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I've heard Native Hawaiians are understandably often hostile towards non native Hawaiians, whites in particular. I'm not aware of any East Asian hostility towards any other groups, or hostility directed towards them other than some Native Hawaiians who resent all non natives. There was a time when people feared a Japanese takeover of Hawaii, buying up land, dominating the economy etc, but I think that's largely proven to be unfounded in recent times, as its been a mix of the usual capitalist global elite buying up and defiling the place.

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The Japanese are fine, but anyone else who isnt white delusionally thinks they are hawaiian and blame white people for being poor, stupid, ugly, and lazy.

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Is ther any major tension there today

Yes. Everyone hates hoales (whites). It's the worst place in America to be white, especially if u live on any of the islands besides Oahu. A white person could almost get by on Oahu, but the rest of the Islands are filled with extreme hate.

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Hawaiian independence or autonomy is what we need to push for, gives us a moral weight that can attract moderates and can lead to ejection of anti Whites from the US.