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I'd say the English were the primary force in its creation but there were also Dutch and other European influences -- their system of Federalism borrows much from the Cantos in Switzerland from memory.

Also the first Naturalization Act didn't specify 'Free Anglos' it said 'Free WHITES'. Good enough for me.

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That was a big mistake on their part though. The 56%er Amerimutt is a real phenomenon, a nation must only be comprised of only one ethnic group if it is to survive. If there were going to be multiple groups of colonizers, what they should’ve done is divide the country into one section for each group and forbid mixing. The way it is now, the United States is the biggest thorn in Europe’s side, and it is beyond repair at this point.

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I respectfully disagree with all of that. America built a new ethnicity themselves. Mostly a good mix of NW European groups. Also many European countries were, once upon a time, just one ethnicity and now they're every bit as polyglot and 'diverse' as America. Just having one ethnicity isn't enough.

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White Americans have gotten along fine throughout our history, with the French, Dutch, Germans, Irish and some Scandinavians here pretty much from day one. Sure there was occasional friction between the Irish and English and later on towards Italians and some Eastern Europeans, but nothing major, and eventually all assimilated to the predominant anglo culture and by ww1 were fighting and dying with each other as Americans on European battlefields. It was a largely successful experiment. It was proof Europeans were all similar enough to do well together once they adopted a similar language and identified as one nationality. I'm not saying that should be the case for Europe, or even Australia and Canada, but in the US it worked well and made white Americans unique among European people. "whites" in the US still generally have 100% European ancestry, and given how Europe is doing these days, are probably far more white than much of the modern European gene pool.

In the US, diversity didnt become a codeword for white hating subversion and demographic warfare until well after ww2.

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The US was most inspired by the Polish Lithuanian commonwealth and the Roman Republic. I think the states were simply a pragmatic decision as the the 13 colonies were too independent and self sufficient to be corralled into one centralized state.

Though certain plutocrats like (((Hamilton))) might've sought a more centralized realm

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Among other reasons I can’t taken this seriously, many, possibly most, Western European ethnicities have a history in America going back to the colonies, just as minorities. So the starting premise doesn’t even make that much sense...

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'White American' is it's own ethnicity at this point.

Biologically, Americans are a mixture of European races that have settled. In doing so, they have created a People-Nation-State out of America, (to loosely borrow a term from Yockey). White Americans have their own traditions, culture, accent(s), language (lingo, in this case), one can feel in ones heart like a White American. Race isn't just a biological phenomena, it's also a spiritual one (which influence each other in-turn). In short, Americans have developed a national character.

To stratify White Americans based on ethnic origin would be akin to stratifying Scottish and Irish people.

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How do you think that would work?

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Your brain on video game addiction lmao

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Honestly I think most of these people just want to have "hardcore" opinions so they can feel special, but have no idea how to go about it.

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Pretty sure he's making an argument. Anglos, not the white race, built America. Just like African-Americans did more contributions through slavery than say white Serbs.

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Africans made negative contributions. They got 91 cents on every dollar of labor they produced. Slavery was a loss making enterprise that held back the industrialization of the South. The average negro slave in the US had better life standards than the average Russian or German peasant. in 1840

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I can see that he's making an argument. I just don't see how it's useful.

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Nah. The English are hardcore cuckolds. Every state they created has degenerated into Jew worshipping cesspits of degeneracy. They should never rule any country, not even their own. They'll just hand it over to Jews in the name of muh liberty and fair competition.

America would best be broken up into multiple white states with more coherent ethnic backgrouds. T

he Midwest should be a Nordic-Germanic reich. You can have a scots-irish Jesus confederacy in the South. You can have an anglo ethnostate in New England. The Irish are really spread out across the US with no solid concentration anywhere.But I think a white catholic state can be carved out of the remainder of the Northeast US.

Poles, Irishmen, Hungarians, Austrians and Catholic Germans