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Nice effortpost.

I expect Jews are rightfully going to become an ever-increasing part of the political discussion going forward. Whether they like it, or not.

Not if they can help it, i.e. control everything we are allowed to discuss. Just today on twitter they banned the hashtag #1984. There's some meta.

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The plan is to bury the book 1984 with a Hollywood super hero production of a simular name.

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A black lesbian lead who beats up an orange dinosaur. I can already see it.

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Bravo man, this is a tour de force. I think your assessment is on point.

If I had to critique it, it's too light on the influence of Republican Zionists and Christian Zionists. The whole alt-right thing is imo Zionism for whites, and a huge perversion of far right movements. Yet it has been incredibly popular for the last 4 years. And if we're gonna go back to Cohn in the 80s, we should talk about Wilbur Ross and the 1990 Rothschild bailout:

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Thanks man

it's too light on the influence of Republican Zionists and Christian Zionists

Yeah christian Zionists are a big problem and a lot of the reason why Jews and Israel have gotten away with this for so long. But it's still actions done to the benefit of Jews and reinforced through Jewish propaganda and other incentives

The whole alt-right thing is imo Zionism for whites

Uh "I guess" I know where you're coming from, but not really an apples-apples thing. Europe obviously belongs to Europeans, there should be no nonwhites there. Most nonwhites in the US have been here less than 40 years or so. Regardless the point I have with Israel is that Jews can't simultaneously support an ethnostate for themselves and not support the same for white people or else just be self-serving hypocrites

we should talk about Wilbur Ross and the 1990 Rothschild bailout

Yeah good point I just kind of forgot about that one

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Jews can't simultaneously support an ethnostate for themselves and not support the same for white people or else just be self-serving hypocrites

Being self-serving hypocrites appears to be working out for them so far.

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But the point is that they are hypocrites. "Ethnostate for me, but none for thee, goyim"

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That could be seen as hypocrisy, except that they're pretty open about being 'special', and not subject to the same treatment as the goyim. That's less hypocrisy than simply having different and less beneficial standards for your enemies.

"You, as our chattel, shall be bred with mud races."

"We, as your masters, shall remain pure."

That's not hypocrisy. That's an attack.

The problem is that they're getting little rebuttal from those who should be most 'concerned'.

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That's not hypocrisy. That's an attack.

Yeah that's the idea. We don't care to tell Jews that they are hypocritical, because they don't really care - we just want to point this out to clueless gentiles. Obviously this hypocrisy had not been a problem for Jews in a practical sense over the last 75 years

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    This. This is so true. When you get redpilled - you become a Nazi. What else can a sane person do?

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    We long ago reached a point where no sane, logical, informed, and intellectually honest person believes that modern day Jews are completely innocent of the accusations made against them. They literally prove it every time they successfully lobby or coordinate to censor their critics, something that would not be so successful if they didnt possess the power and tendency for cooperating to advance an ethnic agenda people claim.

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    They literally prove it every time

    no joke

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    This guys, is true. I fact-checked this some time ago. This jpg is 100% true.

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    "Greenblatting" is a good synonym for censorship.

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    Great post.

    I have nothing to add but here's some high IQ Zionist pilpul I saw today lol

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    Lol. What chutzpah

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    Great writeup, man. You should see if you can get this published on Dissident Mag or something.

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    Thanks dude. I don't know how I'd reach out to them to try

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    Where have you been hiding this little post cis? This is outstanding!

    but no stop to immigration, and no reigning in the anti-white mainstream media or big tech organizations. Liberals get entrenchment of LGBTHIV+ laws and upcummies for being nice to brown people – but no “socialist” reforms to welfare or healthcare, or serious environmental legislation. However, the US seems to always accomplish war and disruption of states in the middle east for a variety of strange and confusing reasons.

    We as dissidents MUST at all costs push this truth into the light. We have so much tension in this country because both sides have a strong suspicion they have been cheated big time and the 'approved' answers just aren't good enough. The cognitive dissonance is growing so strong people are willing to commit thought crimes to find truth and that's where we must meet them.

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    Thanks man, glad you liked it. It's something I just thought of in the wake of the capitol storming and the complete disavowal of Trumpists (and complicity in their persecution) on behalf of Republicans over the last week. Plus, Bidens appointments. The republicans most fervent supporters have now been exiled and these people will be looking for answers

    We as dissidents MUST at all costs push this truth into the light.

    Yes. Beyond the obvious political ramifications that come with our idealized society, the entire "alt-right" journey has also been a quest for truth. And so many lies and taboos have to be defeated on the way. An underrated side effect of this journey is the peace of mind that comes with a world model that 1) is verifiable 2) makes sense and makes predictions 3) one that is also parsimonious with history. Understanding the (real) system under which we live provides for this, and gives you the clarity to understand what is actually going on. This also results in the side effect of having less anxiety and uncertainty on political events, and more confidence in expected outcomes.

    The latter is what so many politically-minded people on the internet seek, but don't always find, for many reasons. This clarity is something we can provide to exiled ex-trumpists, and millions of them will seek it out. There are enough of us now who have the knowledge and experience to give them this in confidence (online or IRL) - and there is nothing the establishment can do about it now

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    what would you say to people who claim that They're currently doing it, not because they're increasingly desperate or afraid but because they can and they have the power, influence and control?

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    It's kind of both at the same time. Their control is just more overt now. If they can get away with the USS Liberty attack and stealing our nuclear secrets and plutonium in the 1960s and the Jewish Office of Special Plans gaslighting us into the Iraq War in the early 2000s how much has really changed

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    yeah true, though why do you think people are/will be more likely to wake up to it now compared to back then? primarily digital information?

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    1) Because Jewish overrepresentation is greater than ever 2) Millions of americans need an explanation for why Trump failed so spectacularly

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    i hope you're right, big guy

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    Add to the list, the obvious 3) All Trump supporters (the strongest supporters of Republicans) have been exiled and disavowed from the Republican party. They have nowhere to go. Capitol protestors are literally being hunted down and rounded up and thrown in jail

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    Very excellent post. Thank you.

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    It's hilarious that a government who's only consistency is being inconsistent has never had any problems kicking up.

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    The thing I worry about is what if they're so strong and their victory so certain that they don't give a shit?

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    Then raising awareness of the Jewish coup is the best we can do. And their appointments and increased censorship make this easier

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    imagine a trump supporter posting this

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    Imagine thinking people here are Trump supporters?

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    I am not a Trump supporter per se, but I like the fact that his body count is much lower than many previous POTUS.