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How old is this video? The "alt-right", as a label or project, has been obsolete for years now. How about instead of lumping people into nebulously defined categories and addressing them as a monolith, you talk to them and discover there's a lot more nuance and common ground than you thought?

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2016 or 2017, I remember when it came out there was a bunch of people in the comment section telling him he doesn't know what the alt right is. One of them was me.

How about instead of lumping people into nebulously defined categories and addressing them as a monolith, you talk to them and discover there's a lot more nuance and common ground than you thought?

You're talking to a jew who has been kvetching on debatefascism, DAR etc for like 5 years, the whole time trying to get all of them banned.

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Imagine being such a schizokike that you dedicate good amount of time banning a SUBSAIDIT with 5 subscribers lmfao

I wish I received shekels just for being petty schizokike online.

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The "alt-right", as a label or project, has been obsolete for years now.

Then why is this sub named what it is?

How about instead of lumping people into nebulously defined categories and addressing them as a monolith, you talk to them and discover there's a lot more nuance and common ground than you thought?

Labels that people choose to identify themselves with are extremely useful. The vast majority of humanity is worthless. To save time in finding the few worthwhile people, I can eliminate all those who identify themselves with bad labels (Leftist, Alt-Right, Jew, etc.).

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To save time in finding the few worthwhile people, I can eliminate all those who identify themselves with bad labels (Leftist, Alt-Right, Jew, etc.).

So then why are you here retard? Go back to sucking baby dicks and spraypainting spasticas.

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Clearly you are alt right, you are simply judging based on blood and nothing else. How retarded must YOU be to say something as stupid as this??? He is right, if people identify themselves with ridiculous labels, there is 0 point in talking to them at all.

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This is just nonsense. There's frequent posts here praising Zemmour. In an art related thread the other day there were numerous people praising different Jewish artists. I myself admire people like gilad atzmon, Israel shamir, Glen greenwald and many other Jewish people. No one here in my experience says 'I just hate Jews because of blood and blood alone'.

The negative reaction to the OP is because of his atrocious and malicious behaviour-- unfortunately for him all too typical for many Jews -- in the past. He's actively tried for a long time to get dissident right subs banned and frequently vomits up his misanthropic bile here. He's also incredibly insulting and rude.

Anyone who does that -- jew, aryan or rastafarian -- will get it returned and they deserve it and it has nothing to do with what blood is flowing through their veins.

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I generally don't bother responding to the repeated lies of members of this sub, but for Zvezda's benefit, I will just repeat again that this is the usual lies. I am somewhat misanthropic given the low quality of people today, but so is Node who doesn't get trashed because he is white. The rest of this is simply lies.

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because he is white

Well, that, but mainly because of my account age being #3 on saidit. But m7 and d3rr only beat me by 40 days! heh Possibly #1 irl, but I'm just guessing.

Nah, I'm just kidding. It's totally because I'm White, but being tall, handsome, and articulate hasn't worked against me either. 😊

Jokes aside, you may note that the occasions when I've called subscribers to this sub a bunch of moronic scum have been pretty rare... If it's not my handsome White face and engaging personality, that might have something to do with your perception of a different reception.

But jew or not, one can't help but feel some affinity for a fellow misanthropist. Although I suspect it's the case for both of us that it's more about their low-budget OS and software, rather than their humanness itself.

Ran across this site while researching for the above comment. Not sure if hating the human race versus hating the human species is a valid distinction.

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What is the difference between the Human Species and the Human Race? My guess is that the Human Race is us now and the Human species is us originally.

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Misanthropist is a synonym of misanthrope.

As nouns the difference between misanthropist and misanthrope is that

misanthropist is a misanthrope; a person who hates all mankind; a person who hates the human species

while misanthrope is one who hates all mankind; one who hates the human race.

Maybe I'm dumb, but I'm failing to get the point of this semantic runaround.

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Yeah, I don't get the difference :p

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The members of this sub started insulting me first. But of course this is standard procedure for modern scum. The alt-right are simply a subset of modern scum. The standard procedure with modern scum is that I say something they disagree with, then they insult me, then I insult them. I used to try to have some patience with modern scum, but I have found this to be pointless.

Like Varg said, the alt-right aren't alternative at all. They are just on the right end of the spectrum of modern scum. Their racism actually makes sense since all modern scum only support superficial things and hate everything of depth. In this sense they are much like BLM as I discussed here.

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The alt-right are simply a subset of modern scum.

