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I think the most interesting aspect of Jews is that you basically know it is one of them based on the phrases they use and type of anti-white arguments used in the media. I think you are overestimating their intelligence, if they were really intelligent why would they make it so obvious by banning people that criticize Jews for having too much power? It is like their favorite myth in media of the disguised super hero but everyone knows the true identity of the hero it is just they don't care about it or will act on that information.

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Charles Murray, PhD, who wrote The Bell Curve and has taken more fire for IQ research than anybody, believes Jews have significantly higher intelligence than Europeans. Narcissists who can't fathom being anything other than top dog in all categories hold back this movement

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if they were really intelligent why would they make it so obvious by banning people that criticize Jews for having too much power?

Censoring opposition is very intelligent and any society has to do it to maintain its ideology. The altright is currently losing as a result of censorship.

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There's truth to this to be sure, but the difference now is that they are doing this in the age of the internet, when its nearly impossible to censor everything, and trying makes it obvious to others what you're doing. Another important difference is they are doing it in places like the US and Europe that place a huge emphasis on freedom of speech and thought.

The censorship is what red pilled me on this issue to begin with. If it wasnt for that I'd still be largely unaware of their power. They are literally proving their critics right. To be successful they will increasingly have to rely on terrorizing their critics and everyone else into silence, which seems like a losing strategy when you make up only 2% of the population. Now obviously their plan is to use propaganda to convince everyone else that the critics are evil and should be hated, but I'm not sure that is something that will be successful indefinitely either. Young people will always love to rebel against authority and the more they censor, the more obvious it is who the authority is.

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The censorship is what red pilled me on this issue to begin with.

Me too. In fact I'd go so far to say that the censorship is the issue that pushed me to the dissident right. I had no idea how people with very reasonable views were suppressed. As the censorship continued, the denial and fabrications of "hatred" were just too much; even moderates were getting silenced and I decided at that point to deliberately seek out the "extreme" content. Well it turns out the "extreme" content doesn't exist - and even those on the supposed "far-right" are for the most part pointing out the insanity of the left and complaining about the censorship.

There's truth to this to be sure, but the difference now is that they are doing this in the age of the internet, when its nearly impossible to censor everything, and trying to makes it obvious to others what you're doing.

I'll caveat my other point, though, by pointing out that censorship only needs to be done to reduce the connectivity of networks. With suitable measurement of dissident communities, and the influence they have, the elites are able to engineer mathematical formulae to optimize for minimum dissident network size. They pick certain accounts and ban them (e.g. Stefan Molyneux, not exactly Alt-Right), with surgical precision, to fracture the right-wing networks and minimize their impact.

Case in point - you can write whatever you want, here or on Ruqqus. But the number of people here is far less than even the "quarantined" sub back on Reddit. So the censorship's been achieved even if we're technically not completely shut down. Moreover, userbases that were centralized on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and Facebook with a large number of casual eyeballs observing them are now banned and split between Saidit, Ruqqus, Parler, Gab, Minds and probably hundreds of similar platforms (including smaller ones like Poal, Voat etc.). They're winning, and even if we can regain some momentum the censorship will just get even worse to counter it.

Perhaps there are signs that the system is failing, though. Already they're having to censor things as innocuous as FBI crime statistics, simply noticing that Jews have disproportionate power, or objecting to coronavirus lockdowns. A lot of people are rightfully pissed. Perhaps as America falls and China rises, we'll see a mad last exercise of power before they finally leave us alone. One can hope.

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Last time I checked superior Jewish intelligence was somewhat of a myth. The 115 IQ number came from a study which showed that whites had an IQ of 112. So hardly much lower than Ashkenazi Jews. Also, Israel's national IQ is 95, and almost half of Israeli Jews are Ashkenazi. So, that means the other half of their Jewish population would have to be retarded. Do you believe that? I don't.

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AJ IQ is probably 110. Everything here answered in this post

plus more than you ever wanted

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That's a good post you made. I too agree that there is over representation past their expected numbers from only looking at IQ. There are cultural factors involved as well, I just found that understanding evolution and elevated Jewish IQ was the single most persuasive factor in my abandonment of liberalism.

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I'm a race realist. Therefore I'm fine with admitting there may be other racial groups with different levels of intelligence then my own (both high and low). That being said the data on Jews being higher IQ is sketchy and disputed. It's certainly high but it might not be higher than whites.

Jews basically leverage their high IQ members more effectively. Combined with intense ethnocentrism and situational morality it's a deadly combination against high trust white society.

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But I don’t think Jewish intelligence is the problem. Many Asian and Middle Eastern groups have high IQs. Many of these groups are also ethnocentric. They present job competition, sure. But that’s different.

