemies with Putin, engaging in a trade war with the world's biggest exporter, opposing the TPP, criticising the Iraq war and calling for less involvement abroad and denying climate change. Whether you support or oppose certain statements of his I listed, you cannot deny these were outside the American overton window and someone promoting these ideas would definitely spook a large amount of the establishment. This was all while also basicially dog-whistling regularly and campaigning as a Caesarist populist figure who was gonna fix America. Trump opened a pandora's box, creating a new wave of populism across the West and even countries outside of the Western world.

    That is why they attack him, because Trumpism appeals to this kind of sentiment even if Trump doesn't actually do any of it. Trumpism needs to die quickly in their view, because it truly does damage "modern Western liberal democratic society" and all that it stands for. This is why I expect the GOP to under go a process of de-Trumpification whenever he leaves office (whether that is 2020 or 2024).

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    I get all that but why are they going to these lengths? These riots are destroying urban America and making the US a global laughing stock, not to mention permanently demoralizing many constitution thumbing Americans. Why are they slaughtering their golden calf?

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    Well said.

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    They're not at all. The Impeachment charade was a charade. The left has done more for Trump than Trump himself. Scratch, that the democrat neb-liberals have done more for a life-long democrat them Trump has for himself. Scratch that. A bunch of Jewish Zionist bankers have done more for Trump then Trump has done for himself.

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    He represents white consciousness and awakening.

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    They just do what the media tells them and the media hates Trump.

    They hated Bush just as much until the media told them not to anymore, now they love him.

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    I'm not American, so my view can be considered somewhat impartial.

    I really wonder what is the big deal about Trump that gets leftists all over the world so mad. It's as if Hillary would solve everyone's problems worldwide. Really a joke.

    When Obama got elected, they would say that everything would change for the better. Am I the only one who didn't notice such a thing? Obama got USA further into debt and unemployment and wars around the globe, not to mention that police violence was on the rise and he moved towards the current police state by establishing global spying.

    So the current situation is just proof that leftists are idiots.

    As for the Jews opposing Trump so vehemently, it's really strange. Trump has done for Jews much more than any other president. They could at least show some gratitude.

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    He staffs important, high-responsibility positions with incompetent yes men. He lobbies for Russian interests against America on the world stage. He makes authoritarian power grabs. He has totally annihilated America's geopolitical influence and national dignity. He sabotages any attempt at accountability or investigation. He lies more than he tells the truth. He has no clue how to fulfill the most basic of his presidential responsibilities and attacks anyone who tries to teach him. He packs courts. He coddles the rich at the expense of the 99%. He encourages the spread of coronavirus. He race-baits like it's the 1980's. Basically he has turned the American government into an institution that primarily enriches himself and his rich oligarch buddies at the expense of it's citizenry.

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    Which planet are you living in? Give the address for i'd love to emigrate there.

    Under Trump, sanctions on Russia has increased, just a week ago the US applied new sanctions on Germany to prevent the completion of Nordstream-2. How on Earth is Trump anything but an enemy to Russia? Trump has increased military spending and is transferring troops from Germany to Poland, closer to Russian territories in Kaliningrad.

    As for US geopolitical influence, that's been diminishing long before Trump came into office and he merely continued the trends impotently. Reagan started busting the unions and killing labor protections, Clinton passed NAFTA and shipped US industry abroad, Bush 2 welcomed China into the WTO and started the colossal budget deficits, Obama started the QE process that converted the US into a zombie economy run by federal money printing.

    The US is declining, but that's not due to Trump. This is bigger than Trump, this has to do with deindustrialization, financialization of the economy, massive inequality, plutocracy and racial deterioation. US iq and education outcomes have been collapsing for decades now. These things all precede Trump.

    He packs the courts? Which President doesn't? His boy Gorsuch swinged with liberals to make trannies a protected class.

    Which President doesn't coddle the rich? Clinton repealed Glass-steagal, Bush 2 did tax cuts, Obama extended tax cuts and pushed for TPP, Trump is carrying out the same tradition.

    Trump wanted to shut borders early to prevent COVID from spreading but the left blocked him and how the hell is he authoritarian? He's a suck up loser if anything. Antifa rioted in his capital and all were released without charges. You think Hitler and Stalin would've sat back and let anarchists attack their governments and cities?

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    Nobody is saying the country was perfect in 2015, but Trump took inefficient and imperfect institutions and drove them into the ground. You can what about whatever you want, but none of it justifies the catastrophic damage Trump has done to this country's geopolitical standing, legislative system, federal agencies, or anything else Trump has ruined in the past 4 long years. It's a topic I have a lot of very strong feelings about so I'm not interesting with engaging with bad faith actors over it, but suffice to say it sickens me to think what America would look like after four more years of Trump.