On its face, the term "Alt-right" appears to describe an alternative to being right, which would seem to reference 'wrong' or 'left'. Whether or not the "Alt-right" was created by jews for the usual purposes is not a debate that interests me, but semantically the label is problematic, imo.

As far as racism goes, any person who lacks the capacity (or chooses not) to be racist possesses a truncated cognitive system. Racism is the cousin of specism, with the focus more on the different attributes and characteristics in the races within our own species.

If someone claims to not be racist, they're mentally retarded. (to some degree) Note that a prominent characteristic of races is varying physical appearance. One can't say they're not racist, but then reference black people, for example. How do they know the person is black if they didn't literally reference some distinct characteristic of their physical appearance? That is dictionary definition racism.

the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities

[Shaun King has left the chat]

But typically the physical appearance is simply a marker to watch for the associated abilities and qualities. It's not the black skin or cartoonish facial features that people dislike about blacks. Those are just a warning that the persons qualities are extremely likely to be "violent, stupid, and a menace".

Their racism actually makes sense since all modern scum only support superficial things and hate everything of depth.

Disagree. Racism and specism are the primary responsibilities and duties of all mammals, if not all animals. The non-racist/non-specist will soon go extinct.

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Racism is the cousin of specism,

Racism is the crippled cousin of specism. The smartest dog is stupider than the average human. But the smartest person of the stupidest race is smarter than the average person of the smartest race. Unlike races, breeds of dogs are different enough to be deterministic. I assume that the fastest dachshund is not faster than the average greyhound. But the fastest member of the slowest race is faster than the average member of the fastest race. What this means is that if I am selecting people for any purpose, race is not deterministic so should not be used for selection. Instead I should test based on the purpose itself. If I am assembling a running team, I shouldn't just pick blacks because they are the fastest race. I should just test all candidates by timing their running speed.

Unlike the alt-right, I think Varg understands this. Varg has a different reason for preferring to live with whites, namely that they are most likely to share his genetics, so by helping them, he is helping his own genes. This is a valid argument. But at the same time, Varg recognizes that most whites are trash, so he specifically wants to live with quality whites. And again, this is something that the alt-right can't understand.

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I'll add playing victim to the list of your negative behaviour. 'You just insult me because I'm Jewish you don't insult the other guy wahhhh'. Again more typically Jewish behaviour. I've seen your own comments with my own eyes actively trying to get dissident right subs shut down here. /u/markimus has documented it.

We don't like you because you're a liar and a person trying to shut down the ways we communicate. If you werent Jewish you'd get the exact same treatment you repulsive creature.

Scurry off back to your sad little existence pretending you're going to become a Mennonite and leave us in peace. Like so many of your kin you have this addiction seemingly to lurking in places you yourself despise and where you're despised.

Weird how you act so stereotypically Jewish in many ways. Almost like its inborn somehow. Scratch that actually only a moronic racist nazi like myself would have such a thought. :)

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After all the inbreeding and murdering off of every jew that assimilates there's only one personality type for jews left. The schizophrenic, injured narcisssist.

Notice how our culture generally is taking on many of the traits of these things? What a coincidence jews run every institution giving them the ability to socialise everyone to be judaified.

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Notice how our culture generally is taking on many of the traits of these things?

Slezkine isn't wrong the 20th century was the Jewish century and everyone became Judaized to one degree or another.

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I don't know who that is but he's right and basedpilled

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I get some satisfaction from pissing off moronic lying scum like you.

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Lol you're a jew trying to accuse someone of lying, appealing to aryan morality isn't going to work moshe! Back to the ghetto.

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His sister didn't fuck him today. He's in a bad mood.

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Then why is this sub named what it is?

Because that was the name of the old sub on reddit created many years ago. Probably should've been changed, but it is what it is.

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Probably should've been changed, but it is what it is.

There was some disagreement among mods. Some wanted a change when we left Reddit; others did not. I think that 'dissident' is a better description of the group of thinkers that fall into our beliefs but 'alt right' only became a bad word because of psy ops to tarnish the group. 'Dissident' right is slightly more broad then the old alt right; but that's about the only difference.

I voted to keep 'alt right' because I wanted people to find us during the transition. I also like to keep the name because anybody 'offended' by the name probably isn't going to really take the time to learn about what we really believe anyway. It's a pre screening name. 'Alt right' is not offensive on it's face. Most names for white nationalism only become 'offensive' because the media decides it's offensive. Which puts us in the position of forcing us into re branding ourselves every 3-6 years. That's not good for marketing IMO.

