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The Jewish media mafia's claws get deeper every year. It's indoctrination, pure and simple. There were protests in Berlin over it. Kids who know absolutely nothing about the world wearing black in memory of a criminal in America, and implying somehow that Berlin police are also racist.

I sometimes wish they were so this city would finally be cleaned up.

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We are living under a Jewish empire, whatever happens in the cultural center of the empire gets spread to the rest.

Israel is the political center of the empire which is why the whole empire revolves around attacking their neighbours.

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Ripple effect from the rot of the imperial core.

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In the vast majority of europe those who organized the protests were human garbage like antifa, the people who participated did it because they saw the celebrities doing it on instagram, it was the cool thing to do at the time, it was simple attention whoring especially by women.

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A lot of people just used it as an excuse to get out during COVID lockdowns too.

If you simply mentioned #BLM you could do whatever you want.

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It's part of the Kalergi plan. Everyone has to be indoctrinated about the supposed suffering of blacks and feel guilty and concede in offering his homeland to "refugees".