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Not a big deal generally, although I dont think its a bad thing if its discouraged somewhat, particularly in Europe. Different ethnic groups do often have some distinct characteristics and phenotypes in addition to a shared culture and language, and its a shame seeing those disappear forever.

Still it can be taken too far. Divide and conquer is one way Jews suppress European identity and racial solidarity. We can respect our differences while acknowledging our similarities and shared European heritage, and the understanding there is power in numbers. If you are white, every European is like a first cousin and every member of your ethnic group a brother or sister. We are all still family.

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    I think there are a few big issues: Because of the mutt stereotype (which is somewhat true, really) many can't trace their origins or identity to one particular ethnic group in Europe. Many can, but there is still a large chunk who cannot, and would have to choose or split their identity between 2 or even more groups. There's also the lack of cultural carryover, some regions and families still practice ethnic holidays and such (many places in the midwest having Oktoberfest being the obvious example) but many people simply don't know or practcie their cultural traditions anymore. A final big issue is the fact that unlike Europe, where each ethnic group has one or mroe countries or regions where they can say they came from or still reside in, the US is very heterogenous as far as distribution of different ethnicties, White and otherwise, and the elite surely don't care who or where we are as long as they can squeeze us and keep us under their thumb.

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    Thank you for your articulate take. I’m American but my personal sense of identity is strongly Germanic. I look at the way people in my ancestral part of Germany lived and even to a large extent live today and I see much more in common with them than the average “Murican.” I don’t have a hard rule to only date women with identical backgrounds but for example, I think it would be good if I could.

    Italians and even certain distinctly different Northern Europeans, like the Irish, are under the same attack as what I think of as my people but it does a disservice if we collapse everything into us being “the same.” It really only benefits Leftists, actually, for us to collapse our shared Western heritage into “being White.” Then, we’ve effectively leveled off our differences into a type of crude One Worldism applied to only one continent. At the same time, we give legitimacy to their lies that we are only standing for an “artificial social hierarchy” and “White is a construct” - because on some level, we’ve then destroyed what was natural and have created something artificial.

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    I'm a pan-Europeanist, so I'm actually in favor of it.

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    In favour like you'd encourage it? I just think it's neutral but I fully encourage slavic girls to 'ethnicity mix' with myself

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    In favour like you'd encourage it?

    Yes. Europeans need to love each other deeply. We're all in this together.

    but I fully encourage slavic girls to 'ethnicity mix' with myself

    A man with taste I see.

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    Not overly bothered. I think in-group preference would prevent that from happening on a mass-scale anyhow. If someone in my family marries into a Mediterranean or Slavic family, so be it.

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    I don't have a problem with it. It should be neither encouraged nor discouraged.

    If you're from the New World, especially the US, the chances are you're a Euromutt anyway. Even a lot of Aussies are Euromutts, it wasn't just the British and Irish who colonised Australia, and it wasn't just people from Britain who were invited in under White Australia policy. There were a fair few Italians, Portuguese, Dutch, etc.

    I don't think inter-European mixing has harmed these countries at all.

    In Europe itself, it's more complicated. I wouldn't want the Nordics to be swamped by Iberians, or the UK to be swamped by too many Slavs, or whatever, and to heavily intermix... but on a smaller level, I don't give a shit. It doesn't bother me if a British or Irish man marries a Russian woman, or a British woman marries an Italian man. It's not remotely the same thing as full on race-mixing, like a white woman with a black man, or a white man with an East Asian woman. One of the reasons being, is that their children will indistinguishable from the native population.

    On a more shallow level, I also think that mixed European people tend to be quite beautiful/handsome, although it depends on the mix.

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    I don't think it's too harmful, but shouldn't be directly encouraged or forced (nor prevented, necessarily). Ideally, Europe would be split into large states for each European ethnicity, either as seperate countries or under some sort of pan-European congress or federal body, which would mostly retain the unique culture and ethnic traits of each ethnicity while also not preventing intermixing between White ethnicities on a small or normal scale.

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    Do you know in which sub you are kid?