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alt right makes me think it is derived from alternative right. An alternative to the establishment GOP which is weak and milquetoast. It also makes me think of the alternative rock musical genre, which was a new thing in the late 80s, and 90s, a nebulous term but people generally understood what it meant after listening to the music. I'm not comparing the right to rock just comparing it to the fact that the name might not be obvious just by looking at the words but it becomes obvious to anyone who pays a little attention to politics.

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What would you call this sub now?

I find "alt-right" to be a very useful label for Whites who think that nothing but race matters. Is there a better label for this?

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"DissidentRightDiscussion" would be a more accurate name for the sub and the label "dissident right" is a lot more broad and appealing, without the baggage that "alt-right" has.

And I can't speak for everyone obviously, but I don't think "nothing but race matters" describes that many people.

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"Dissident right" is too broad to be meaningful. Varg is dissident right. I am dissident right. Neither I nor Varg belong here.

"Nothing but race matters" perfectly describes most people here. They judge me entirely by my (Jewish) race, nothing else about me matters.

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People dislike you for your beliefs. You don't care if whites go extinct

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Unless my eyes have failed me, outside of some of the race mechanics, he's expressed similar views to the people here generally.

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Bruh what? All he does is say everyone in the world is a moron except for him specifically. Who the fuck else says anything that retarded and delusional?

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He calls a lot of people out for doing retarded shit, yes. He finds worthiness in the old testament within Christianity, traditional values and traditional methods of performing jobs, and doesn't appreciate dumbasses-- pretty fucking similarly to a lot of the people in your sub sans the WN aspect of it, as far as I could tell. And most people are morons. Look at the shit we're into on a global scale. There's manipulation there, but people are evidently pleased as peach punch to put up with it because they're too busy with their electronics and dicks in their hands, or struggling to even exist.

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I get some satisfaction from pissing off moronic lying scum like you.

They judge me entirely by my (Jewish) race, nothing else about me matters.

Do you think there may be a relationship between those statements?

I agree with Varg on this, and many of his other opinions. Don't remember his opinion of humanity in general, but it's true that somewhere between 85 to 99% of us should not exist. We could have been a successful mammal, but we chose suicide instead. Imagine any other mammals doing what humans are doing to both ourselves, and to our biome. 'We' would be outraged.

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Eh, you know I feel relatively the same as you regarding population and useless breeding. Humans have too much variability on cognitive ability, value systems, morality systems, etc. Utopian societies where everyone functions harmoniously with one another, their roles, and the environment would require complete obedience and trust towards a governing force without question. I don't think we're capable of that, but I hate the idea of utopia because it sounds boring as fuck, so there's that. Collectivist societies are a step in the right direction, but everything ends up shat up by the power play and numbers game, or by the governing entities. If there are other societies around with a drive to spread out and into your society, and those societies outbreed your forces (as idiots do), then it's back to square one eventually. We can't really lobotomize human drive, and seemingly we're too fucking stupid to not repeat history, ad infinitum.

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Well said. Wish I could find a way to ignore the existence of other people, because it seems impossible to ignore the Elephant in the room named Massive Human Stupidity. If you're not paying attention, it will damage or destroy you on a whim.

This comment resonates. (go to 10 minutes if you open that 'push for communism' link - They want your kids)

As you describe, there is no solution to this that would come from us, except possibly total global nuclear war that completely ends civilization. Outside of us, it's either going to be the return of Jesus, or the earth catastrophe cycle being real, and frying our planet sometime in the next 30 years. I'm liking how more and more evidence for that is even being admitted by the mainstream now.

It's a pretty dire situation. Go outside, and I guarantee 100% of everyone you see will either being tolerating this shit, or working to make it worse. Individually we can't kill enough of them, and collectively we're a species of retarded herd animals. Drugs and alcohol can only do so much to obscure reality, and it's only temporary. Actual stupidity works, but it's an unattractive alternative.

And on that pleasant note, we're getting our first rain of the season in Commiefornia. People who were living in the fire zones are now living in the mudslide zones. Wheee!


  • WHAT...For the High Surf Warning, dangerously large breaking waves of 20 to 30 feet, greatly increased coastal run up, strong rip currents and longshore currents, and increased risk of minor coastal flooding in low lying areas.

