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Thank you for getting it. Apparently, many people don’t. He acted like he didn’t care and I sure as hell don’t care about him.

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I think theres alot of reasons behind Trumps behaviour. Part of it is exhaustion from 4 years of incessant attacks by the media. Part of it is a simple unwillingness on Trumps part to change his strategy. And part of it is due to being surrounded by snakes like Jared Kushner. I'm not trying to exculpate the President from blame: I'm saying that his complacency is the result of many factors.

Trump might still win the election, but that does not look as likely as it did just a couple days ago. He should have been holding rallys in every major city in America and showing his political influence. Instead, Trump sat on his hands and waited for his lawyers to deliver a decision, while his army of supporters do the same. They are totally impassive.

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He's a dumb boomer who's views are defined by the last person in the room. Once Jared kicked out all the halfway based people it was over for Trump.

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    The biggest mistake of Trumps Presidency was not dealing with the 2018 election fraud, and refusing to confront Big Tech over their censorship. He was under the mistaken impression that he could wait until his next term to deal with these issues. It is an error that may have cost Trump his re-election. Only time will tell.

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    refusing to confront Big Tech over their censorship.

    It is pretty funny to see all of his tweets getting censored now too. Get fucked your moron. Your supporters have been getting banned for years and all you did was "monitor the situation".

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    His biggest mistake was not acting as if he would only get one term and trying to get through as much as possible in the time he had

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    I'm feeling a tremendous amount of antipathy to Trump right now. The election was 18 days ago, and what the fuck has he done? I was expecting decisive action from him, but this asshole has done nothing. If he loses his court cases, it will all be 100% his fault.

    Trump knew the Democrats would cheat, he knew they would censor him, but he took no preventative action. He walked into their trap like a fucking dipshit. I am really angry at Trump right now. He let us all down, man.

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    Trump did not set up an account on a neutral platform, where he could spread his message freely.

    He actually has a telegram but doesn't advertise it. Telegram is the only viable platform for nationalists rn

    This is a sign of misplaced confidence or complete apathy.

    He was silent all lockdown and didn't hold any real rallies until the last second. He doesn't give a shit.

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    Getting really sick of Trump tbh. He had a golden opportunity to remake the politics of this country, but he wasn't up to the task.

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    I agree, but the result is that America is finished. It will soon be just like China. Sane people should be thinking about which country to move to.

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    China is much better than the US.