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    Trump is a moron, I'm no fan of his. He's a zionist stooge and a con man. But the idea that he's some uniquely different President or has done some unique damage is nonsense. Can you give me some policy examples of how Trump differs from old Presidents or what exact move he has taken that has done unique damage?

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    Its all stylistic garbage and tone. In terms of policies he hasnt done anything different. He's been a standard issue republican aside from not actively pushing policies that increase mass immigration, as all other presidents have done going back to Reagan, with the possible exception of Bill Clinton.

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    As I said earlier, he staffs important positions with incompetent yes men, most notably the attorney general and the heads of the CDC and other 3 letter agencies. He serves Russia's geopolitical interests against America by pulling us out of important international negotiating tables like the Iran nuclear deal, the WHO, NAFTA, the paris agreement, and countless others, in addition to his fervent attempts to block sanctions and convince the rest of the country to roll over for Russian espionage and interference operations. He blatantly and illegally sabotages any investigation of his actions or attempts to hold him accountable, and he gets away with it because the people who are supposed to hold him in check are in his or McConnell's (still his) pocket. He guts social programs because he doesn't want to pay for them, and then pardons what little taxes the rich paid so that the deficit still skyrockets. He downplays the coronavirus because he thinks it will help his election chances, causing his supporters to reject safety measures as a show of solidarity, which in addition to the incompetent leadership of the agencies Trump gutted, resulted in the USA having a response and infection rate reminiscient of a third world country. Any other president's most damning, career-destroying scandal is a regular friday afternoon for Trump. I could honestly go on all day, but it's obvious none of you actually care and just like being dismissive.

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    I'm curious what you think of the George W Bush presidency, particularly in comparison to Trump.

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    Bush 2 had shit judgement, but it could feasibly be argued that he considered his actions to be in the best interest of the country. Trump is actively and deliberately weakening our country and its institutions.

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    Shit judgement? He's a war criminal. That's like saying Hitler had shit judgement. I mean arguably Hitler had Germany's best interests at heart too. Bush will probably go down as the president that mortally wounded America. I think he did more damage than any president in history, by a comfortable margin.

    What "institutions" is Trump weakening? The left has declared war on police ffs. The institution that prevents murder and total anarchy. How does it get worse then that?

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    Read my other comments in this thread. Bush may be a war criminal, but his worst scandals are an average tuesday for Trump. Lying to exacerbate conflict in the middle east barely even makes the short list of Trump's worst blows against America.

    The left has declared war on police ffs. The institution that prevents murder and total anarchy. How does it get worse then that?

    Alt righters don't know shit about the left.

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    Bush is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths. His warmongering snowballed across the middle east. His incompetence directly led to 9/11, and its likely his neocon riddled administration intentionally ignored Al Queda in order to let an attack happen they could then use to justify their laundry list of Israel first objectives.

    No one was held accountable for those deaths, and the same media propagandists that pushed that war are now pushing this blacklivesmatter scam. Think about that. War criminal zionist propagandists that helped cause hundreds of thousands of deaths are now stoking nationwide riots because over 8 black deaths, almost all of them resisting arrest. Were being lectured daily on our "racism" by media war criminals.

    Alt righters don't know shit about the left.

    Spare me the left wing/right wing kosher sandwich bullshit. Many alt righters came from the left, before they realized the game was rigged by the same people. They could just as soon be called alt left as alt right. The fact you completely dismiss the magnitude of neocon war crimes shows that your labels are meaningless. I dont see the alt right pushing for more war in the middle east, or trying to start a new cold war with Russia and China. Those are the neocons in left wing clothing you call the left.

    [–]DoubleReverse 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (4 children)

    Bush is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths.

    Bush was a bad president.

    War criminal zionist propagandists that helped cause hundreds of thousands of deaths are now stoking nationwide riots because over 8 black deaths,

    No, the alt right told you that because they know you'll believe anything that makes the left look bad.

    [–]antireddit 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)

    HW Bush was merely a bad president. His idiot son was the worst president in history.

    No, the alt right told you that because they know you'll believe anything that makes the left look bad.

    I saw it myself. The "alt right" doesnt need to make the left look bad. Literally the same news outlets mostly led by the same people that pushed for the Iraq war are pushing this BLM narrative.