Surfers are loving it, but cold and wet is the opposite of what I like. Maybe I'll walk over tomorrow and check it out if there's a break in the rain. :)

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Thank you. Surprisingly, I'm finding people here and there that are making social existence a little more comfortable, but getting comfortable is usually when I'm assraped by something else. So what do we do to keep ourselves sane? It seems like being aware of it just creates an even bigger source of duress.

Well, I guess that guy on reddit got zooted. Guess that shows the rewards for acting out. Targeting the social sphere is probably an incredibly effective tactic. Reminds me of the social shaming tactics that women use when you step out of line. With so many people disconnected from in-person types of interaction and reliant on social media structures to communicate their every blessed thought, the threat of removal from that? Ooh, that'll knock the wings right off of a lot of folks.

It's pretty bad out there, but outside of a DIY lobotomy, looks like we're here for the ride. Drugs and alcohol are just sort of expensive and temporary numbing agents at best though. I can't understand how people get addicted to any of it, the benefits rarely surpass the feeling of lukewarm garbage.

Go be in the mud. Dive in, grip the earth between your fingers and just be free for the little pocket of time. I would kill to get out to the beach for a few hours, let me live vicariously through you. Just wash off really good, 'cause pinworms and whatnot.

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"Nothing but race matters" perfectly describes most people here. They judge me entirely by my (Jewish) race, nothing else about me matters.

There's like 2 or 3 people that always get triggered by you and that seems to be based on past history with you. Most of the sub could care less about you, or the fact your Jewish.

I personally have zero problem with anyone individually because they're Jewish. My problem is with the segment of Jews that is totally obsessed with being Jewish and is at best passive aggressive towards non Jewish whites, and at worst utterly hostile to the point of advocating for policies or spreading propaganda they literally think will bring about whites extinction, and even then I dont give a shit about them unless they have enough actual wealth or power to help make it happen.

To the extent I have a problem with Jews who arent like that, it's that they dont police their own. The most hostile and aggressive among them are given positions of power and prestige in their global community, free from criticism and sanction. That means their powerful sociopaths become the rest of the worlds problem.

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My problem is with the segment of Jews that is totally obsessed with being Jewish

The 99.99999% segment lol

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The Alt-Right today is infested with Alex Jones tier conspiracy retards. This sub - and this entire site - is a prime example of that. I really miss the Reddit sub.

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The quality of discourse has absolutely declined. Most of the thoughtful posters never made the switch, unfortunately.

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Fine, so when are you leaving for Israel?

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What a moronic question. I am racially Jewish but I am not a Jew (ethnically, meaning religion and culture). Of course I wouldn't expect alt-right morons to understand this.

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You're so high iq. WOW! I'm literally trembling from your psychic emanations.

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Why did you decide to post here if you knew you would just be responding to people below the IQ of 84?

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Like I said, I don't mind irritating these people. But in addition, /u/YORAMRW posted to /s/nonmorons. He doesn't appear to be a moron and he is a regular poster here, so I hope this helps him see what morons most of the alt-right are.

[–]Zvezda 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)


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I appreciate the positive feedback, but I nonetheless disagree with the idea that most people in this sub are morons. As the replies to this thread show, most people here don't actually hate others purely on the basis of their race or ethnicity. Like someone else in this thread also pointed out, I think there's a lot more common ground between you and this sub than both you and people on this sub are willing to realize or admit. Aside from the fact that you're ethnically Jewish, the only major difference between you and us seems to be how important you consider race to be. Sure, it's one very major difference, but still...

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you do have the right to live there if you can show your mother is jewish

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Yes but I have no reason to live there.

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You're very disappointing, fschmidt. Your neuroticism here and in previous conversations we have demonstrates your apathy and hatred towards people around you. I really wish you were able to chill out and actually talk to people like we're equals. One day I hope we can talk like this, you are a knowledgeable person and are better than posting years old skinnyfat pagan videos. Please don't take your misguided anger out on this sub.

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Where was his brains and morals when he killed Øystein Aarseth?

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Euronymous deserved it 100% lol, read up on history of black metal.

Euronymous was kind of person who after he saw his best friend and bandmate Dead dead, instead of calling the police he went to grab a camera, used his corpse as album cover, and took fragments of his skull and made necklaces out of it. Allegedly he also made stew out of his brain. And this person was saying he'll kidnap, torture and kill Varg.

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I disavow you cucking on this, Euronymous was a degenerate who wanted to make a snuff film. Absolutely deserved to be stabbed 22 times in the head, in self defence.

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Was Varg wrongly convicted?

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Yes, he should have received a medal of honour

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It was self defense.