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I found it a thrilling experience even though the results were basically what I expected. It's also fascinating how many 2nd to 3rd cousins seem to pop up on my page every week many with surnames of some of my ancestors.

I understand people's misgivings about the data being in the hands of bad actors though.

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Yes. Don't give companies your DNA and personal information

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Yes. Don't give your genetic data to the CIA affiliated programs

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I wouldn’t and I’ve thought of it before.

My feeing is that for the security risk, it isn’t telling us much. We know who we are, in terms of loyalty to a culture and in resistance to an oppressive, culture destroying paradigm. If someone did a DNA test on you after you were gone, would it matter to find out you’re English when you idolized German culture or even if you were surprisingly high genetically Jewish/African/Hispanic? We’re hopefully not LARPing here, our cause is important enough that it shouldn’t be changed by such possibilities.

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What are they going to do with it, design a bioweapon based on your specific DNA? If someone wants your DNA they can pick up a cup you drank out of.

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Well, they'd have to come and get it from me. In this case, I'd be paying them to give it to them.

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You can always do it anonymously using a prepaid credit card and dummy email address.

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It's not like they can't get your DNA some other way. Although, with the acquisition of Ancestry by the Blackstein Group, all of these companies are officially run by Jews.

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I took it a couple years ago which wasn’t a very good idea but it’s not like I lose sleep over it. The suspicion is not unfounded and I would ultimately recommend against it.

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Were you surprised by your results? I heard some of these companies like sprinkling in a little bit of non-white and sometimes even Jewish DNA to spite Whites.

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That’s interesting because I scored 99.9% European which did in fact surprise me.

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It might not be true then, it's probably just sensationalism

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I ended up doing it because I realized my enemies could get my DNA easily by other means if they wanted it. I used 23andme and I enjoyed the experience.

Just be aware that the results aren't perfectly exact, and they even update the results as their methodology improves.

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Is getting a DNA test from Ancestry, 23andMe, etc a bad idea?

Yes. Don't give a large company access to your genetic information. It's far easier to just do research and your family. Most of the time going back only two generations will clearly show your ethnic and racial background. Most people in the past very closely knew and understood their ancient kinship lines and it's not as hard as you might think to tract these simply by family connections.

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100% European, 98% Northwestern European. Amerimutt my ass.

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