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Remember when Eric Striker claimed that Sweden would actually be the first country to turn things around? Everyone laughed at him, but he may have been right.

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As a Swede, I think he is wrong.

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Well, we'll see.

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The Swedish elite has multiple personality disorder. They are ideologically die hard multiculturalists but reality has hit a wall. Only 36% of middle easterners were making 1200 dollars a month on a non subsidized job before the covid crisis and the covid crisis hit the service sector where a lot of these migrants work. 1200 dollars a month barely covers basic costs in Sweden, Sweden is expensive. The police can't handle the situation and we have had record crime in 2020. A lot of the costs of migration such as schooling basic infrastructure, welfare, education for migrants has been covered by municipalities. One of the big issues talked about in 2019 was how many of the municipalities hit by migration were going bankrupt. Even 15 years ago people were talking about how the municipalities in Sweden weren't sustainable in the long run. Enter covid-19 and they must be broke. The worst municipality is the city of Malmö which is very multicultural and last year it ran a 25% budget deficit and they have had to call in cops from all over the country to try to regain control of the city.

The situation here is kind of like the situation in the Soviet union in the late 80s. Officially everyone still believes in the official ideology but due to the massive failures o the system the government has to backpedal on many issues because the ideology is failing. It will take a lot to reeducate people and replace the elites but Sweden at least won't be flooded with migrants again.

We also have some funny ideological differences between the Swedish left and the American left. The Swedish left used to be anti cop, now their rhetoric is a strong police force protects women of colour and makes them feel safe in their communities. The Swedish left is coping pretty hard but forced to do so in order to keep their system intact.

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now their rhetoric is a strong police force protects women of colour and makes them feel safe in their communities.

Is their narrative that white men are somehow the ones attacking women of color?

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The odd hardcore leftists might try to make that claim, often they just try to focus on that it is men doing the attacking. It is never immigrants committing crime according to hardcore feminists it is men. The more mainstream left is still blaming institutional racism and we have to help the migrants get jobs so they won't join gangs. Trying to get these migrants into the economy has become one of the Swedish state's main goals. There are loads of make work projects, education projects, subsidized jobs etc to try to get them to work but it just isn't happening. There aren't very many jobs for iq 80 Somalians with poor language skills who never have had a job before but the left thinks the Somalian cant get a job because they are discriminated against and because the government doesn't give them enough help.

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We are seeing the complete and utter collapse of May 68 and its values right before our eyes. Just as Kai Murros predicted. The whole BLM momentum - which has clearly peaked - is just its last cry before it dies.

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What happens when it dies? How does it die?

The riots are a flex of their power and total control. Every corporation out there donated millions and billions to BLM as they looted their stores and burned cities.

I support white pills, but its got to be real hope. We cant just expect the anti-White system to just lay down and collapse of its own volition.

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What happens when it dies?

The masses will finally be open for a true alternative.

How does it die?

By more and more people realizing that the infinite growth paradigm is a myth. Ecological pressures alone will break the system.

The riots are a flex of their power and total control.

They had far more control in 1999. In fact, it peaked in 1999.

We cant just expect the anti-White system to just lay down and collapse of its own volition.

It happened in the USSR and East Germany.

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Ecological pressures alone will break the system.

You've never gotten around to posting a grand article on the ecological collapse thing

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Yeah, I know. With the sub being taken down I lost sight of it. I'll do it on Ruqqus maybe.

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Im sorry, this is a cope.

The system will not lay down and die on its own, just like Q will not take it down for us.

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The system will not lay down and die on its own

The system can't survive without habitat.

just like Q will not take it down for us.

Q is boomer bullshit.

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Any hope for repatriation? Or a explicitly Swedish part of Sweden?

That is good to hear but it seems like your demographic time bomb has been set. Even if you shut off all immigration you'll be replaced by birthrates alone.

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The Swedish democrats are now starting to push zero immigration and repatriation on a small scale. It is fairly good start, Sweden could actually get whiter with SD's policies. Sweden has swung a lot, five years ago the left wanted 400k migrants a year, the cuck right 150k and the Swedish democrats tens of thousands. Now the the green party wants 100k per year, the other leftists want tens of thousands of migrants, the cuck right want a few thousand indian programmers and the Swedish democrats wants to reduce the number of migrants in the country. I don't think we are ready for repatriation quite yet but multiculturalism is turning into a massive failure and people are getting tired of it.

Sweden is still about 80% white. Sweden is about as white as South Dakota in the US so there is still plenty of hope.

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Interesting, that is good to hear. I was kind of black pilled looking at poll results (SD in third place, while they used to be 1st) but if all parties are moving right that is good.

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Sweden is still about 80% white.

Isn't it more like 85%?

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80-85% depends on how you count. Swedes tend to concider some people not white even if others would see them as white. We don't have race statistics either so it is hard to get exact numbers.