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Great segment until of course tucker offers his brilliant solution to the targeted humiliation, replacement and vilification of whites being the genius idea that 'we just need to stop talking about race'. Gonzalez is fine as well but of course no whites can ever advocate for themselves. We need mestizos to do that for us -- another job white Americans are unwilling to do I suppose.

He also makes the totally bankrupt point that this is an imperial policy designed to create universal racial tension in America which is a total lie and a cop out used as a way to turn the issue away from specific white grievances towards more of a universal problem. In fact our entire system right now works only when minority groups advocate for themselves and amalgamate under the banner of a common cause which is resentment of whites. Nearly all parts of our society work to promote that idea while at the same time viciously demonising any white advocacy or collective action. Republicans only ever try to channel the justified grievances whites have into unproductive ends.

The system isn't promoting all against all its promoting all against whitey and im so fucking sick of conservatives lying about that.

Interesting to hear that caesar chaves' granddaughter is working in the Biden admin. The squat little dumpling who pointed it out probably doesn't know that his positions on immigration were actually to the right of Stephen miller.

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Yeah, Tucker obviously isn't perfect but this is still a massive shift of the overton window. Fox News and the boomercons are moving in the right direction. Nothing like this would be allowed on television even 2 years ago.

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I wonder if people who whine about Tucker Carlson even talk to baby boomers or anyone older than like 35. They're steadfast stuck in their Ronald Regan bullshit.

Once the baby boomers go the white voting block is going to plummet. That's the exact demographic Tucker is playing to.

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Tucker has focused on plenty of stories that would make your average elderly conservative reaganite quite unhappy. He's openly attacked capitalism, attacked aggressive interventionist foreign policy and called out the ADL for their hypocrisy on immigration in Israel and America. He's no hannity and doesn't need to pander to their idiotic prejudices and is the most popular host on TV precisely because he doesn't just cater to typical elderly fox viewers.

What his defenders don't seem to understand is that he doesn't actually HAVE to say stupid shit like 'I just want to stop talking about race to keep his job or remain popular.

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Caeser Chaves was to the right of Miller on immigration? Find that hard to believe given he was a Latino nationalist who wanted more of his people flooded in.

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In many ways yes. Or perhaps more accurately he had similar views on illegal immigration to Miller. Chaves constantly denounced illegal immigration as a form of scab labour the capitalist class was taking advantage of -- which is one of the reasons I'm against all migration BTW.

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This just makes being white that much more rare and special. I hope it pisses non white people off to the core every time one of them sees my blue eyes.

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I'm 100% German/Dutch, but I was cursed with brown eyes and hair. Would it be cheating if I got Lasik cosmetic eye surgery to change them to blue?

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Fun gossip: there's a guy I used to talk to on discord who claims to have dated that Asian broad in college and he says her racial opinions made him nervous back then. He's our guy too but says she was Asian Hitler and made him look like a pussy-cat by comparison.

Goes to show how cynical and repugnant the aspirant Asians can be.

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Wouldn't surprise me. Remember that anti white Asian cunt that got a top editor spot at the New York times a few years back? Turns out she had a history of anti white twitter posts.

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Jon Meacham: another propagandist who filters history through their perverted neoliberal lens with a typical NPR-toned faux sophistication.

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I'll do you one better. How about Bill Moyer?

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What's Tucker's angle or Fox news' angle after all? Its odd that uber zionist Fox is allowing this to continue on their channel. Plus, Tucker himself was and is a member of the elite class.

I wonder if some factions of the WASP elites are becoming unnerved over the rising anti-white hatred. Esepcially considering Blackrock mandating diversity on corporate boards.

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The Murdoch media machine is starting to explicitly talk about whites and has been dropping news articles about anti-white racism, which used to be a verboten topic. Keith Woods has mentioned this recently. They use the boomer talking points of "the left trying to divide us" but I guess this indicates there is a ceiling to the commitment of the Anglos who run Fox News to Jewish supremacy and anti-whiteness. I doubt even elite WASPs can afford to stay silent much longer before the jewish hydra starts coming hard on them. The Koch think tanks are fueling the fire of anti-CRT protests too so maybe we're seeing actual elite polarization now, that is a prerequisite for civil war.

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The Koch think tanks are fueling the fire of anti-CRT protests too

They are? Not to sound like a redditor but do you have a source for that?

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non-jews who are part of the elites are always freemasons. freemasonry with its tiered pyramid scheme is very good at keeping the dumb goys thinking they're contributing to the great christian-centric plan, whilst having them accept they're not allowed to know everything, cause they're not 33rd degree yet. maybe some of them have finally woken up and realised they've been played.

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can we drop the schizo freemason shit already? They were a thing in the 18th and 19th century when their ideas were persecuted. Now they are the ruling class and their ideology is the state religion. No need for secret handshake societies anymore.

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of course there's still a need for it. i literally explained why in my post, you dumb schizo.

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Any evidence that tucker Carlson is a mason?

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The Jennifer Rubin tweet was so astonishing I thought it had to be some alt right troll account pretending to be her, but nope. It's hard to tell if people like her just lack all self awareness or are intentionally trolling. The comment about preventing minority rule was especially ridiculous. Let's see, what minority ethnic group currently has massively disproportionate political, economic, media and lobbying power? If she wants to make preventing minority rule a national cause I say bring it on!

Another thing that stands out is Tucker Carlson stating that Democratic office holders refuse to do interviews with him because they openly say he is a "white supremacist". Think about that. The Biden US domestic national security apparatus has stated white supremacy is THE greatest threat to Americans, to the point they have officially launched a domestic war on terror to combat it, so when they call a journalist a white supremacist they are basically calling him a literal enemy of America that is worse than Al Queda.

Not only that, the media and courts have repeatedly made it clear that vigilante groups are free to physically assault anyone they feel is a "white supremacist", so these politicians are knowingly or unknowlingly calling on Carlson to be physically attacked and harassed by what are basically state and corporate sanctioned terrorist groups like antifa.

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I remember thinking the exact same thing when I first saw bill kristol give that speech with Charles Murray where he proposed just openly mass importing new people to replace the struggling whites in the country. When you really get a look into the black hearts of these ghouls it is true that they're such repulsive caricatures that even we couldn't write a script for them that would be as dark.

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Ugh the comments are so milquetoast and basic. It's not leftists/cucks, but just boring generic comments by boomercons, praising Tucker and not anything else. I think YT is deleting all based comments and keeping the conversation on the "muh socialism, democrats and illegals" level.

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What day was this?

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Pretty sure this was from Friday.