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Conservative INC has always been part of the problem, and always will be.

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It's just head in hands stupidity and even I'm shocked by them. They don't learn anything.

I consider the DR in many ways a potential massive Service Pack style update for Conservatism.

It's around 3Gb's but the Boomers in Con Inc are still using 56 baud modems and the connection is always breaking.

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In the next 10 years, when the Boomers begin dying off en masse, there will be major changes in the political landscape of the U.S.

As a percentage of the population, conservatives will decline. However, the Gen X and Gen Y conservatives that take over will be far more attuned to the political problems of today (as compared to the Boomers, who are still stuck in the 80s).

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The U.S. conservatives have never had anything like a coherent strategy for dealing with the liberals. Thats part of a wider problem with Conservatives in the West. They are an unimaginative, uninspired group.

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I don't understand. How are children getting across the border? Are we letting them in or have we just gotten so pussified and incompetant, that even children can get through our border security?

This seems like an easy problem to solve. Don't let anyone into the U.S. that doesn't have a visa.