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I disagree with the body here strongly. You know what happens when someone apologises for a perceived slight? Public opinion of them becomes more negative, you know what happens when someone doubles down? The people that like them become more fiercely loyal and people that hate them continue hating them, all playing the victim, apologising, cucking essentially does is make people who are on your side perceive you as being weak and pathetic.

A great example of this is in the UFC. The most scummy people, Jon Jones, Mike Perry, Conor McGregor etc have the most loyal fanbases. But then you have the p4p friendliest guy in the UFC, Daniel Cormier who has a tiny fanbase and a bunch of haters despite the fact he's one of the greatest fighters ever.

The existence of Conor McGregor being one of the most beloved celebrities in the world for the past 6 or so years disproves all theories about 'wiggers' (wignats) that faggot racist liberals talk about. Conor is literally the Platonic Wigger. What happened after his post-fight speech when he said 'I'd like to apologise, TO FUCKING NOBODY!' or whatever it was? The whole crowd erupted into uncontrollable excitement and all of his fans became further intoxicated with him, learn mass psychology.

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But I don't think I said anyone should apologize for anything.

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victimhood message

It's not about specifically apologising, it's about projecting weakness. The only reason anti-white and non-white victimhood stuff works is because every white knows their race is the most accomplished and every non-white knows this too. White victimhood narratives can never work even though it's based on truth if you're analysing the power structure.

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It is possible for whites to believe they are victims, and that's primarily all we would need. As the propaganda saturates the internet I think you would see whites more and more believing they are the victims of "racism", as polls would call it. It happened when the mantra used to get posted a lot.

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He never said we should apologize. We have to normalize a pro-White message, that politicians should compete for who helps White people the most.

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This will never happen. Whites are the largest voting demographic by far and the system both left and right, but mostly the GOP, have been explicitly anti-white for as long as any living person can remember.

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We need to go on public forums or twitter or whatever and ask politicians directly "what are you doing for the majority and historical people of this country, i.e. Whites? Why should White people vote for you when all you do is pander to minorities? A democracy is by definition supposed to do what the majority wants and the majority is completely ignored and/or demonized. Doesn't this seem a bit fucked up?".

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That is articulated well. Great idea. Local politicians can often be contacted more easily.

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How do we achieve that?

Poster/sticker campaigns are a good start, but what else?

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My opinion on how to achieve massive outreach is through comment sections like youtube and facebook. Using lots of accounts.