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Today Angelo John Gage embraced civic nationalism on Twitter as well. All day preaching how colorblind civnatter was the way to go. These people all have the same alex jones tier argument.

All races will join hands and sing kumbaya and take down the globalist-pedo elite. Its a very cartoonish view of the world, one that a kid watching cartoons might have. What they don't realize that Blacks and Arabs are very much beneficiaries of the current system.

They get to leech off of whites due to welfare system and commit crimes with impunity due to PC. They benefit from this system and have no incentive to challenge it.

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I didn't know about this guy until very recently but just skimming through some of the video it's clear we've got another ridiculous Zionist hypocrite no different than any of these other clowns. He's babbling on about how we just need to 'educate' the different groups to be patriotic yet supports Israel's right to remain Jewish. Well why can't Israel just educate the Palestinians, fella? 'Blah blah Mudlims hate Joos and Islam hate gays'.

Where do they find these con men?

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Isn't the guy jewish, his nose seems to confirm it.

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He looked kinda italian to me. Maybe he has some roman ancestry. The nose thing... come visit Jylland where anglos and saxons are from. You might get a heart attack

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She did a good job in the debate, but this shows exactly how Collett is going to be raked over the coals day and night by the British press once PA gains traction.

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Can you expand? What is PA and what is Collett doing?

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PA = patriotic alternative.

The fact that Collett allegedly praised a certain 20th century German. Im sure its a bullshit accusation but we can already see the slander theyre going to blast day and night if PA gets any kind of traction.

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I'm sure they'd treat him with kid gloves if he hadn't praised that leader.

Honestly what do you think is ever going to happen with Nationalists? That if they all are as clean as Jared Taylor and as presentable the media won't call them names and will be fair?

The press is going to say terrible things about us no matter what. Learn to live with that.

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They call libertarian zionists like Sargon and Farage neonazi terrorists that want to rape and murder every human on the planet. Optics cucks are ridiculously stupid, I honestly can't fathom how they manage to string together grammatically correct sentences.

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The question is what normies think, not what the media thinks. The media will slander us no matter what- what we have to do is make them slander us for things that expose them as anti-White.

That's why "It's OK To Be White" was such a genius campaign.

If normies see someone praising Hitler they will turn their brain off and disregard anything else that person says. Optics matter- we just have to direct our optics to normies rather than to the media.

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ok you do your psychopathic masking your beliefs stuff in the hopes that you can trick Big Normie into following you because they think you're kind or something and we'll do honest nationalism

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My belief isnt that the Nazis are great, my belief is that White people have a right to exist. There is nothing to mask.

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ah ok i see, you dont actually have any ideas you think you will just magically gain power by being 'pro-white'. well good luck.

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That will be a lot better than being pro Nazi. You don't have to be a Nazi to care about the fate of your people. I do not support the Nazis but I think we have a right to a homeland. I also think the most ideal way to achieve that is a White ethnostate. All of that is peaceful, and we can treat minorities exceptionally well with subsidies and payments to leave that territory- not ghettos and camps.

If you poll "do you think White people have a right to exist" and "do you like Nazis" among the general public, which do you think will perform better? If you're trying to gain support for the movement, which one do you want to campaign on?

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White people have a right to exist

But this is false. Rights don't exist.

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Bitch what

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It's not bullshit, he's always been a real nationalist. He was in the BNP which was the nationalist party before this one. The Hitler thing was said to an undercover kike journo secretly recording private conversations when he was leader of the youth wing of the BNP.

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Well, ok. They should have Towler in charge because she can't be slandered like that.

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It's not slander and Laura regularly talks about her admiration for Mosley. Patriotic Alternative is a nationalist organisation not a Neoconservative one; they don't care that Jews, capitalists and other enemies of our race know that they're nationalists.

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stop cucking to people who hate you anyways

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God I dig Laura Towler. She has a kinda bookish but at the same time blue collar sex appeal. Right-thinking bird, in more ways than one!

Edit: she looks off in this because of the lighting, even so..

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🚫No e-girls🚫Never e-girls🚫

Shes based and a good person to support. No reason to say that cringy shit.

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Saying a girl is pretty isn't simping. Stop with this Christian taliban shit. Its human nature to admire the opposite sex

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Isnt it cringy when leftists bust a nut over AOC?

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it's cringy because she's heinous

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AOC is really UGLY and they nut over her courage

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What is so cringy? No vulgarity, no allusion to e thoterry or anything like that....

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Dude...did we just become Simps?

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One is not a "simp" for admiring a lady. And with her it is something intangible because she is not a typcial beauty queen type, while still being everyday attractive.

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I mean she used to have a really good looking PP back in the day but live she looks kind of hideous. She looks old, she's fat and has a mannish jaw. Definitely not a girl i'd put on the front.

But that being said, she is intelligent and has a great heart.

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Did you watch the debate?

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The lighting or lack thereof was less than flattering. She looks a lot better in other pictures and appearances.

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So it has been commented elsewhere that the moderator likely said "cunt" as a way to curse having spilled water on himself after laughing, as opposed to calling Doolan that. While I think I am somewhat familiar with British slang, I am unsure whether that is likely or not. Anyone care to opine? If true, that makes Doolan look even more petty.

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Yeah, that's basically it (Source: Am British, and I swear profusely at minor inconveniences). Doolan was stomping his feet earlier in the debate because the mod dared question him. He was looking for an excuse. Plus, the guy is currently going on a mass-banning spree on Twitter. He's a wet towel.

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Thanks. I can generally follow along pretty well for a yank but was not quite familiar with using "cunt" as a cuss word when you spill something or make a mistake, efx. I wonder if fights break out from that sort of misunderstanding...