The problem is Jewish culture fosters a very warped morality. I was pretty philo-semitic when I was young. I had to learn the hard way. Jews who’ve been bathed in Jewish culture - say from New York or the Jewish private school network - think a certain way. You’re going to get hurt by them if you don’t recognize it and put up your guard.

They are competitive to an extreme because their culture is highly materialistic. Simple and plain. No IQ comparisons, it’s about who can keep up with the Joneses. They have no qualms even with knocking each other down to get ahead. Consequently, they “fake good” all the time and that leads to all kinds of shady business behaviors.

This would be messed up enough but not unusual outside the West. Where it gets to be a problem is their overt hostility to WASP presenting people, even when those WASPs are clearly from the lower class. They will never forget the snub to their social climbing behaviors that historically came from Protestants and Catholic elites. Consequently, screwing anyone over who looks related to those elites is totally acceptable to them. This happens on a macro and micro scale left and right. It’s really the foundation of many things in this society that are disguised as something else. They alternate between paranoia and unwarranted lashing out.

You need to read up on ancient Jewish culture. None of this is new. It ultimately traces back to a stew of superstitious nonsense from a supremacist religion, not an IQ test comparison. The “Sages” of the Talmud thought they were better than their neighbors because they kept a Sabbath and their neighbors didn’t. Because they were circumcised and their neighbors weren’t. That mythical Moses was one of them and not a Roman.

Mizrachi Jews are supposed to have much lower IQs but have figured into many equally questionable events, such as the opium trade in China. It’s a reoccurring civilizational pattern that’s the product of the same civilization’s dysfunctional nature.

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You bring up some decent points, but Jewish intelligence is the pivotal factor in why the narrative is so skewed towards their views. Mizrachi Jews could be a drag on a society, but drug trading (like opium trading as you mention) does not require much intelligence to pull off. Blacks and especially Hispanics are quite good at running the drug trade, yet we know they are significantly stupider than Whites. To be able to pull off having 50%+ of university presidents as Jewish, you need to have high IQ. You would simply be laughed out otherwise. Blacks are notoriously ethno-centric, materialistic and unscrupulous, but they don't stand a chance at dominating narrative forming institutions. Jews have been through highly eugenic selection pressures in terms of intelligence for centuries, we can do something similar for our own race if we get in power.

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drug trading (like opium trading as you mention) does not require much intelligence to pull off.

Not just drug trading though, Sassoon monopolized the opium market from Calcutta to Tokyo (he also had significant control of e.g. cotton and spices).

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The Rothschild of the East. He wasn't some criminal dealing dime bags on the street corner it was basically a giant corporation he was running.

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To be able to pull off having 50%+ of university presidents as Jewish, you need to have high IQ.

Nobody is saying they are stupid. They just arent the evil geniuses you seem to think they are. The US also probably got a lot of their best and brightest as their elite emptied out of Europe during the rise of the Nazis. The same with the later stages of the cold war when their elite left the Soviet Union for the US due to not being allowed to dominate there. This would explain why Ashkenazis in the US seem to perform better on IQ tests than their Israeli counterparts, who appear to be completely average.

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In Israel, addition to Ashkenazi Jews, there are large groups of non-Ashkenazi Jews, Palestinians, as well as various small minorities. Also, many of the supposed Ashkenazi Jews in Israel are from countries such as Russia and are (according to Israeli demographers) often not actually Ashkenazi Jews or only so partially. This since many people have posed as Jews for reasons such as being able to emigrate from the Soviet Union. This has caused the measured average IQ of Israeli "Ashkenazi Jews" to be lower than the measured average IQ of non-Israeli Ashkenazi Jews. - Richard Lynn. The Chosen People: A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement. 2011

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To be able to pull off having 50%+ of university presidents as Jewish, you need to have high IQ.

There's something else I forgot to mention about this. Universities are at the mercy of wealthy donors they rely on for funding. Consequently no one is going to wind up a university president unless they've been approved or recommended by said donors, or would be deemed capable of appealing to potential donors. Wanna guess which ethno-religious group makes up a large percentage of the most active donors at elite universities?

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I agree that Jewish money is a big reason many of them are university presidents, their IQ doesn't simply account for 50%+ of them all. If blacks had a shit load of money but the same low IQ that we know they have now, they wouldn't be able to pull off 50% representation. They don't have the intellectual horsepower. I never said Jewish IQ explains the entire overrepresentation, but that it is the main factor that allows them the slight advantage they need to consolidate power. Those donors mostly didn't get that wealth for being average, either

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Jews are significantly over-represented in positions of power even after controlling for intelligence.

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I agree, there is more to over-representation that simply intelligence. But I believe the main factor that enables the possibility of over-representation is their intelligence. Blacks are very ethnocentric and materialistic, but they don't have the intellectual horsepower to pull off over-representation

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I too joined the dissident right because I love the taste of Jewish cock.

