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Avoid consuming Jewish cultural products, drugs and don't engage in sexually degenerate activities. Every other hobby should be moderated to the point it doesn't consume most of your life. Good hobbies generally improve survival, life skills and strengthen social bonds. It doesn't mean all hobbies have to be edifying and productive but they should be moderated more than the others. If you have a unhealthy obsession with a particular unproductive hobby you should consider quitting the hobby or taking a break from it until you are able to moderate your time with a hobby. If you enjoy video games, maybe you should moderate the amount of hours per week and prefer more cerebral genres like strategy, building, simulation and puzzle games over twitch reflex action games.

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I've played chess for my entire life.

I also lift.

I like to go see nature. When I lived in Florida, I'd spend hours looking for alligators and I'd often find other cool animals while looking for them. Turtles, snakes, frogs, lizards, and stuff.

Scuba, if you've got money.

Studying history.

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Sex with your girlfriend or wife.

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Is it degenerate to do anal?

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All sterile sexual acts are degenerate but some are worse then others. It's a matter of degrees and has a lot to do with your intentions. If you start having anal sex with your wife because your porn obsessed fantasies and she's only doing it with you to satisfy a fantasy which will lead you to break up with your wife then it's especially degenerate. If it's just something you are doing as a bond with your wife and you're being careful about it IMO it's not as serious. Same thing goes for her. If she is seeking anal sex with you because of some fantasy outside of love and bonding with you then it's something she should not request of you to perform. If you can't tell your motivation behind anal with your wife you shouldn't engage in it.

Anal sex with a girlfriend is degenerate. Sex before marriage is degenerate. However, again I think the term 'degenerate' is misused and misunderstood by many as is 'sin'.

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It is. In my opinion.

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once in a while imo no, but if you don't watch porn then I don't see why you would want to do anal.

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I never do anal. Not my thing.

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I do with my S/O once in a blue moon. It's really overrated, never understood why people rave about it (and by "never understood" I mean I do understand that they're brainwashed by the Jewish pornography business and its cultural ramifications)

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4chan and anime.

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Everything in its place, do whatever you enjoy in moderation and make sure you orientate yourself to your duties first and foremost.

A single comrade that is willing to put in a few hours of real work a week but snorts coke on the weekends is worth a million internet teenager InTrads who larp as radical zealot christians just because society rejected them. I don't give a single fuck how moral you pretend to be on the internet, I care about what you can do for the struggle. Produce and participate in propaganda, everything else is LARP.

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Reading books, camping, exercise, chilling with friends.

Alcohol or weed in moderation are ok, there's nothing wrong with a special occasion. But you should be able to have fun without it, and go for weeks or months without consuming any to avoid forming a habit.

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I can’t believe I’m saying this but I find things like math fun. I didn’t when I was in school because I was anxious about failing and didn’t learn it properly. But I decided to follow Rob Kievsky’s view that these things matter for our survival. I decided that whether I can teach math to our children determines if we have a future.

I taught myself what was practical, I’m not a genius but I get genuine pleasure practicing what I know.

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Guns are fun.

Raising kids is fun and incredibly rewarding.

Spending time with family is wonderful.

Having a lifetime spouse (opposite sex) who loves you is amazing.

Married sex is frequent, awesome, and Christian approved.

Camping, hunting, fishing are all fun and encouraged.

Being self sufficient, gardening is fun.

Going to the lake, water skiing, enjoying the outdoors are awesome.

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"Pff, HAVING FUN?! Real Aryan Men pick up sticks and watch paint dry!"

In all seriousness, I read stuff, and pick around movies and vidya until I find something that is free of Jewish propaganda. I don't care so much about degenerate behaviour so long as it's done in private and in moderation.

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Ice cream

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Obligatory dox thread warning, even if unintentional.

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If you start saying: I like fishing, knitting, origami, surfing, etc. it helps them build a doxing profile.

I don't think these threads help as much as they hurt.

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I guess that's true but that would only help them if they knew more about us, like an e-mail or a first name or a last name or where we're from. Anyone who puts that information out there in communities like this is just asking for it.

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only help them if they knew more about us, like an e-mail

If your IRL facebook profile "matched" your lithre profile they can use that. We all have many anon profiles and they can match them using all kinds of algorithms, at least they're trying, I guarantee it.

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Institutions don't really care about small fish it's just antifa and small time journos going after us

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"small fish" isn't the issue, they care about who's on the right trail as in dog following right scent.

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Admittedly, somethings I enjoy aa Re questionable. I am a harcore Packers fan. (something I am feeling increasingly conflicted about). Also like playing Hearts of Iron IV, other games like that. Beyond that though, I am also into fine scale military modelling,with an almost exclusive focus on German WWII stuff. Also enjoy lifting weights but have been out of it for months because of the Corona. Also trying to start reading again although work duties and certain things I am going through makes it hard to concentrate.

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Go kart racing

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Playing baseball

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Horseback riding

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Boating, sailing

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Some non degenerate and productive hobbies I enjoy:

-hiking and camping

-drawing, painting and general art making

-snowboarding and skiing

-bike rides


-playing guitar / listening to music


-building stuff / DIY projects


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Just go out and explore nature, it's fun, not degenerate, and often free.