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It doesn't matter if it's being rigged or not. Trump should refuse to concede no matter what and break the system.

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    So you want Americas Caesar to be someone like Trump? Perhaps if Trump was an inspiring leader I could support this but he is not. Just because the Left hates him doesn't mean I am going to support a Trump dictatorship.

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    a lot of areas will have allegiance to Trump.

    The areas that DON'T use a side grip.

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    I like some things about Trump but he’s not great. Why risk blowing up longstanding institutions just to keep Donald Trump in power? No disrespect but that almost strikes me as a Russian bot type comment.

    I might support that type of a thing only if specific criteria were met, but suggesting Trump does this at this point in our nation’s history seems nuts.

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    Why risk blowing up longstanding institutions

    Because those institutions are the fucking problem.

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    You're right, we should squander this once in a lifetime opportunity and wait until the country is even less White than it currently is.

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    Biden would have if John Podesta had his way.

    Trump's only hope is in the courts.

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      Lol. How is any wignat identical to the Left? At least make a coherent argument.

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        Sympathy for Communism

        How is telling your audience to be racially conscious and pro-white the same as Communism, in which all people are malleable and do not have a racial identity? Elaborate please, i'm too low IQ to see the connection here.

        Who are the wignats (note the plural) who tell people to vote left? I only see Richard. And what exactly is the outcome between zionist puppet A and zionist puppet B winning the election?

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        As well as Richard Spencer, Matt Parrott and all of his orbiters (self described "nignats" and 3rd worldists) spend all of their time online shitting on well meaning White Trump supporters and trying to convince people to vote democrat. They're misanthropic contrarian losers.

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        I don't know the second guy. Yeah some people take it too far with playing devil's advocate for the Dems. The vote Democrat is more of a symbolic thing, so that people will not delude themselves with the GOP. But yes "well meaning" white Trump supporters need to wake up and realize the GOP isn't the solution but part of the problem.

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        Matt Parrott is a national socialist, was one of the leaders of TWP. You'll like him if you're a serious nationalist as opposed to simply hating black people and thinking this is doing a PollyTick's.

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        I wouldn't consider Richard Spencer alt right at this point. He was either always compromised or he has recently been co-opted in some way. Either way he's gone.

        There's clearly fraud going on on a massive scale.

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        It’s a reflection of the Paleocon impulse. He started at The American Conservative, which I used to religiously follow. Many of the authors there circa 2000s when he was an editor would drop these vague threats of switching to the Democrats because they were upset the Republicans would never give them what they want. It’s part of an older playbook. Buchanan even has a history of saying things like he has more in common with Nader than most Republicans.

        My reading of the last week in particular is he’s gone from trying to maybe implement that idea, like a reborn Buchanan finally trying it, to just being lost. 2016, he had a dubious but energetic playbook. The Spencer 15 minutes of fame are over this year and so we’re getting a spew of nonsense about Trump shadow governments and base Biden and plain old trolling.

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        I’ve always liked him, but he’s been irritating recently. I think he just wants attention.

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        Just look at how much engagement he got on twitter when he posted his ballot showing he voted for Biden. You're right - it's all about attention for him. He's a fucking woman.

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        He's a wayward elite who wants back into the champagne party

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        I was trying to find the source for this, any ideas?

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        It was from a stormer article which I can't find now. This article mentions some of the excessive turnout/voting.

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        Yeah, I've seen that a few places, I think it's in the BPS video I just posted too. I'm not about to share it until I'm convinced it's real, then it should be trumpeted. Cellphones have been the greatest thing to happen for this as there are numerous videos of election fuckery by minorities.

        As much as I'd love to see Trump really put up a fight I know he won't or he would have in the last 4 years. Instead he'll just tweet some bullshit and take a nap.

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        Banon seems fired up.

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        I laugh at GOP losing, because even if they found 1:1, 100% evidence they are cheating (which they didn't), it wouldn't matter shit because they're useless and spineless cucks who've been letting jews controlling not only media discourse, which is normalized since forever, but controlling free discourse between citizens, by letting them censoring left and right.

        I absolutely LOVE the fact that tax cuts for billionaires and assassinating and imprisoning enemies of the elites didn't help him and that retard got humiliated.

        Most astounding thing of all is retarded conspiratards and cuckservatives who STILL, after all of this alleged stealing of election, and let alone previous kangaroo courts throughout Trump's presidency, have faith in the process of court of law, that they will overturn election results somehow.

        I'm glad of this outcome because MAYBE you'll learn the lesson the hard way, if 4 years of GOP clown world wasn't enough.

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        Over intellectualism and vindictiveness against other dissidents. Its one big exercise in I gold u so.

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        There needs to be a recount in every battleground state it was close. There needs to an audit of every mail in ballot in states like wi, mi, pa, Nevada, ga etc. its likely there was extensive fraud in both mail in ballots and possibly in vote counting.

        Trump cant win this through twitter declarations. He likely wont win either way, but the point is to expose fraud and corruption. This isnt about Trump, its about the people that voted for him and exposing that we now live at the mercy of oligarchs that control the media, the government, the courts and can whip up mobs to attack and threaten enemies with impunity.

        Doing this will also help expose the media, who never stopped attacking Trump and his supporters from day one. The fact Trump did this well in the election despite all the propaganda, investigations , intimidation and deplatforming they could throw at him and his supporters is a testament to how distrusted and despised the media now is by half of America. 2020 destroyed any credibility they had left, and their election meddling needs to be exposed further. This media behavior is a direct result of the Neocons using their GOP stoodges to repeal the fairness doctrine a couple decades ago. The GOP needs to wither on the vine and be replaced by a truly populist party. It doesnt matter if they lose more elections, half of Americans have no voice with the GOP controlling their opposition.

        What Trump should not do is refuse to leave office. This isnt about him and nothing good will come of that.

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        Yeah some people are just being contrarian for the sake of it.

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        No one likes Spencer. Of all the alt-right personalities, he is by far the least liked.

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        Because he is more intelligent than the typical alt righter. Most are just conservatives who became racists and still strongly identify with the conservative movement, Spencer comes from a different perspective.

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        Oh, shut up.