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A district analysis of the program found that more than 70 percent of students enrolled in the program were white and Asian, even though nearly 80 percent of all Boston public school students are Hispanic and Black.

Wouldn't be surprised if there weren't any Blacks in the course lol. It's always funny seeing how programs like advanced learning or gifted and talented inevitably select for and against certain racial demographics. It reminds me of how parents seek out "school friendly" zones when it comes to relocating to neighbourhoods suitable for children. Peculiarly enough, these zones happen to be disproportionately White. What a lovely euphemism.

Also, observe how the cunt who wrote this article capitalizes the other races but not White.

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Also, observe how the cunt who wrote this article capitalizes the other races but not White.

I hate these people.

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The insidiousness of it is revolting. An almost imperceptible little propaganda trick intended to condition people to recognize Whites as less than non-White.

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    The chairman of the associated press is probably a jew so it's to be expected.

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      I really wonder what they think in countries like China when they see shit like this.

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      Would be interesting to see if they have stand-up comedy in East Asia, what kind of observations they make about the baizuosity of the West.

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      80% of Boston K-12 students are nonwhite? What the fuck, for real?

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      Pretty shocking and a sign of things to come.

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      Nonwhites are always concentrated in the big cities.

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      Yeah but 80% is a number I'd expect in Philadelphia or Baltimore. I just didn't realize Boston was also so far gone.

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      I’m shocked too. I visited Boston around Christmas time in 2019 & it was one of the ‘nicer’ urban places I’ve seen in the US. I mostly stuck ‘round the central touristy areas though. I’m guessing the suburbs must be shitholes?

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      Depending on where you went, I'm not surprised. Places like South Boston and North End are 80-90% white, Fenway, Back Bay, and South End are 60-70%. Like me, you probably didn't go to Roxbury, Mattapan, East Boston, or Hyde Park. Roxbury in particular is 6% white as of 2010.

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      The disgusting thing about this is it's public school. So gifted but working class students who cant afford private school will be held back. Meanwhile wealthy Jew kids will get all the extra support daddys hedge fund money can buy them while attending private school, while daddy helps fund shit like this.

      This is blatant discrimination of the kind that has become common, and legal action needs to be taken. Hopefully some Asians will sue, because god knows whites are too cucked to ever do anything.

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      Exactly. All I see when I read this story is those photos of the National Guard with their bayonets in the back of White kids forcing them to 'integrate'. As usual it's ordinary Whites who can't afford to insulate themselves from these insane projects while those who push them can and do.

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      What role do Jews have in this decision?

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      What do jews?

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      What decision?

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      At what point does the global talent stop coming to the US and start leaving it?

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      Hopefully this continual circling of the drain leads to the acceptability of voluntary segregation. White people need to stop funding this insanity.

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      acceptability of voluntary segregation

      Never going to happen. Even as white racial conscientious increases and whites separate purposefully they won't allow it. There will be political movements to tax whites that flee diversity. Rural land will no longer be affordable to whites as Jews like Gates buy it up and rezone it or give it away to blacks. I think this is a big reason they are pushing the smart cities, Internet of things, semi annual vaccinations, and UBI. You won't own anything and will be 100% financially, medically and physically reliant on the system. Once they built that umbilical cord they will threaten to sever it if you don't give into increasing degeneracy, race mixing and 'alternative family' ideals.

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      Til Bill Gates is Jewish.

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      Who Bill Gates?

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      He's a jewish farmer.

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      I'm glad you've learned something today.

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      When they were purging the classics recently I guess they stopped teaching the myth of Procrustes.

      Of all the human instincts I find repulsive it's the one represented in stories like this that I find the most objectionable. When the leveler who can't bear to see inequality gives up on raising the standards of those at the bottom and pursues a goal of just destroying what is above.

      We're governed by evil Procrustean mommies.

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      Honestly the saddest part about that news is 80% of Boston's school students are Hispanic or Black. Boston use to be one of the whitest cities in America