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Yes, you need a phone number for Telegram. I doubt Telegram will be safe for much longer though, most of its operational infrastructure such as servers are based either in EU/NATO countries or in countries with close ties to Israel (eg: UAE). With Parler gone, I imagine either Telegram will be next to face some repercussions or they will crack down on nationalists and other controversial people on their platform to spare themselves (its already in some trouble for having a lot of jihadists on there).

There's going to be a huge crackdown on "alt-tech" and unless they can become autonomous in terms of infrastructure and hosting or manage to move to Chinese or Russian-based hosting that don't rely on any Western infrastructure or back-end services (which will be difficult for platforms which will have people a bunch of users crying about the CCP/ChiComs/Xi/Hong Kong), there's not really much that can be done except hopping between sites or attempting to stay on a certain platform for as long as possible. Apps and sites will be continually facing ultimatums to either be denied the ability to even host themselves or to join in censorship. If you really don't trust it, close your account on whatever site and leave.

(I'm not trying to be blackpilling, just realistic)

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I don't consider it a blackpill as long as there's a clear path forward. You're right, we will have to begin hosting on infrastructure in China or Russia. It's ironic that we will have to rely on China to protect our free speech. I wonder why no one's had the idea to do that before now though? Or was it just not necessary?

In any case, I hope it happens soon so we aren't left only with insecure options or having to self-censor to protect ourselves.

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People have done it, there is an article on the front-page of this sub by Andrew Anglin and he talks about how he has previously done it. It is indeed ironic that residents of the supposed "Free World" have to go to Russia or China for free speech. This is the world we live in now, welcome to Cold War 2.0 and the Decline of the West lol.

I think Iran, Syria or North Korea should set up their own web hosting services for Western dissidents, it'd be quite lucrative for them and they get to mess with America.

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DAR needs a ranked choice format and right now Ruqqus and saidit are the only game in town (voat is toast). Riot, gab, minds, telegram are all different types of social media sites. I'm fine with backing up the sub on other sites but the main site is going to need to be on a ranked choice platform.

For everyone reading this make sure you have a username on ruqqus in case saidit goes down. If ruqqus goes down I will chat with the mods and we will decide on another 'official' backup site/sister site. If they both go down simultaneously (doubtful) I'm also still technically alive on reddit if you ever need to DM me to confirm emergency sub migration information.

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I've been meaning to look at Riot. Do you have opinions on it?

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It's ok. Relatively private so you need to connect it to an already healthy group and invite people. It's a little like slack with different rooms. It's great when people drop in at the same time and get a quality conversation going. It's not very comparable to reddit/saidit or other open voting platforms.

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Why were you banned?

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They don't send you a message or anything informing you that you've been banned, let alone the reason why. You discover it yourself when you can no longer post, comment or reply.

You can look through my post history if you like.

I did question Magnora about it the first time I was banned, and he said that my comment

Blacks are the single greatest threat to human civilization. They are incapable of maintaining civilization beyond tribal holdings on their own and their population is exploding to the degree that they will be the largest racial group on the planet within the century. They will flood into Europe and Asia and that will be the end of any prospects for human advancement. Anything that culls their population is a good thing.

constituted a call for genocide. I explained that context matters, it was in a thread discussing the covid vaccine and how notorious black supremacist Louis Farrakhan stated the vaccines were part of a plot to lower black birthrates. Previously in the thread I had said that Farrakhan is a kook and his statement is nonsensical. Magnora didn't care, still banned.

I don't know for sure but I imagine the comment that got me banned this time was

The Uyghur were put in camps because they kept going on stabbing sprees in elementary schools. Good riddance.

In any case, what are your thoughts on Telegram?

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I've seen far worse comments regarding white people on reddit regularly, and "the noticer" on twitter used to document frequent calls by Jews for the end of whites, many of them prominent and influential figures and journalists. Since the capital maga gathering I've also seen numerous calls by actual journalists to shoot and kill Trump supporters.

One of them is a Jewish EDITOR and writer for Forbes. So what that means is that a supposed free speech themed website like saidit is literally more restrictive than mainstream social media and mainstream media publications. Granted the mainstream media only allows for calls to murder and genocide whites, but thats besides the point.

The Uyghur one is particularly hilarious. Does Magnora think the Chinese are going to genocide the Uyghurs because some western person said he doesnt care if the Chinese put them in camps on an obscure english language website? I mean the journos I listed above are calling for the killing of whites in a country where whites and trump supporters have been killed and attacked, so you could draw a direct connection between their rhetoric and actual murders.

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No offense but you need to be careful how you word things. Platforms like this walk an extremely tightrope (whether for good or bad, I'm not commenting on the rules or your statements in of itself) and even when they allow extremely controversial opinions they have their own limits. What you said can be interpreted as violating the rules of this site (see Rule 1, I know by pointing this out I may be violating Rule 2 but I don't mean this in a bad way personally just trying to inform you on some realities)

1) Rule 1: Follow all of saidit's sitewide rules. Extra emphasis on this rule against advocating violence. We do not care what the context is or even whether or not it is a joke.

If you want to say sentiments like that, say it in a more neutral manner and less like its your own opinion.

The standards aren't applied equally or fairly, even here.

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There are a lot of problems with this site. For example, the following, extremely inactive subsaidit which only had ten subscribers on 15th November (s/National__Socialism) has strangely been banned a month ago despite its single moderator (u/3rdFuckingAccount) being banned for something that was construed as threatening violence in another sub.

So, it looks like we have a case where an inactive subsaidit was banned for something its moderator said elsewhere. The thread in which he was banned is here:

Another oddity is that a private, empty subsaidit I have made months ago as a backup somehow has a second subscriber even though access is set to approval only. I suspect these means that the site moderators are simply able to approve themselves into any subsaidit, such that everything in it becomes visible on their s/new (even if it is private, off s/all, etc.)

There was also the problem of this subsaidit being off s/all, that is, until it appeared to have returned to s/all three days ago. The ip2 experience proved that this site can bow to external pressure. The strange thing about ip2 was that it was basically always a private/approval-only community in the time leading up to its banning. Later on, I remember it had became public, and because there was great debate on this site about it, I had a look at it. Yet, it seemed to simply be a meme+trolling community. So, what was it that got ip2 into trouble when it is unlikely anyone external to the group (except, I presume, the moderators) had any idea what was going on in there?

We know damn well that Biden-Harris are going to come for us far harder than whatever happened between groups like HNH/SPLC and 'big tech' during the Trump Presidency. The very reason why we're here is because of that very crackdown, and it would be daft to believe that they won't ramp up their efforts to erase whatever is left of us on the surface web (e.g. surviving YouTube channels) and the deep web (e.g. here).