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The virgin CIA pencil pushers vs the Chad men of God Taliban.

Stonetoss put it best:

the lesson of the taliban in afghanistan is that your enemy can be stronger than you, wealthier than you, more technologically advanced than you, backed by every modern institution on Earth, and yet you can still outlast your enemy by simply not quitting.

The taliban have essentially gone from archenemy of white Americans to their greatest inspiration. A civil war in the US would be devastating. ZOG would not withdraw from it as easily as they did from Afghanistan. But it would be fought in home territory with ZOG members being exposed to real physical danger.

The US military can control the cities but America is 16 times larger than Afghanistan. Its the size of a continent. If 5 million white men became determined guerillas like the Taliban, it would be near impossible for the US military to put down the rebellion, no matter how hard it tried.

What is really needed is courage, will and the power of belief.

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Fake lesson.

The US was never there to win. Same as Vietnam. Same as the English in India. Same as ever.

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The U.S. was not expecting the Taliban to take control of Afghanistan as quickly as they did. They were caught completely off-guard by this. The Taliban have occupied nearly the entire country in an offensive that lasted a bit more than a week. The sheer speed at which the Afghan military collapsed is stunning. The U.S. spent decades building up these forces, and they crumpled like a dixie cup. The Taliban basically mounted a blitzkrieg, except on horses and camels. They now have the capital city, Kabul, surrounded. The President fled like a coward, and the Taliban seized his palace. This is a resounding and humiliating defeat for the U.S.

According to ABC: A US intelligence assessment earlier in the week had said Kabul could be encircled in 30 days and could fall to the Taliban within 90 days, but the insurgents captured most of Afghanistan's major cities in less than a week and entered the capital on Sunday.

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The U.S. was not expecting the Taliban to take control of Afghanistan as quickly as they did. They were caught completely off-guard by this.

If that's actually true, every single person who had a hand in this should be fired, and potentially imprisoned. I doubt it's true, because one would have to be severely retarded, or on drugs, so biden on down should be imprisoned for their lies, and the countless deaths they caused.

The Afghan 'army' (lol) has been melting away and refusing to fight for years. When that idiot was saying "blah blah 6 months to take the capital, and it doesn't even need to happen", it was blatantly obvious that Kabul would fall in a matter of several days.

What this is is a severe indictment of the American people, who let such corrupt blathering idiots WASTE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS for the purpose of making us all look like morons. Well, it worked.

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Yes, they really did believe the capital would be safe for the next few weeks. Going by MSN: Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby on Friday said Kabul was not in an "imminent threat environment".

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I think it was just the standard lying. If anyone of them really believed that, we're in far worse shape than I thought.

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we could have killed every taliban member over 20 years if we wanted. But then we wouldn't have a terrorist threat to war profiteer over in coming years.

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Even though I don't like the Taliban's medieval ideas, I'll take them over ZOG any day of the week.

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Godspeed to them. Islam is our eternal enemy, but also the rightful ethno-religion of middle-est / north Africa. They ultimately fought the rightful battle and will be rewarded by God.

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    Islam is our enemy,

    No it is not. Not all Muslims are the same.

    Wahhabists (the worst sect of Islam, by FAAAR), Zionists, and NeoCons/NeoLibs are the enemy of humanity.

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    Not all Muslims are the same.

    If they're actual moslems, they are commanded to kill or enslave us.

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    Counter-jihad jew propaganda. Is that you Tommy Rubinstein?

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    Are you suggesting that one must love one of those, and hate the other?

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    but also the rightful ethno-religion of middle-est / north Africa

    lt became the "rightful" religion of the Middle East and North Africa by war and conquest and therefore can rightfully be removed in the same way. That part of the world would be much better without that barbarian religion.

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    I don't like the idea of imposing a religion over a different race/ethnos. I could do it with my people because I'm part of it and I understand it, but I'm strongly against any form of imperialism over aliens. Anyway, for the sake discussion, what do you think would fit better?

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    I am not advocating for imposing a new religion over them I'm just saying Islam became the religion of the Middle East and North Africa through war and conquest. Christianity, Zoroastrianism, their ancient pagan religions, almost any other religion would be preferable to Islam.

