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Tony Martin is based, with good primary source docs in his research. Tucker can fuck off for bashing him for good goy points from Shekelbergs. How is sucking off Jews working for Trump Tucker? That's right. Not so good. And who fucking cares about another Biden appointment with ties to racialism? Fuck it I think it's a breath of fresh air. Finally someone who isn't afraid to question the liberal egalitarian dogma. I say you go girl. Pimp that melanin supremacy 'science'. Let's have more chats about racial differences. Seriously. And she hates Jews? Of course Tucker would use this as an opportunity to virtue signal liberal values.

Tuck is just a classical liberal at this point. He's barely even a civic nationalist. His gimmick is anti cultural Marxism but refuses to address the ethnic angle behind academic cultural Marxism. Hint: it's the same group pushing neo liberal globalism, libertarianism, zionism, and kosher conservativism. I don't really see him as a pro trad christian conservative, alt lite, or closet dissident at this point either. He might have staff that skim alt right talking points for gems they can use but he doesn't seem to really want to defend whites, vote integrity, or call out Jewish power (at least not when the heat is really on and not in a strategically meaningful way).

It's a shame. I was really pro Tucker for awhile and defended him frequently. It's tough to see him squander such a huge base of support. A base the would have duly followed him into independent media. He could have singly handed finished the job of destroying Fox network. Instead he seems to have been put to heel by the oligarchs.

I'm starting to feel like Randy Quaid in major leage. Hell I'm start to feel like Randy Quaid in real life.

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Tucker can fuck off for bashing him for good goy points from Shekelbergs.

Know I should have done it earlier but officially decided I really dislike Tucker after that. Tony Martin is a great scholar and a brave man and little bow-tie boy couldn't help himself. I'm sure the Jews will stop trying to destroy his career now.

Fuck Tucker Carlson.

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If he wants to run for president it makes sense for him to do whatever it takes, then do everything he can to expose them once in office. If he did the things you want him to do he would be taken off the air that night, never to return. Thats the reality. Fox has always been neocon. It's always been Jewish propaganda/controlled opposition. It's almost as riddled with Jews as the rest of them, they just arent all concentrated at the top like the others, but rest assured Jewish controlled ad companies, politicos and lobby groups are breathing down their necks 24/7 to make sure they stay kosher while the Jews within do everything they can to steer it in the direction they want or subvert if they cant.

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If he wants to run for president it makes sense for him to do whatever it takes, then do everything he can to expose them once in office.

Sounds like the exact same logic that Trump supporters projected onto their failed president.

. If he did the things you want him to do he would be taken off the air that night, never to return.

It's not 2012. He'd make more money and have a bigger audience on independent media. (worse case scenario he wouldn't starve).

Fox has always been neocon.

Trucker signaled he was willing to buck that trend. Obviously that didn't last though.

It's always been Jewish propaganda/controlled opposition.

Agreed; but again Tucker was certainly tiptoeing (and gaining huge audiences because of it).

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    They might be willing to tolerate a black who has supported someone who was critical of them in the past, so long as they are sufficiently anti white as well and they are fairly sure this person wont ever do something like that again, and if they did the plug could be pulled on them on the quick, possibly using them as an example that blacks who aspire to power can be forgiven for past transgressions against Jews, but it had better not ever happen again and if it did, those who gave them power wont hesitate to take it away and make an example of them.

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    For me it's not that I need him to go full WN or anything -- he isn't one nor will he ever be one so why would he? -- it's the fact of what he focuses on. The genius of the Tucker show in the past was focusing like a laser on the hardest part of the problem and ignoring the easy outs. What is easier in American life than denouncing 'anti-Semitism' and what is harder than actually denouncing the anti-White aspect of the system? I feel like since he fired that writer for naughty things he said online the show has changed dramatically in tone and taken that very easy option nearly all the time which is why I don't watch it anymore.

    I saw another clip on Twitter of a segment of Tucker denouncing the speech Biden made about emergency relief for minorities but not Whites. That's good and should be denounced. So what does he do to follow up on the Biden speech? Well he has a lawyer on who is campaigning against a state law that excludes Whites, Native Americans and Asians. That's what's changed about the show is that he nearly unflinchingly now takes that easy route of not focusing on the common denominator in all this crap which is anti-Whiteness but focusing on a law that excludes others as well -- of course the lawyer mentioned Whites third in relation to the Oregon law and seemed to hesitate even to say Whites.

    The genius of Tucker's show which is now absent is not that he started repeating our talking points -- although he came pretty bloody close at times -- but that he didn't FOCUS ON THEIRS. That's why he made people so angry and worried them.

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    I guess I should have watched the clip before commenting. I just did and it was pretty cringe. It's hard to stomach Tucker going on and on about muh antisemitism when all Martin did was accuse Jews of doing to blacks what Jews continuously accuse whites of doing to them.

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    kek is that actually you in the pic?

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    lol no. It's Randy Quaid.

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    For anyone unfamiliar with the evil 'anti-Semite' this kweeen defended here he is:

    You can see why they hate him.

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    If you watch the full clip, you'll see she also praised an anti-semite.

    Probably the only reason why she's even in the news. Anti-whiteness (even pseudo-racialism) is allowed after all.