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Some people can't stomach the truth. We can't let that weakness lead us to irrelevance. The truth is always more powerful than lies. We need to stop lying to ourselves and to those we wish to join us, they see through it.

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Jewish IQ has literally been debunked and truth means nothing to power anyway. Liberalism would have never taken power if truth was meaningful. Stop being a subversive kike.

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On American Renaissance's article on Richard Lynn, it explicitly states that Ashkenazi Jewish IQ is 110, that they have such talent given their overrepresentation in many professions as well as among chess champions and Nobel prize winners, and that "One key aspect of a successful dissident mind is to avoid being moved by emotion to disregard unpopular facts". Jared Taylor thinks the right thing to do is to publish the truth about Jewish intelligence. You wanna say Uncle Jared is a subversive kike too?

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I absolutely do.

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Jews are neither uniformly evil nor super intelligent. Both are myths that have some basis in reality but have been overstated, especially by the alt right. Ironically the trait that people allude to as being "evil"-their tendency towards extreme ethnocentrism-betrays a lack of intelligence, or at least empathy and an understanding of human nature. Being ethnocentric in the way many of them are is itself a sign of a sort of stupidity, or cultural immaturity. A sign that probably doesnt show up on IQ tests.

Most Jews, or at least a large percentage of them, are just ordinary people both in terms of intelligence and how evil or generous they are. I've known some that were decent people. Unfortunately there is an "elite"(for lack of a better word) that seems to be above average in intelligence and more sociopathic than the majority of the population, as well as being incredibly ethnocentric(even by Jewish standards). This cultural elite arent the most intelligent Jews nor are they geniuses for the most part. Those Jews that are truly geniuses tend to go into science fields like physics chemistry or biology and they probably are the least ethnocentric of all Jews, being able to see the stupidity of such behavior.

The "evil" ones tend to be above average in intelligence but not excessively so. They are just smart enough to be dangerous but not smart enough to understand the destructiveness of their extremely ethnocentric behavior, both to Jews and society at large. They tend to be paranoid and clannish, and see Jews as humanities permanent victims. These tend to be media Jews, lobbyists, social scientists and wealthy businessmen types. Their extreme ethnocentrism is not an accident. They likely learned early on the best way to achieve success and wealth is to use these ethnic connections to cross promote each other. Hence the reason this group is likely so ethnocentric and hostile towards non Jews.

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Yes I agree with nearly all of this and am reminded of some data that suggests Episcopalians score higher or on par with Ashkenazi Jews on some measures of intelligence -- see Steve Sailer.

There's a really strong pattern I notice with White elites in the West and Jewish ones that goes something like this: Generally our White elite the more wealth and influence they gain the more Universalistic they become whereas with Jews often it's very much the opposite. I'll add the caveat that Jews often become Universalistic as well but unlike Whites their Universalism seems not to come at the expense of their own ethnic particularism which is not true for the White elite.

Ultimately I can't blame them for that and wish our elite would do the same but ultimately it's harmful and this is why -- not because of goofy debates about who really is the 'master race' -- our movement opposes them and all Nationalist movements have had to confront this question.

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Straight diarrhea. "Ehtnocentrism is dumb and immature, goy, now stop talking about Jews".

Not being ethnocentric is immature and shows a lack of understanding of human nature. Your moral superiority over us is fake.

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I think you're misunderstanding me. Ethnocentrism is neither inherently good or bad. It depends on the context in which it manifests and the degree to which it's manifested. If you're a minority allowed into a country by the good graces of a majority population, you should respect that majority ethnicity and possibly assimilate into it. Jews not only tended to do neither, but seemed to repeatedly do things to antagonize and subvert the majority, BECAUSE of their unrestrained ethnocentrism.

The US is a great example of this ethnocentrism gone wrong, with a segment of them expecting the majority ethnicity to bend to their whims and alter their society in destructive and unsustainable ways.

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Over at reddit and here too, I like how white supremacists say they're superior to everyone and yet, somehow, they acknowledge that the Pesky Joo somehow finds a way to pull a fast one on superior whites and get what they wanted through subterfuge.

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No one here says whites are superior, you're misrepresenting the most basic elements of what we stand for, you disengenuous troll. Both Asians and Jews score higher than whites on a variety of metrics and no one is disputing that. However, even if we were the dumbest on the planet, my people deserve to live in peaceful, homogenous homelands. This isn't a fight for supremacy, it's for the survival of our people and our ancestral homelands.

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Not superior, unique. But having strong moral sensibilities and high-trust societies leaves Europeans potentially vulnerable to exploitation by tight-knit groups of amoral psychopaths.

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