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Most likely it is the best option but too much is being given to non whites. Hispanics have south america + central america. They don't need more.

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    Yes but most of Australia is an uninhabitable wasteland, and so is a lot of Russia.

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    We tend not to breed like rabbits.

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    Most of that is the coldest land in the world and Canada, Russia and Australia have the majority of their land being uninhabitable. Antarctica is up for grabs if other people are jealous.

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    Jews control the issuance of currency on 100% of those 'owned' lands.

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    All money is interest bearing loans. Who owns that money, it ain't us. Who could it be?

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    tfw you have to pay dividends on borrowed money by borrowing money with dividends

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    Europe and Russia is our land and that's not debatable.

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    Whites are 13% of the population

    This number could be increased in many ways.

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    Yes. I'd divide the US into six countries:

    Aztlan: The south west US, south west texas, California, Arizona and Nevada goes to Mestizos.

    Kangland: The Black belt running through the South becomes a separate country. These two countries will serve as a buffer between the other states and Central America.

    New Isarel: News York City and New Jersey with a connecting tissue of the Atlantic coast. This becomes the Jewish country.

    Peutro Rico: Independence

    Confederacy of the South: Appalachia, mid atlantic and the remainder of the south. I think its best to recognize that white southerners have a conception of themselves as a separate nation, descended from Scots-Irish and English Cavaliers.

    New Europe/Germania: The remainder of the US, including New England, the Midwest, the far west including Washington and Oregon.

    Alaska goes to Russia or Canada, whoever among them is willing to buy it or take it that is.

    The result will be two White states each starting out as 80% or more white. With population transfers over time, mostly sending Blacks to the Afro state and Mexicans to Aztlan, it can reach 90%.

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    Your proposal sounds reasonable. It's sad that White Americans went from ruling the whole country to being reduced to a partial ethnostate after just 55 years of the Hart-Cellar act. That was extremely rapid ethnic replacement.

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      Widrow Wilson before anyone else

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      He at least wanted to keep America white

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      To be honest it started before 1965. By then whites had already been reduced to 85% of the population, the place where Britain is today. America started off with a huge negroid population which thanks to Christian cuckoldry was never repatriated or sterilized. At least Hitler had the sanity to sterilize all Afro-Germans(around half a million) i.e mulattos after coming to power. Thanks to that, there aren't 6 million negros in Germany today. France brought in negroes after WW1 and now they're drowning in it.

      And then after ww2, the mexican flood had already started. US capitalists could not get enough of it for cheap agricultural and construction labor. After 1965 the floodgates were fully thrown open. The border with Mexico essentially stopped existing for all practical purposes and the endless flood began.

      Today there are just 36 million Mexicans alone in the US, then there was the huge flood of Peurto Ricans and Cubans during the cold war and beyond.

      But by far the most decisive cause in reducing white American majority, has been low birth rates. Any society that liberates women will soon find them in this spot. Abortion, birth control, women in the workplace and sexual ''liberation'' gutted the white birth rate and contributed to white decline more than anything

      Capitalism more than anything contributed to the downfall of America and Western civilization. The worship of money and the relegation of tradition to the art gallery. Even today Capitalists lobby for mass migration despite the mass unemployment crisis and it was Capitalism that pushed feminism and abortion on the population. Its happening in Japan as we speak and it will take very little for the plutocray to flip it demographically owing to its old population

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      I think you mean Wakanda.

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      No. Whites built this country. It's ours.

      We can probably live with the beaners and ricers but we can't live with the blacks and the noses. We should push the Jews to return to Israel and the blacks to either stop breeding or move back to Africa.

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      Retaking the entirety of the US should be the end goal, but we will never be able to do it unless we separate from the US and form an ethnostate. The same is true for whites worldwide; Our goal should be to establish at least one healthy-minded, race-conscious ethnostate (but preferably more than one), from which we can grow in size over time and retake our lost land.

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      Depends on how effectively you can keep Jews out of the ethnostate. Even if you succeed at that the international jew will still attempt to fling their golem at the physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional borders of the Midwest or Northwest Reich.

      Although I was heavily behind the idea of an ethnostate when I first signed up for this adventure I'm not so sure about it now. Leaving large swaths of the country for blacks, Hispanics and Jews to govern would be an absolute ecological disaster for north america. Part of the reason whites fought so hard to conquer the continent is because all these beautiful ecosystems are stitched together and depend on eachother. If you fuck up the south you effect the North. If you fuck up the southwest it effects the plains. If you fuck up the North west or California the entire seaboard gets trashed. It's all connected. Our white Canadian neighbors have helped us preserve this beautiful continent and I can't image the horrors that would be visited on priceless ecological and archaeological sites. Not to mention the security nightmare of leaving part of the US military infrastructure in the hands of Jews and blacks.

      I think white nationalists will probably have a better outcome by building a more spiritual and cultural presence into the conscious of Americans. The last generation that still watches TV is finally dying. The new media frontier is much more a la cart oriented. This is our opportunity as dissidents to build fashroots(tm) cultural change. We just need to realize that it's going to be tedious and slow but worth it. As Mike Enoch recently said,

      So now, I’m not going to lie to anybody here. This is going to be very difficult. In fact, it’s probably the most difficult thing, any of us, or really anyone in this current society, could do. It’s more than just physical courage, it’s moral courage! Because they are going to throw everything at us!

      But without struggle, what is life worth? What is our life for, if we don’t struggle over adversity, life becomes soft, empty, meaningless! We are here to struggle, because we want the challenge! We want to fight!

      We need to stop waiting around for some flash point where the country just falls into our hands. We have to play the meta political game and outplay, not out hate, our Jewish opponent who has invested much more in such strategies. We must re-establish our social networks and cultural heritage. These things are not totally gone. They are there to be resurrected. Join me frens.

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      It is probably not an if but when anyway. I can't see the USA existing at the end of the century.

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      Sadly europe might have the same future, if things don't change we will all become minorities in our own countries.

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      Yes. The US is not a solvent country. What happens in the future is anyone's guess, but ethnostates could (should) be a large part of that equation

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      Also "balkanize" tends to imply violent separation. There's no need for violence if we just all come to the table and agree to make fair concessions

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      Whites need to be in a position of power to ever get such an offer. No race will willingly allow us to balkanize.

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      Agree but its useful to point out to detractors that "the ethnostate" could be established without any violence and with generous concessions to other races/groups

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      White Americans should separate and form an ethnostate. Whether the other races separate as well is up to them. I would prefer that they don't, so that they're in a weaker state when we come back to retake the land.

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      Contrary to what both the far left and far right think there is not a union of non whites vs whites. Take a look at latinos compared to whites involved with BLM and Antifa chaos. It is a bunch of blacks, whites/Jews, and a small amount of the rest. It is actually shocking how little involved latinos are with all the woke anti white nonsense whether it be in in mainstream media, social media, or academia considering how huge their population is in America.

      The main racial issue is black vs white and our awful leftist media and intuitions which promotes a propaganda narrative about it. More importantly is the amount of whites who side with blacks.

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      How about those of European descent go back to Europe?

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      You don't hold any other group of people to that standard, only Whites. Turks, Japanese, Jews, Arabs all get a pass. Your agenda is obvious.

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      No, thanks.

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      Why not?

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      No, it should focus on education and brining back truth and God into the community and schools.