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The optics are the exact same. The media calls any form of restriction of immigration as fascist and racist. They would see that you are buying time for Whites and a policy that benefits White people. They only allowed border restriction because they did an about face on the Corona virus. Remember they called people racist for advocating for travel restrictions after hearing early reports of the Corona virus in 2019. The media know what they are doing and you may still have conservative priors on this. This belief you can trick anti-Whites to push policies that will benefit White people isn't going to work. It doesn't work for "conservatives" when they talk about black unemployment or bring out a black political personality to be their shield. The target is your race, they understand everything that benefits your position. Also, what is stopping them to make your points moot by just passing bills that give more spoils to non whites? There is no political solution within the current political parties. You need a strong coalition to build your own party or enough sway to take over a existing party.

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The optics are the exact same.

No they aren't, and what they say is not the same as how it appears to normies. If they called me a Nazi whether I stomp on or pet a kitten, people will still see the difference.

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It depends how popular this political personality is. If it is just an upcoming candidate there entire political career is over. Jews will fund the opposition in the primary and local election if they see your candidacy as a threat to Jewish interests. Also they will take away your access to payment processors, banks and will run national news stories to get the public to vote you out. If that isn't enough they will find a way to entrap you with their political police using the alphabet agencies. Remember Trump was on their team from the beginning, they won't allow an actual dissident to sneak by.

A successful politician will need to:

1) Build rapport with the community. This means real life events and building a vanguard that is willing to political organize for free or with small donations.

2) You need an alternative media ecosystem. In United States you have Fox and the liberal news channels. You need to be another alternative within the ecosystem. People need to follow your media religiously like people that watch fox news and cnn.

3) You need a clean political record and the ability to throw off media smear campaigns. Jews will spend millions of dollars to crush small candidates, you will never be able to compete with Jewish money which is why the people need to know you and like you first. A upcomer that goes straight to pro-white policies will be gone in the next election.

4) You need to look strong and have a winning persona. People generally vote for people that look like they can win. If voting for you means the worst candidate wins they won't vote for you.

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Agreed. They aren't going to fall for it. Secondly, we currently have no system of enforcing immigration laws on the immigrants that are already here illegally. Illegal aliens are now a high status, protected class with more rights and privileges than citizens. What good would a moratorium do?

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It isn't particularly for non whites but the White moderate or Independent who is fine with immigration restrictions but would be turned off by a euro only policy because it's "racist".

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As far as I can tell "Nationalists" aren't being locked up for anything that's legitimately ethnic or immigrant-related.

This notion of speaking for "nationalists" optima immigration talk is nonsense.

The selection of these two options has the feel of the late stage selections of the Delphi technique.