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The GOP is already finished. We are in the transition phase of the republicans becoming a new party. That's why the left has opposed Trump so fiercely. He's too unpredictable to be considered a useful 'controlled opposition' republican.

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I can't see how anyone can support the GOP if Trump loses. The plan would be to find another MAGA candidate 2024 with millions more non whites in the US and then somehow Trump 2.0 is going to do everything Trump failed to do. It isn't happening. The big problem for any real right wing movement in the US is that some republicans have had based enough retoric to steal the show and all the energy from the right. Instead of actually building something of their own the american right has focused on a republican who promises to defend some culture war issue and fails at it. The last chance for a republican to come in and fix things was many decades ago. To many people are attached to the US and US politics and think it is all over if a solution can't come from politics.

This might finally get people to look outside the box and start finding other paths such as the alt-right. The US is like the Soviet union in the 80s, there are no solutions within the paradigms of that system but if you look outside the box real change can happen.

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Many decades ago the same exact thing happened within the right, the genuine right was pushed out by the System, it's been happening every decade since the end of WW2.

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How is Jared Taylor of all people a liberal?

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He believes in the liberal worldview and System, he just wants a homeland for whites. He doesn't want a radical change in how things are run. He doesn't want to counter-signal anything that's happened since WW2 besides multiculturalism.

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What radical changes does the general Alt Right want compared to him?

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I'd say those that identify as "Alt-Right" for the most part are racist liberals as well. Maybe some may want to somewhat turn back the clock on the sexual revolution as well, but they're satisfied with turning the clock back to 1950, even though 1950 was just the early stages of the current cancer.

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What do you want then?

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I think the inevitable future of America and the world at large is anarchy similar to Mexico or Africa or parts of the middle east. Mainstream academics have even written about this. As such the best path forward is acquiring land and weapons and integrating into rural communities. Also obtaining skills that are useful after the deterioration and contraction of the System caused by its self-destructive browning.

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My own personal hope is that they try to solely focus on a mirror image Mueller style scandal where instead of Russia interfering it was China who stole the election for Biden. It could happen given that these types actually take all their cues on how to behave from the left. They saw how damaging it was to Trump -- damaging is probably the wrong word stymieing might be more accurate -- and they'll try it again.

That would be so amusing for me.

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Here were some of my general predictions for a Biden victory scenario. I do think the election is still close in terms of the electoral college, although I lean to a Biden victory. However if Biden does win, I don''t think Trump has the will to challenge his potential defeat, he has demonstrated numerous times he is all bark and no bite, and there will be no constitutional crisis event like many people are hyping up.

Anyway, the immediate reaction will be a reverse of the November 2016 liberal salt mines where all the boomers and conservative grifters will be humiliating themselves in fits of the first three stages of grief (denial, anger and coping). My semi-blackpilled nihilist self is going to be personally having a few fun libertine days under such a scenario going to their favourite online communities and baiting and laughing at them (if the opposite happens I'll laugh at the liberals but I'd probably care less, either way this part will be fun to observe), and I'd advise others here do same rather then get upset over spilled milk. I totally agree with those being the go-to excuses, and I'd also mention don't forget the threats of revolution, secession, civil war, suicide and other totally serious things.

In regards to the grifters, Styx, Tim Pool and Sargon have been very over-confident in a Trump victory so it will be fun to see their face. I expect Styx to use the excuses, while Tim Pool will just accept the results because he's a centrist. Laura Loomer is standing as a candidate for the House, and some say she has a decent chance, so she might not necessarily be having such a bad night. Anyway, I expect large amounts of e-celebs to fade into irrelevance after the Trump grift ends, those who are smart are already planning for their new grifts as centrist 'journalists' anyway. I don't know about Nick though, he may try become an open fascist or something after the election to try stay relevant. I think the one with biggest chance of surviving is Sargon, the fat idiot has survived openly humiliating himself before numerous times and I think he has more diverse audience than Trump supporters.

Anyway onto actual matters, the GOP is going to try de-Trumpify after an election defeat and move towards their early 2010s-era Romney-style conservatism. I think there will still be a Trumpist faction, but the further away time moves on from this election it will gradually become less and less relevant (but still be noteworthy). I think some figures will stick with Trumpism, while others like Crenshaw and McConnell will move away from it. It will begin its transition anyway naturally to become the opposition party in a post-white America.