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    first islam converted millions of people, they supported it for whatever reason and they wanted to fight for muhhammad and their later islamic leaders. Why are the people of afghanistan just letting the taliban take over without a fight right now? Because they're islamic and support the taliban, want them in charge instead of the US. To them, any other religion is not preferable to islam. Otherwise they'd become christian or jewish or buddhist or literally anything instead. Why do they like islam? Because it's the most based religion. It's easy to see why it is attractive.

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    Who cares if Semites follow a Semitic religion?

    (Yes I know Afghans are not Semites)

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    I can tell you right now that God does not approve of the Talibans.

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    rightful ethno-religion

    A lot of ethnic groups in MENA were originally not Muslim at all, some were even secular. They were forced to accept Islam through conquest by Arabs.

    Also, Afghanistan is not a MENA country.

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    Just think what will happen the globohomo empire collapses everywhere. It is only the existence of the US that allows these ZOG puppets to stand in the way of the wrath of the people. And the US is destroying itself, which is the biggest white pill ever.

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    But you're a Bolshevik? The US isn't killing itself, Bolsheviks and Zionists are killing it.

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    Everyone in power in the US is a liberal and usually Zionists. "Bolshevik" "socialist" "Marxist" are bastardized terms recycled by the right from the cold war without actually understanding the ideology or politics they represent.

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    Bolsheviks are communists not socialists. All isms are corporations tried in practice except for co-ops which are groups of voluntarists acting on socialist principals.

    Proudhon did say Marx was anserine and crazy. I'm against all forms of naturalism.

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    Against Naturalism how/why?

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    History repeats itself:

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    I love that font. Is that yours? Do you know the font?

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    Not mine. Grabbed it on 4chan.

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    I love how embarrassing this is to neocons/ZOG and to the ruling class generally - but it's a shame so much suffering had to happen (both on Afghanis and US troops). In hindsight this was completely predictable

    However, the humanitarian crisis will just be used by the media to accelerate white guilt and promote "refugee" acceptance. So be sure to hit back at shills and propagandists to remind them who is responsible for this atrocity in the first place and never let them forget

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    Hey, give us your oil and a pipeline... Taliban, no. UNOCAL.... invade.

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    The Zionist war hawks throwing Biden under the bus really shows us how weak the regime currently is.

    I'm skeptical. This could be a ploy to go back in with more force. Further, all the chaos is a distraction from other issues. As long as we're talking about the "failures" of this administration abroad in a conflict they should never have been in, we're not talking about the failures at home, including more lockdowns, more "COVID-related" deaths, the looming global food crises, shrinkflation, inflation, energy brown outs, cyberwar, the inevitable market crash, and further collapse. These are all things they've openly planned to have happen.

    Further, if you think Bumblin is in charge you're as delusional as he is. This may be the excuse the deep state uses to put Gorilla Harass in charge.

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      We will outlast them.

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      I'm admittedly very pleased at this news. Conservative nationalism (the Taliban is more of a Pashtun nationalist organization than a Deobandi fundamentalist organization) just BTFO'd liberal globalism.

      Another bird gets hit with one stone with that worthless piece of shit Biden and the Democrats getting practically all of the blame for this. They were telling the world just a few days ago that Kabul would fall in ninety days. It wasn't even nine since I heard it. Maybe not even five. The sheer incompetency of the United States is on display for the whole world to see.

      All of the bootlicking trash who fear reprisals for their two decades of treachery are fleeing the country. President Ashraf Ghani has literally abandoned Kabul and fled the country, following a whole heap of senior government figures over the past few days. The Taliban have already have the Presidential Palace under control.

      With the United States continuing to lose its will to dominate as it gradually fades into obscurity I'm confident that they won't attempt to reinvade Afghanistan. This means that a state that is in total defiance of American degeneracy, of globohomo, now exists.

