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    Hopefully a Trump defeat will kill conservatism for them. Trump was an incumbent, a rich man and had the base rallying around him and still lost. In 2024 millions of his voters will be dead and millions more immigrants will be allowed to vote. There is never going to be another conservative president who promises to drain the swamp and stop immigration. The dream that should have died after Nixon but somehow survived with Reagan, Bush, Bush and Trump must now be dead.

    Hopefully conservatives will start realizing that the US is over, democracy is over and voting is over. The republican party is over. Nothing has held white people back in the US like hoping for conservative politicians. Once white people start wandering off that plantation real progress can be made.

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    Hopefully conservatives will start realizing that the US is over, democracy is over and voting is over. The republican party is over. Nothing has held white people back in the US like hoping for conservative politicians. Once white people start wandering off that plantation real progress can be made.

    Trump making it clear to 75 million people that the elections were fake and voting will not remove them has done a lot of good.

    If only Nixon had the guts to do this in 1960

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    They'll happily tell you about Cubans in Florida and extrapolate that data out. Cubans, for the most part, are an outlier that mainstream cons are using to cover the fact that they lost Arizona.

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    They’re now actually saying that Trump won 410 electoral votes:

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    Its schizophrenia and plan trusting to the 9th degree

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    With the amount of fraud we're seeing and how legit states like Florida performed I wouldn't be surprised if Trump won the election outright. But since our system is so insecure and fake we may never actually know and it probably doesn't matter

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    Getting very QAnon now. People are so fucking stupid.

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    This is much worse than QAnon because it's trying to claim that a based anti-ZOG anti-globalist country like Venezuela was responsible for electing a globalist Zionist piece of crap like Biden. Absolute boomer cringe. Chávez was a far greater nationalist than Trump will ever be.

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    If there's been fraud then I hope it's proved and justice done but the whole thing is taking on the quality of desperation and farce. That last press conference where Giuliani was covered in sweat and had hair dye -- why the hell does he dye his hair??? -- running down his face. During the press conference he said one of the lawyers involved had withdrawn from a case because he and his family had recieved death threats. Now I'm no expert on the law and someone with more knowledge of US law might be able to correct me but aren't we getting into very serious levels of federal crimes here that law enforcement is very zealous about enforcing? Aren't there Federal laws against that stemming from the fight against organized crime? Surely even the corrupt FBI, if this type of thing is happening, can't just ignore that. Something just doesn't ring true about that.

    As the kids are saying these days it's all a bit 'cringe'.

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    I am glad you posted this. Most of the content of the press conference was great. The optics thoughnofnthe sweat and hair was disastrous, as was the but about Venezuela. I will say Giuliani is older and his propensity to sweat profusely is obviously some sort of medical condition. Still does not look good...

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    I could just be being pedantic but it's just the impression I'm getting. BTW what parts of the press conference did you think were great? I've only seen clips and read a couple of write ups on the whole thing.

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    They coined the presser as akin to an opening statement in a trial, that is a preview and outline of evidence to come. I am certain Dems instigated a concerted voter fraud effort, especially through mail in balloting. There is a reason why France, Mexico, many other places have banned it. Manipulation from Dominion seems more far flung, but Sidney Powell is adamant she has proof. I am not sure whether Hugo Chavez was voted into power from Dominion or not. Does not really matter. Trump won absent bogus voter fraud.

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    It isn't Venezuela so much as it is a globalist kabal that has ties with Venezuela, Spain, Germany, China and many other countries and the software was used in Venezuela.

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    No it's literally just election officials stuffing the ballot boxes lmao. I saw videos of these fat negresses in Philly filling out 5 Biden ballots at a time.

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    I wonder why he blames Venezuela, which is a country in chaos that probably can't do much, instead of blaming countries like Canada and Germany and so on that openly asked for his replacement.

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    I've written the White House so many times saying "if you don't serve your base you are fucked and when they come for you NO ONE will fight for you". So I hope they crucify him.