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This photo enraged Jews at CNN so badly that they threatened to doxx some rando Trumpie from reddit who posted it, and forced him to make some bizarre groveling apology and pledge never to criticize CNN online again. They claimed it was because he had made the photo shopped video of Trump wrestling the CNN logo, saying it justified violence against journalists, but that excuse was clearly absurd. It was almost certainly this photo that set them off. It backfired horribly on them because people were outraged this big mega corporation was going after and even blackmailing some random dude on reddit, and because it introduced countless people to the photo.

It's an absolutely devastating photo, as are the similar ones for the other networks, as it perfectly illustrates the absurd levels of ethnic nepotism, hypocrisy, and Jewish supremacism rampant in the "liberal" establishment media. CNN's reaction to the reddit post was one of the final red pilling events in my life. It made me realize these people literally act like a mafia, and that Jewish media domination was a grave threat to democracy and free speech. It also demonstrated that Jeff Zucker is a pyschopath and has no business being allowed anywhere near a major news organization.

It was also the event that put the_donald in the crosshairs of Jewish owned reddit, as I believe that was the sub it was posted in, and not long after that reddit began censoring and controlling subs in ways that would have been unthinkable just a couple years earlier.

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I think zucker has direct connections to the Jewish mob in new York

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This photo enraged Jews at CNN so badly that they threatened to doxx some rando Trumpie from reddit

The ballad of u/HanAssholeSolo

Only thing this Youtuber gets wrong is that the meme he allegedly got doxxed for wasn't the one CNN was actually mad about

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This clip is ages old, dude. Every normie already knows jews run the media, what matters is what you do afterwards, and Coulter is just going nowhere with it.

It's also kinda like race thingy, people act as if people don't know races are biologically different, like it's some arcane knowledge.

People know this, they're just scared to say it, or even think about it, because they live under terroristic regime which instantly deprives them of livelihood if they do so.

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    Yes, HanAssholeSolo I believe was his name.

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    Her opinions have been an open secret for a long time. She’s never hid her connection to Joseph Sobran, for example. I remember around 2012, she openly said something along the lines of he was one of the greatest geniuses in American history. It struck me how it flew under the radar when I knew that was a big deal thing for a syndicated American columnist to say. I think she recognizes she’s passed a point where overt is more effective than covert opinions.

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    Ann used to be a raging neocon back in the day, calling for invading the middle east and converting them to Christianity. But she turned a new leaf when Bush passed amnesty. She's been growing more based since then. The hostility has grown so open and brazen that increasingly there's no choice but to

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    The thing that gets me about Ann Coulter is that she clearly gets it and she'll walk the line, but then retreat.

    I remember when I started following her on Twitter years ago, I noticed that for every 5 or so tweets where she was hitting the spot (talking about demographic change or whatever), she would then come out with some DR3 derp or shill for establishment Republicans.

    She reminds me a lot of Katie Hopkins (minus Katie's Zionism), Katie Hopkins occasionally talks about race and ask where White Christians have to run to after Europe's overrun, the plight of whites in South Africa, or whatever.. then she'll come out with an ice cold take on how Antifa or the left are just hijacking black causes like BLM, therefore they're the actual racists.