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You don't. He wants a career. We don't pay his bills.

The people who pay his bills have spent decades crafting this type of figure to be the representative of conservatism and finding the magical mix of ideas that are just as critical of some of the absurd parts of our culture to rope people in but also mostly focused on the superficial problems and not the real disease. It's not just an accident and unless you have a career to offer him and a job then you're never going to 'redpill' this type.

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You're right, I guess. It would be career suicide for him.

Michelle Malkin is pretty based now though. There are normiecons out there who will risk their careers for what is right.

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Both him and Sen. Cruz had a recent interview where they talked about Brave New World and sexual liberation as enslavement. It was infuriating to listen to because it begged so many questions. It was abundantly clear they both knew that they were purposefully avoiding the Jew.

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Yeah, something definitely seems off.

I'm a skeptic on JQ myself but... It's getting harder to ignore. Unpregnant is written and directed by "Rachel Lee Goldenberg". You can't make this stuff up.

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He looks Jewish tbh