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Good, unlike other countries they already have their own facebook alternative which is more popular than facebook in Russia. They should see how corrupt twitter culture is to society and avoid making an alternative to it. It dumbs down discourse and divides the people. They should also look to decreasing English lessons in schools. The more fluent a nation is in English the more Americanized and liberal they become.

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This is great and absolutely necessary. The teaching of the english language should also be discouraged and preferentially banned from schools, as it is presently the means through which the cancer spreads the fastest. All this shit is still mostly propagated from the Anglosphere after all.

There is NO WAY to keep young white women and low testosterone young men away from SJWism on the long run if these ideas aren't completely inaccessible to them to begin with. Polish youth for example is going full "lgbt" mode and making huge pro-abortion rallies, their situation is unsustainable on the long run precisely because they have fully integrated into the satanic EU and look to Germany and the US as models.

The only way Russia can avoid the same fate is by cutting itself off completely from the globalist west and going full authoritarian. They need a great firewall like China.

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Russia is on the same path as the rest of the world, it's just a few decades behind. They have the same Deutsche Bank style elites in office and race mixing is being pushed constantly now.

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Its somewhat like the late Soviet Union. Anatoly Karlin mentioned this, a reason the late USSR failed was that it was filled with communists who never knew any other system.

Just from personal experience this is so true and can't be said enough about Western liberals. During my University days and limited time in academia I found the level of just sheer ignorance of other world views and sheltered aspect of student and teacher alike mind blowing. The idea that there were other ways to do things let alone that there were people around the world who actually prefered other ways of doing things -- heaven forbid people actually support illiberalism???? -- is an idea unimaginable to most of them and if considered would frighten and horrify them.

I'm not saying this to be anti-White as well but of course the White professors were often the worst. I had a Thai professor who was a liberal and knew my opinions on certain things who would give me books like 'Why Your Country Needs More Immigration' but we were friends and he deeply respected Thailand and absolutely adored their King so you could actually talk about to him seriously about things from a more traditional stand point and he would understand. There were a couple of exceptions but for the most part conversations like I had with the Thai professor with many White ones would be utterly impossible and potentially socially or professionally dangerous.

The sinister part is when they're evangelists for their rubbish as many of them passionately were. I don't just mean to their students either one of the most striking conversations I remember was with a mad Boomer prof who -- and I swear he looked a little insane as he was saying this -- was discussing Japan and immigration with me and some others and doing the exact same deconstructionist talking points about Japan as they do with Whites and explaining that because there have been older movements into Japan and the current Japanese population is made up of different strains therefore mass immigration forever. It was actually scary to listen to because I don't think he really wanted mass immigration into Japan it's just that Japanese policies can't be fit into his worldview so he wants them abolshed to square the circle.