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Is there anything we can do to encourage white dating in these conditions?

Yes. You can host pool parties, BBQ's, card games, mixers, etc. These don't have to be exclusively 'white nationalist' events but you can curate the invitees and ensure that everyone in the group is explicitly or implicitily pro white. When you do that people naturally clique and share redpills among eachother. In fact they can get quite radical from a moderate position by just being in a 'safe space' (to borrow a term from the left). In this case though they are in a safe space for truth not delusions.

One of the most important things I've ever heard explained in the alt right came from Frame Games Radio. He was doing a stream with someone and off the cuff mentioned that the real way to start a revolution is to be a dick at parties. In other words if you're hosting a party or at an event with a lot of people you know well and someone in the group says something that's anti white you need to pressure them to explain themselves/reverse themselves. You might even need to ask them to leave (although just making them uncomfortable will be enough for most white people to go through a serious self reflection phase; whites are heavily attuned to social shame).

This is how we effect real grassroots political change. It's how the american revolution started (in bars and farms and homes) it's how the natsocs got started (in bier halls, farms and homes) and it's how our revolution will started (in forums, and small gatherings and gaming events, etc). There's no coincidence that part of the covid restrictions shut down bars and gyms. They don't want us gathering to talk about the man behind the curtain that has exposed himself. They know we know. Now it's just a race to see who can polarize the most people. Because the truth is polarizing. The truth itself radicalizes.

To circle back around to your question. Once you have those core groups of high trust whites meeting frequently and hanging out women will feel comfy and start showing up more, dating and marrying. Women absolutely love to feel like that are part of something and they love to feel like an entire group supports them. They will very quickly pick up on the pro white tone of your little group and they will amplify it ten fold. In fact you might have to teach the women in your group to tone it down to protect their jobs/careers as well as group opsec. Women are impulsive revolutionaries and hedonists at heart. God and men must shape them into the moral wives and mothers they must become to bare the next generation. That shaping process has been hijacked as a tool of terrorism against white people. We take it back one small social group at a time.

I'm going to be honest here. I think that Jews have outclassed us in the subtle social group curation game for at least 60 years but it's not a weapon exclusive to any one ethnic cohort. We are all capable of coalescing around a new political idea and we are especially capable of coalescing around our race. In fact the biggest problem the alt right has now isn't waking people up it's giving people a healthy social group and something to do with their new found racial consciousness. I was especially disappointed that there were very few outlets when I was waking up. Hopefully this is something we can address soon.

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Stop being a degenerate and you can date a trad wife.

What a lot of people don't get is trad wives vet like fucking crazy because they know they're high value and they know they need a high value man to live that lifestyle.

I constantly see these posts from men whining about there's no good women when they don't go to church, they don't pray on their own, they don't have a good job. What do you expect? Ms. Tradwife is just gonna show up and date you even though you've slept with 20 women before her.

These people sound exactly like those obese women saying 'all good men are gone'

Now to actually answer your question:

The best way is to promote adult's singles groups in your local community. If there's a Christian church nearby get involved

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I’m not Christian but would be curious what you even think is a “good” church. I’m mostly referring to other people’s pre-existing Christianity when I speculate it may be a place for them to incidentally date.

I’ve seen none in my time and place. Locally, most people who are Catholic or Mainline Protestant are utterly cucked for Leftism and the rest of the “Evangelical” churches I’ve seen are full of people who drifted in as a “get out of jail free” card for their own dysfunctional lives... I care not if this crew of misfits labels me “degenerate,” while trying to be respectful enough not to be counterproductive, I live by Laws much older than their creed.

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Catholicism as a Church is pretty based. Yes, yes there are a lot of retards out there who buy the media lies about immigration and such but anything that hits the mainstream will have those people. Luckily the actual doctrine of the Church is mega based even going back to 1960s. I've red pilled many of my liberal Catholic friends by knowing the literature and reading it to them.

Yes much of the Church is cucked, but it has to changed. Christianity is legitimately the last battleground of whiteness. As cringe Evangelicals are they are VERY well organized. Their cringe boomerness can be redirected into an actual pro white message and that's the only path forward we have.

I wasn't calling you a degenerate to put you down. I'm using that language to explain why trad gf isn't there and what you have to do to bridge that gap

I live in the South so I'm thankfully not exposed to uber liberal Catholic Churches as much but even those churches are orders of magnitude more based than the general public. I was traveling through San Fran and went to Mass at a few different ones and in the bulletin it had a bunch of information on abortion, why it's wrong, how you can heal if you've had one, and what you can do to end abortion. That's way more based than the general public

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Yeah, to be fair, historical/traditional Catholic is probably the only answer for the US I would accept (Orthodox would also be ok but imo, is kind of silly when most areas don’t have it. Mormon is also maybe an ok answer but too dramatic of a trade-off considering it’s a total cult.)

Alas, I’m deeply embedded in the Latino sphere and even though as somebody who is kind of Perennialist sympathetic, I could probably pass as anything, it would be just that - passing - and With the local churches so Hispanic, for a cope the pay-off probably wouldn’t be there. If there was a Society or St. Pius group in my area, I probably would’ve been open to it at one point when I was more of a religious searcher because of the self-selection factor.

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There's nothing we can do due to the current state of white women.

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Jesus fucking Christ, I'm so sick and tired of this bullshit. We don't even have to encourage them. The overwhelming majority of whites date each other. Get off the internet. Online dating is a waste of time.

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Jeez, sorry I offended you with my attempt to obviously implement the same things you believe in. Everything is clearly open right now and I clearly live in the same place as you because we’ve met so many times. If you keep seeing people complaining online, obviously your abstract statistic covering thousands of miles shows that it is not a problem and you just need to act out about it to fix it...

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Stop trying to find a woman online. Approach them in real life, in the middle of the day. I can give you some advice if you want.

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It doesn't bother me very much because my belief is whites DNA and the ancestors lives on even in these mixed individuals. The problem is when all pure whites themselves disappear because every man is unique and should be preserved. All of you in this community will probably disagree with me but I don't think it's in that danger zone for pure whites, the only way it will get there is if certain influential people in society have their way so they should be taken down.

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No, you don't seem to understand. Whites aren't just skin color. If whites mix, we give non-whites the genes for white skin. They will actively select for white skin but not for the rest of the white genes which means they will pass as whites but underneath they will be very different. "Pure" whites (no such thing but...) will then mix with "pure white passing" individuals which will then further complicate things. This is how neanderthals went extinct.
We still have their genes for our skin and some immune functions but we're homo sapiens underneath.

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Whites aren't just skin color.

Who said it was?

They will actively select for white skin but not for the rest of the white genes

That's not how genetics work. I don't even know why you'd think this when you can obviously see some mulattos with white phenotypic traits other than white skin, and the average IQ being much higher than African-Americans and being very close to whites.

When we examine the genes passed down we can objectively see many genes are carried on from the white parent that influence behavior and the brain too.