    But as I already stated, left/right no longer has any real meaning. Jeremy Corbyn was about as solidly left wing as you can get, and he was hounded out of office by a Jewish media and lobbying elite that want to define what "left" means. They largely already won that argument in the US, hence what you call "left" is just a repurposed brand name thats been coopted by what are basically neocons and a wealthy capitalist elite, who also largely own and control the mainstream "right".

    [–]antireddit 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (10 children)

    He race-baits like it's the 1980's.

    Trump could never even begin to approach the level of race baiting the media does. Everything is about race to them. I have a radio station preset to NPR. I'm being honest when I say I havent been able to click on that preset and not instantly hear something about white racism or black victimhood in over 3 months. Not one time. I could do it right now and id be willing to bet within 5 minutes the subject would come up if not instantly. We're witnessing a level of continuous race baiting that I didnt think was even possible just a year ago, and its across the media. A growing number of normie whites are getting completely fed up with it. I've heard them talking about it openly.

    [–]DoubleReverse 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (8 children)

    The difference is that NPR is pushing reconciliation and unity while Trump and the alt right are fomenting renewed conflict and bigotry.

    [–]antireddit 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (6 children)

    At this point I've listened to hours of NPR garbage on race over the last 6 months. At no point has it ever been stated that racial problems in the US are in any way the fault of anyone else other than white people. Not once. That isnt reconciliation. That is demonization. They are literally stoking an anti white race war, and this is publicly funded radio. Our tax money is going to fund a race war. Obviously most of their money these days comes from mid level oligarchs. The extremely wealthy, who are disproportionately Jewish. So their stances always reflect that, but they still get some of their funding from taxes.

    [–]DoubleReverse 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (5 children)

    Only a white supremacist sees equality as injustice. I know you're desperate for a race war, but sorry, not today.

    [–]antireddit 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (4 children)

    Only a Jewish supremacist sees blatant non stop media incitement of hatred towards whites as “justice”.

    I’m not a “white supremacist”, nor do I want a race war, thats your jew paranoia kicking in. You and your coethnics do though. You’re just too sociopathic to call it what it is.

    Everythings about the propaganda with you people. You drop genocidal dog whistles like “abolish whiteness” while claiming to be fighting “hatred”. You cherry pick video footage of a black man dying and play it endlessly to whip people up into a frenzy, then bury news about blacks killing whites in retaliation, and ignore the fact your game has increased black homicides, disproving you're all about black lives.

    [–]DoubleReverse 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)

    Lol don't you think that's a bit of a reach? The amount you're twisting right now to make that ridiculous argument honestly just emphasizes how baseless it is.

    [–]antireddit 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

    What happens when the Floyd cops are acquitted, as now seems likely due to autopsy reports and bodycam footage and them being overcharged? Do you want to be white living around large numbers of blacks when that happens? The media continually sets the conditions for escalating racial violence, and when it comes they further push the overton window for what whites are expected to accept.

    Of course its jews pushing the shit the hardest, up until blacks attack some jews, then its a national crises and the cops they claim to hate are called in to blanket the area. We all saw what happened this winter in New Jersey. The change in media tone was hilarious.

    [–]DoubleReverse 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

    What happens when the Floyd cops are acquitted,

    A continuation of the pattern that everybody is protesting

    The media continually sets the conditions for escalating racial violence, and when it comes they further push the overton window for what whites are expected to accept.

    You can oppose police brutality and racism without condoning rioting, they're 2 seperate things.

    Of course its jews pushing the shit the hardest,

    Actually, besides black people it's mostly other white people pushing this cause you claim is so discriminatory against white people.

    up until blacks attack some jews, then its a national crises and the cops they claim to hate are called in to blanket the area.

    Again, racial equality =/= condoning crime

    [–]antireddit 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    Actually, besides black people it's mostly other white people pushing this cause you claim is so discriminatory against white people.

    Recent polls show the majority of white people "oppose" BLM. The media coverage does not even remotely reflect that, so a narrative is clearly being pushed. The whites that are out there are either radical antifa psychos, or whites that are flagellating themselves in the hopes they will be considered one of the good whites, or people just out there because they want to be part of the crowd the media tells them they should be. What was it, 8 unarmed blacks killed by police last year in a nation of 320 million? Compared to 20,000 people murdered? The "problem" they are protesting is basically non existent, while they are actively increasing real problems. They are rioting over 8 black deaths but ignoring the nearly 500 whites murdered by blacks last year? Something does not compute.

    Again, racial equality =/= condoning crime

    Apparently it does, because what you label protesting for "racial equality" has resulted in a dramatic increase in murders nationwide, to go with the looting, destruction and assaults.