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I feel slightly better about it than I've felt about past GOP victories, because if you look past the cringey Republicuck sugarcoating and "Dems are the real racists" kind of rhetoric, the issue that has actually swung this race is anti-white racism. It is obviously too little, too late though. But if our goal is to radicalize and take over the right, we have to start somewhere, I guess. It is undeniably a progression.

With that being said, this paves the way for a GOP landslide in 2022 and a possible return of Trump in 2024. We might actually be stuck within the Trumpist paradigm for another decade or so, and I honestly cannot foresee where this would lead us to.

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I hope Trump returns and causes so much damage to the American fabric that the country splits. The US - as a political entity - needs to be destroyed. As long as it exists Europe will be a slave.

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With that being said, this paves the way for a GOP landslide in 2022 and a possible return of Trump in 2024.

No way is Trump going to make a return. Hes not going to go on campaign, and even if he did, they would just rig the elections again.

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My little brother or 'youngotherkin' as he's known at home is a snake. Don't believe his lies.

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Virginian reporting in. I almost never vote unless it's a local election, my sole reason for supporting Youngkin is that I don't want to lose my job. Youngkin is a DC banker and millionaire, his heretical non-denominational church preaches Christian globohomo, and he backtracked on a lot of amnat positions before he even got elected to cater to his suburban compatriots. My breakdown of his platform is essentially this:

He will install antisemitism laws, and they will be used to target white people. I doubt Virginia under Youngkin will ever persecute the Nation of Islam or leftist Palestinian groups. I strongly disagree with antisemitism laws. He will probably marginally lower taxes. As far as I'm concerned, this is inconsequential. He might push back against vaccine mandates and has actually put work into getting unvaxxed virginians jobs, I believe this is good, but there is a difference between giving unvaxxed Virginians options and protecting them from losing their jobs in the first place. He might loosen some of the gun laws, but probably not in any significant way. Youngkin appealed to suburban swing voters who are largely anti-gun. This is not something I approve of. He is indifferent to the status of confederate statues, which previous governors were in favor of removing because cleansing Virginia of its actual culture allows us to be colonized by foreigners and tech companies that infest our coastline. I'm in favor of keeping and promoting confederate heritage as it's a microcosm of the cultural war going on in the state.

Overall, he's not our guy, he won't protect whites, definitely not rural whites, and really not much will change with him. The real whitepill is that white people are polarizing. There are less swing voters, and Virginia has trended red over the last five years, the fruits of which are displayed now. This would be an opportune time for paleocons and other america firsters to be pushing for elections if they'd stop infighting and get off the internet. I've been using this time to point out, depending on the polls, whites vote 61-69% right, which is completely unprecedented in this state. Even white women have swung right. I hope something good comes from this. Youngkin won solely due to white people, and they voted right because of the anti-white and anti-human rhetoric coming from the left.

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it seems from matt taibbi the main reason this repub won is that he won a county that had gone dem in the past, but it went repub this time because the people there don't like the poor economy and CRT in schools. Any thoughts on that?

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Which county?

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Lol that was a good article. I appreciate the nonwhites whining about "identity politics". I'll get back to that later.

I was a little confused because I wasn't sure what significant county flipped, and Loudoun didn't. The numbers were a lot closer than I think I have ever seen, however. It is true that Youngkin won the suburbs fairly substantially, most of the democrat voters really did come from the urban centers, with NoVA being an expected stronghold. Yeah, the economy and jobs are problems, but it is important to understand Youngkin, for his faults, largely ran on social issues, and that's why leftoids are pissed off. He attacked CRT, the lack of parental oversight in public schools, and covid mandates. This resonated with suburban Virginia across the state, and it did actually flip suburban counties that went blue in 2020. This was definitely a suburban revolution, which I think is what right wing politics in America needs. Just to clarify, I'm not simping for Youngkin, but the turnout in places like Loudoun or Prince William, the latter being only 40% white, is remarkable. These aren't just ideological Democrats. Northern VA is the rats nest. They are the federal workers and DC commuters. It's where the most important people who dictate what happens in this country live. VA elections are not just about politics, for a lot of people here the left vs right is fundamentally loyalty vs revolution. And right now, a solid amount of our white people are disloyal.

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It was surprising to me in the past when Obama and recently Biden won Virgina. To me when I think of Virginia I think of "the south" maybe wrongly. Of course dems usually win cities and repubs win suburbs and rural areas. When suburbs go for a dem like before it is surprising to me, I'm thinking why are you voting against your best interests? Due to being tricked? Because the repub running is not that good?Youngkin was just good enough I guess, and the dem was a previous governor that had done a bad job and gotten the boot. Sometimes I think dems lose on purpose too, due to bribes.

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It's not really surprising. Virginia has been simultaneously a dumping ground for immigrants and an attraction for establishment government workers. It's been this way for multiple generations.

As for the suburban effect, pardon my classicism, but there is a real bourgeois attitude among suburbanites where they can advocate for policies and hold positions that are detrimental to the country without feeling the effects. This is a real issue in Virginia where rich suburbs coexist with some of the worst slums through heavy policing and segregation (Arlington and Alexandria in particular). They never have to see something that is less than a mile away from them because they live in their own bubbles and are immune to the consequences of their actions. That's why this CRT matter blew up the way they did, suburbanites got as angry as we usually are about the state of things because they actually caught a glimpse of how shitty this country is.

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Yes I go back to how taibbi said they got "red pilled". Meaning they were blue pilled before but got a taste of reality. And how it can be detrimental if things like CRT are allowed.

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Without additional action this will just be a flash in the pan. They are trying to defuse the situation by offering useless concessions to make suburban Virginia subservient again. And honestly, they are some of the most weak-minded and soy people in the country. They are angry, but most just want the government to give them a reason to be loyal again. As I said, if Am1sters weren't busying themselves with stupid shit we would have momentum to make something out of this. That said, the government isn't going to stop being anti-white, and if this phenomenon continues in more elections around the country, I think we are seeing an actual white wave, which is whitepilling if only because it's about time whites started uniting.

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a suburban person probably doesn't think about these issues too deeply, most of them, just goes out to vote every few years or so. They voted for a weak repub, will he actually get CRT out of schools, or get trannies out of bathrooms, probably not. So then what happens, they get mad at him, he loses approval, they don't vote, a dem wins next time.

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Even if Republicans say based things, they're still going to find ways to screw with you.

Reagan granted amnesty to illegals living in California, Bush got America to invade Iraq, Trump wanted to move the U.S embassy to Jerusalem.

The next Republican President will probably declare all Mexicans as white and scrap all border controls.

That will "own the libs" right?

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I feel it was a solid rejection of Democrats, Joe Biden, and his bullshit. Firing people who refuse the vaxx of death does not make one popular.

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Youngkin: IHRA NOW!