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Token opposition. You're high if you don't think Jewish-issues-interested Jews are running Biden admin. His cabinet is overwhelmingly Jewish and their top fear is the evil Nazi hiding in every shadow, and they don't even hide it. Blacks gone wild, who cares. Caravan extraordinaire, who cares.

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Fact check? Can I get the exact %?

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Here's what I can't understand about people like you. Biden's admin obviously has a MASSIVE over representation when it comes to Jews -- don't ask me the exact percentage but needless to say it's very high -- yet instead of you asking why that is and what it means you want to quibble over the exact percentage with us internet 'Nazis'. It's such strange behaviour. Aren't you interested in how power works? Isn't that the more interesting question?

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Well the % matters. If the baseline is 1 but the representation is 3, then that could be normal variation. If the baseline is 1 but the representation is 90 then that's a huge spike that, if not a measurement fluke, is clearly signal rather than noise. Think of all those "there must be carcinogens!" studies that finds nothing when normal variations cause small towns to have spikes in their rates, but only if you slice the data in one way. When sliced in another it looks like a crest compared to a neighboring trough.

I do know there is over-representation. But I only care if that's signal rather than noise. For instance, if it's normal for leftists to have uh 15% jewish presence and a democrat administration comes in with 17% Jewish presence then that checks out. No suspected shady backroom deals (well, no more than normal). But if it were 60% then there may be something going on. Make sense?

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Why are you on saidit spewing this nonsense? Why aren't you on jewish owned reddit? or jewish owned Facebook? or jewish owned youtube? etc? What do you think the jewish controlled Biden administration is going to do?

Oh right, because whites have been competely deplatformed from the jewish owned platforms. That's why you are here.

Jews benefit from antisemitism, in the same way that whites benefit from antiwhite wokism: ammunition.

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Jews being criticized means they don't run things? Huh? Not sure I follow your logic here.

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Remember that jews would be nothing without antisemitism. When there are shortages, they have to manufacture it themselves.

This is also an interesting new twist to current year politics.

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I wish they were anti-semitic, they're sadly not they're just opposing genocide on liberal terms.

At least they're not disgusting genocidal jewss like you though, imagine being so disgusting you make NPC libtards seem like good people lmao you heebs are truly vile.

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The only reason this is such a passionate cause for the Left is because they associate Zionism with Western imperialism and see European Jews as white people. If not for that it would just be another one of the many ethnic conflicts throughout the world that they ignore. Notice how the social justice Left has little interest in Chinese camps for muslims or India's anti muslim laws. If there is no "white" or Western oppressor they don't care. Their whole outlook is hatred towards the West and their anti Zionism is a part of that.

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As David Cole points out organized Jewish power tends to create Golems.


What is Congressmuslim Ilhan Omar if not a golem? For decades, leftist Jews have been the biggest boosters of flooding the West with Third World immigrants. “Hey, here’s a plan—let’s dump a hundred thousand Somalis in the whitest parts of the U.S. That’ll save us from Fargo Hitler!” Inundating the West with nonwhite immigrants is seen by Jews as an insurance policy against “white supremacy.” The idea is that these immigrants will act as a wedge, diluting “white power” while remaining small enough in numbers to be manageable.


And now we Jews, so worried that Minnesota might become the Frozen Fourth Reich if left in the hands of evil whites, have created for ourselves a good old-fashioned golem in Ilhan Omar (and a bunch of other Third World freshman congressthingies). Yeah, Omar hates whites. Yeah, she thinks “white supremacy” lurks behind every glass of milk and “OK” finger sign. But she hates Jews a hell of a lot more. And here are my people—my brilliant retards—now forced to defeat the monster they created, a monster not only brought about by Jewish-backed policies, but one that mirrors Jewish rhetoric like a pro. [Cont...]

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I see a dumb reporter having a fire cracker go off near her because she alleges people had noticed she was speaking Hebrew and some people tearing up an Israeli flag. If these things amount to 'spewing antisemitism' in your mind then I guess we're very different people. Also this part confuses me:

Not a word from the supposedly "zionist" establishment.

(Love how you put the term zionist in quotes BTW. Very amusing. Almost like you're implying that Zionism is a conspiracy that we made up? Fucking hilarious.)

What on Earth does that mean though? Shall I pull up the hundred or so tweets I've seen from elected officials in the Western world openly supporting Israel? Or are you just making shit up?

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The anti Zionist movement is growing among progressives and there is more protests than ever. It seems that in the era of social media with Leftists being more prone to hysteria and mass social justice protests Israel can't get away with what they used to.

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Progressives in Europe have disliked Israel for 60 years and being opposed to Israel is a standard leftist opinion in Europe. Social media has a lot of crossbreeding between American and European ideas and political culture. Considering that the anti Israel stance makes a lot more sense it isn't strange that pro Palestinian European redditors can spread the narrative on the sub that becomes the consensus. In reality there are only three groups that like Israel, Jews, American elites, and evangelical boomers. More and more Americans belong to neither of these groups.

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To quote SNL in its early days, Ackroyd to Curtain "Jane you ignorant slut"....

The jewbots have been playing this tired old game for a good century. They presented collective arse to their beloved leftists in the Bolshevik days, like horndog bonobos do to anything that walks (and some things that crawl). Jewbots have been doing the same time after time ever since. This is just the most recent example of their undying and unrequited love for the commie-socialist contingent, the leftists brutal rejection of their affection, and the entire ongoing toxic relationship of both. Even after a hundred years of use, abuse & bitch-slaps, the jewbots still love their leftist heroes sooooo much.

Wherever you find commies, socialists, or leftist-libtards, you will find pet jewbots everready to service them. Soros=jew. Rothschilds=jews. At least half the rich globalists are either outright jews, or married to one. Hollyweird is under jew control, and a majority of the actors are jews. Music Industry is full of jews. Most of the money the BLM sheboon used to buy its million dollar house came from jews. How does this align? Jews think commies, socialists and leftist-libtards are their 'useful idiots', but as the Bolsheviks proved long ago, its the opposite. Jews are the real 'useful idiots', and when useful idiots are no longer useful, leftists kick them to the curb. And yes, I'm not only proud that once again my prediction has come true, but also laughing my ass off that once again (like soooo many times before) the great ashkenazi intellect has been outmaneuvered by the leftards it sought to control. Like a dumb wife in the throes of 'battered woman syndrome', The Jew has returned for yet another heaping helping of black eyes, broken jaws and good ole spousal abuse. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”