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So sick of the ridiculous paranoia in this movement. The second someone disagrees with a pet theory then it's the "YOU'RE A FED" brigade. (BTW TRS aren't saying there isn't election fraud they're saying they don't care and it isn't the most important thing. I actually listen to their show.)

As I'm always saying if I were a fed this is exactly what I'd be doing constantly. Talking about how everyone is a fed. It's a fantastic demoralization/division tactic.

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'Fed' is the new 'Strasserite' of the American Right.

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sigh & eyeroll

The Alt Right is not on the trumptrain although both parties benefitted from the other in the beginning.

You can be a Trump fan. Or not. There's arguments for both sides which revolve largely around accelerationism and how to open up the kosher dialectic. And then there's the question if Biden/Kemala would come even harder against White advocacy.

We don't know the exact answers.

TRS & Spencer are honest fighters for our cause. Their record and personal sacrifices speaks volumes.

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You finally figured it out, 5%ers are gangstalking you too.

Edit: enough with making fun of the QAnon style schizoposting though. How is Hunter Wallace seemingly dishonest? He's posting analysis that shows that the election fraud stuff is overblown. You simply disagree with him because you are conspiratorially minded and like the GOP, no need to become hysterical about it.

Richard is just mocking the conspiratorial minded people without really saying much. What's your problem with TRS? Where are they posting stuff you disagree with? They're all banned from twitter last I checked. All of this is just you being petty and mad that the GOP is losing then trying to cause infighting because of it. Stop being a faggot.

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How is simping for the GOP and crying your favourite Zionist 'got cheated' out of an election anything to do with 'accelerationism'? This person is just coping hard.

It also has literally nothing to do with your post or my comment.

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What is a 5%er?

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Trump lost 5% of white males as a portion of the whole population who voted. 5%ers are likely working class whites in the rust belt, dedicated dissidents etc who voted for him in 2016 but didn't this time because he's done nothing for his base.

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This is just another "everyone i don't like is a fed" post #12879859. Sure you can disagree with them, but no you're not a fed if you don't believe some of the most far fetched up scenarions of vote fraud.

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I won't trust TRS until they address the Jayoh thing which they just memory holed.

But still, Allsup seems spot on here.

I'm not saying we still shouldn't have voted for Trump, Biden will be a terror for us, but normie Whites had zero motivation to support Trump again.

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They've addressed it briefly. (Didn't we already discuss this?)

Also what do you think they're going to say? It's like that logic puzzle where an angel and a demon are guarding the doors to heaven and hell. Both feds and non-feds are going to tell you EXACTLY the same thing.

Judge people by their work. We know how feds behave. They entrap lunatics into doing crimes. That's their MO. What kind of hyper 4D chess plan would it be for them to create thousands of hours of pro-White, counter-semitic content? Just think.

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They've addressed it briefly.

I have no recollection of anything they've said to address it.

do you think they're going to say?

If it were me I'd say I was horrified that we'd been infiltrated, but it's to be expected given who our enemies are.

Judge people by their work. We know how feds behave. They entrap lunatics into doing crimes. That's their MO. What kind of hyper 4D chess plan would it be for them to create thousands of hours of pro-White, counter-semitic content? Just think.

I know, I know. I listen intently and think this very thought all the time. ... Still, since we ARE losing, perhaps all this fascinating info we're getting is all a useless mental masturbation.

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Haven't listened to TRS stuff in ages. Is Jayoh still appearing on shows?

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Not as far as I know but Mike refused to address this. I listened to these guys side by side and believe it's the same guy.

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What did TRS say specifically? I didn't see the Nov. 4th and on shows yet.

Richard Spencer is an idiot and has the rare distinction of being hated by pretty much everyone.

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I heard the Strike the Nation thing and none of them voted at all. OP, as well as the rest of all the GOP shills larping as dissidents, are just mad that we don't care about the GOP.

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    ? what are u crying about

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    Dude, no. Trump is the last Republican I voted for since Ron Paul and in both cases, it was because I was trying different ideologies than my baseline. I started following Spencer’s career pretty much when he started nearly 15 years ago. Followed Buchanan before that. One of the things that really got me going was how stupid the Tea Party Republicans sounded in ‘09 saying gibberish like this about Communists taking over America. I saw how we were going extinct while “our guys” couldn’t do better than rant about trickle down economics.

    We’re not missing anything. All of this has been around. We just have more loyalty to our ideas than Kushner’s father in law, the literal Federal level leader, who in the 90s was calling Buchanan a racist for wanting closed borders.

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    simping for French feminist prostitutes who run sex clubs


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    Mark Brahmin orbits some French radlib feminist

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    some French radlib feminist


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    Sowilo or something like that

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    FTN has been off the Trump Train for years. However, Biden will be 100X worse for Whites, UNLESS of course we have acceleration, i.e. Jews push the anti-White bullshit too far too fast and normies pull their head out of their asses. Trump as merely boiling the frog slowly, arguably worse.