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Is that you fuck snitches? How's my dravidian doing?

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Yeah that's me lol. I'm doing alright.

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Well that's good. Always good to have you around.

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Are any of you guys active on telegram?

Not me

What do you think of it?

I don't like the fact I have to give a phone number. You can use a burner, but they are kind of a pain and can get expensive if it's one-use only

Is it the best large platform for dissidents?

Maybe. I trust a Russian platform way more than a Western one, at the very least

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First time I logged in, it told my friends who were on it that I logged in based off of my phone number. Is it too much to ask that the uber-private-dissident-friendly platform that everyone is exclusively on not do that?

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I'm pretty sure there is a way to do that in settings, or at least prevent them from contacting you after the fact. I don't have any irl friends on telegram tho so idk.