However, this is all mostly irrelevant in my opinion, the big thing for the American pro-white 'dissident right' nationalist movement should not be whether they endorse Biden or Trump but how they should proceed post-2020. I think, even though there is a lot stacked against them, they have numerous opportunities to become a relevant force like the socialists have.

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One positive to note is that of all the groups I think -- of course it could be bias -- the dissident right has been the most consistent and honest about Trump. Standard conservatives were mostly derisive of the man at the beginning but now figures like Kirk and Shapiro play the grift since Trump has become much more like them that they love MAGA and were always about MAGA and that actually what MAGA always was a populist form of Reaganism. The Alt Lite has been busy keeping themselves on life support by papering over the cracks of his shambolic Presidency and pretending to their audience due to co-dependency that MAGA is still happening.

We've been, generally, excited when Trump espoused his campaign but deeply critical when he's failed to live up to his promises. A cynic might say we have less to lose but still we've been one of the only consistently honest forces during the whole administration.

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I expect a lot of whites outright fleeing the country for Latin America, Europe or Russia. Many others will probably head for the rural areas to flee the BLM-Antifa terror squads in the cities.

Every single person here should start saving up for that now, even if Trump is re-elected it'll just keep getting worse. Move to the countryside, to a European homeland if you're eligible for citizenship, perhaps to Argentina or Uruguay.

Regardless, one thing is for sure, the GOP is finished and will not only lose the Presidential election but also the House and the Senate. Post Trump they'll try to pull a more classic conservative platform but there will be no buyers, none at all.

I would say they'll just be sued out of existence like what they did to the Boy Scouts and what they're gearing up to do to the NRA. Singapore is precedent for this, the PAP technically allowed opposition but opposition politicians were sued to oblivion and opposition voters were deprioritized in the System for buying houses and such.

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they'll go down with the ship and reform as even more left leaning "conservatives".

Trump is a controlled demolition

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No matter who wins in November, I think one thing is likely: the losing side will not consider the win legitimate. And for all purposes, they'll actually believe it and act as if they believe it.

I think the GOP will use an old approach here: 'Well the left may have won but you know what? The difference is that CONSERVATIVES don't WHINE or RIOT when we lose. We respect results!' And I don't think it's going to work this time. It's not new at this point for the left to act as if Republican officials are frauds who don't deserve legal respect. I think the change will be, if they lose, Republicans acting that way.

The twist is that if this is accurate, I'm not sure the elections will go off smoothly anyway. People have talked about the possibility that election results will be delayed for months, and that's possible. Which probably won't help matters, at least as far as 'everything proceeding normally' goes.

That, I think, is the real stick of dynamite. People won't just go "Well we lost, that sucks." They're going to deny that they lost. That won't be mere cope: they're going to believe it, and it's going to color everything they think about politically. Political figures, elected and appointed, will start openly defying people and daring the authorities to step in and force things.

If things get THAT far, it's over. People always say 'Then the military will come in and crush the rebellion!', but it's not going to be like that. It's not easy to crush a rebellion when the rebellion is that legislators ignore laws, or police stop enforcing laws. We're seeing that now. I know a typical reply is 'But if the RIGHT ever did that, they'd crush us!', but I think that's demonstrably false.

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'Well the left may have won but you know what? The difference is that CONSERVATIVES don't WHINE or RIOT when we lose. We respect results!'

Absolutely this and I'll be sickened by it. This is exactly what they'll do and they'll feel so righteous as they do it.

Deep down every conservatives sick fantasy is to be the Captain who solemnly stays aboard a sinking ship.

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It's the leadership line, and I think it's insincere. It's meant to pacify, and also to signal that they're "one of the good ones", which also means "one of the employable ones".

The base doesn't want this for the most part, which is why they elected an absolute bombthrower in 2015-2016, and Qanon - as gay as it is - is an extremely popular fantasy about Trump suddenly locking up tons of his political opponents for good.

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What will your reaction be?

As someone whose been called a "racist liberal" on this board, what should my reaction be? If Jared Taylor is my ilk, that is good company.

In general my plan is to White flight out of my current (non White heavy) area regardless of the winner.

Balkanization would be ideal at this point. But wishing for Balkanization does not make it happen.

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  1. They go full alt right (likelihood depends on which group, but overall not super likely)

  2. They try again in 2024

  3. (AKA the realistic option) Their reaction is irrelevant because a boogaloo/race war type scenario occurs, or some similarly chaotic event causes a mass shift in status quo

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    which part is wrong? Trump's defeat?