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And then normies cheer them on for "owning Karen", suddenly becoming pro-police and pro-force/authority.

That's not normies, that's libtards or bugmen.

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Cops in America are too. Someone linked an article here from National Justice iirc a week or two ago where Striker interviews a former cop who stated that cops of all races abused Whites and ignored blacks because they knew they could get away with the former but even justified and reasonable action against blacks (even just enforcing the law) was likely to bring negative attention to them or put them in more danger.

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This doesn't surprise me at all, that's the impression I got in Europe as well, look at the 2017 French riots. Hell, there's even BLM in Belgium now.

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Fuck the cops and more importantly government (mafia) "leaders". The problem is who hires them and their policies.

Time to start security for and answerable to their communities that will stand up to cops and corrupt leaders.

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This seems cherrypicked to be honest, and the "normies" you're describing look like MGTOW losers who love watching women being beaten.

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This is 100% true. I don't know if normies cheer them on, I think they don't even notice, and when you point out the bias they shrug it off.

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Look up rothingham.

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Cops are cracking down on innocent people as opposed to muslim grooming gangs because the media and parliament are full of tyrannical child rapists, and mass immigration under this bullshit humanitarian pretence is used to make whites a minority in their own countries so it's not surprising that they wouldn't work against their government's best interests. Considering they get paid to enforce whatever bullshit they get told to do.

Most normies don't even notice it, they just hop on whatever's currently trending because they're fucking retarded. They don't harbour any ill-will but they are stupid. The people that praise that type of stuff are people of the left who think their race (white) people owe the world something as they're spineless and were guilt tripped into believing so.