      For starters, America had already lost enough of it by the early 2000s that it took an event as severe as 9/11 to wake them up. Furthermore, the administration of the time was not only Republican but dominated by neocon Israel Firsters. By contrast, America of the 2020s will be totally Democrat. Obviously I don't picture obvious weaklings like Biden and Harris declaring war on Afghanistan. It would simply be construed as imperialism and racism by everyone who is sufficiently Left-wing enough, and the extreme-Left is a much larger group than twenty-years ago. Plenty of people rightward of Biden (many of the Trump supporters, for instance) will also oppose it. The Republican pro-establishment types (like those the OP mentions) are the only group who want to reimpose globohomo forcefully.

      Globohomo got owned by camel herders, and despite the American media's obvious attempt to downplay it (because the same soft power that was used to incessantly attack Trump has since 2021 been redeployed to shield Biden), they'll never live it down. This will probably be recorded as the day when the Biden-Harris administration lost the 'mandate of Heaven'. The Republican media now have shiploads of new ammunition to fire, and I'm going to enjoy watching Biden's approval levels sink further. Perhaps best of all, the meltdown, the sheer amount of 'Left' and 'Right' tears right now are hilarious. Just look at the comment sections on these news sites! 'Leftists' are mostly complaining about how feminism, alphabet, etc. will be rolled back. 'Rightists' are complaining about 'muh freedumb and dumbocracy' being rolled back, American incompetence, Islamism, etc. The whole West has something to complain about right this moment.

      Most encouraging is the fact that two years after the USSR withdrew from Afghanistan it was history, defying practically all expectations, even those from the most prominent Sovietologists. Hopefully the USA is soon to follow.

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      The U.S. defeat in Afghanistan is a positive development. It is a blow to the empires prestige, and its reputation as a superpower. The fact that the best funded military in the world was forced out by a 5th rate power like the Taliban will go a long way to undermine their aura of invincibility. The U.S. military is drawing down its presence around the world and withdrawing its troops back to America. They lack the will to maintain their overstretched empire and the responsibilitys that come with it. Hopefully, this is a prelude to a more serious breakdown of the Deep State.

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      Indeed. Practically every consequence is positive.

      The fact that it emboldens globohomo's enemies, showing that globohomo can lose. The fact that it's to a bunch of camelherding cave dwellers is just icing on the cake.

      The fact that Westerners are shedding tears and sperging out, a bit like when Trump was elected. The coverage is purely feminist and gynocratic with some alphabet nonsense thrown in. 'Waa... what about the women and girls... waa... they're going to kill the gays...'

      The fact that the old traitor Biden and the Democrats are getting all the blame. Even CNN looks to be blaming Biden. It isn't just FOX or the other media that the Democrats hate. Everything that destabilizes these morons is good.

      What about the cons? I can't think of any. The Taliban has never had an interest in spreading Islam because they're essentially Pashtun nationalists, interested only in Afghanistan and northern Pakistan, because these are the ancestral homelands of Pashtun peoples.

      A wave of refugees? Maybe initially from Kabul Airport or some land routes, but we'll probably get less refugees overall, since the Taliban do not want people fleeing to the West whereas the former government didn't really care. We literally had Afghanis pretending to be Syrians before, complete with fake ID's, hell, even Bangladeshis were pretending to be Syrians.

      The other thing the West is fearmongering about is how Jihadist factions might use 'Talibanistan' as a safe haven, as they claimed Al-Qaeda did pre-2001. They've said the same thing about all sorts of regions closer to Europe like Azawad back when it was taken by nationalist groups who had Al-Qaeda allies. Nothing happened. Even Bosnian Jihadists in the heart of Europe in the early 1990s did nothing to the rest of Europe. The Taliban aren't Jihadists, and are much further away from Europe than most Jihadists. Furthermore, such attacks don't really benefit globohomo in any conceivable way; instead, they tend to benefit 'far-right' groups. Globohomo thus has the most to fear from such attacks.

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      It was pretty obvious that the country would fall to them in days if the US ever said "we quit". Wish I could be as confident that the US military will have the same reluctance to oppress its own people.

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      These people are far worse than any description of Jews I've heard from a Nazi.

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      Charlie Wilson handed us Afghanistan back in the 1980's and we wasted it.

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      so why would Biden do this, is he secretly based